Crossout preview

Many players probably remember such a wonderful game as Ex Machina, which was released, by the way, by the domestic studio Targem Games. And as it turned out, the Targem Games studio did not disappear anywhere and did not even stop loving cars in a post-apocalyptic environment after such a long time. As it turned out, a team from this studio is currently working on a game called Crossout.

And we are talking about the same setting – that is, about a dark post-apocalyptic future, but now instead of an open and free world, players will take part in eight-to-eight session battles. With this, in principle, everything is simple and clear: the players will be divided into two equal teams, which will subsequently try with all their might to fulfill the combat missions assigned to them, or simply destroy each other. And the technique, in turn, is not simple, but is hung with the latest cannons, effective spikes and powerful armor.

But this is the most interesting part of the game. There are no ready-made vehicles in the game, so each player will have to assemble their own vehicles, and on their own. And by the word “collect” we mean not some trivial tuning, but the construction of every detail from scratch. Each player himself will be able to determine the size of vehicles, wheels, engine, armor plates, rocket launchers and machine guns.

And at the same time, it is important not to overdo it with all this, because each design must be approached wisely. For example, huge armor will significantly reduce the speed of your car. But you can compensate for the speed with some additional combat installation. By the way, the cannons will require energy, so you won’t be able to equip your transport with all possible cannons. Someone will get some kind of more mobile transport, someone will have some kind of “elephant” with enormous firepower. The limitations will be only in terms of your imagination, and, of course, in the details in the garage.

As for spare parts, they can be obtained for successfully fought battles. Moreover, the available parts will gradually wear out in skirmishes. In addition, it will be possible to repair worn-out parts with received parts in battles. Also, the parts will have several types of quality. Of course, it’s not easy to get any good parts. Parts can also be crafted and bought from other players.

And what is most interesting, it will be possible to purchase not only some individual pieces, but also whole drawings of cars. But this detail of the game, perhaps, will be interesting only because you can immediately collect equipment and rush straight into battle. In addition, the technique can also be tested at specially designated test sites, where it will be possible to check not only the strength of the armor, but also the power of the guns. It is also important to take into account that some part of you can be shot off, so that the weak parts of your technique must be well protected.

The developers promise that there will be a lot of new parts in Crossout. And the most different: wheels, tracks, air cushions, cannons, rocket launchers, machine guns and much more. It is thanks to these details that the game will be a real “sandbox”, which will give every player the widest possible possibilities.


At the moment, Crossout is an excellent “sandbox”, where there is a unique constructor and spectacular battles. And yet, it is incredibly difficult to say anything significant about the game at the moment. But very soon the developers promise to share new details with us.

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