Dead Island 2 preview

The events of the future Dead Island 2 will now take place not on tropical islands, but in no less sunny and vibrant California! Of course, this is not an island at all, but the developers are trying to laugh it off about this by the fact that supposedly this is not an island until the first major earthquake. Well, in general, after a new outbreak of infection occurred in sunny California, people fenced this once beautiful town with a huge wall out of harm’s way, so it turned out to be quite a kind of “paradise island”, even though it is distant from the mainland not by water, but by a wall …

In general, inside the place of isolation, they reacted extremely calmly to what was happening, which is undoubtedly surprising. Naturally, most of the residents wander the streets in search of another batch of fresh brains, while the other part is trying to adapt to the ever-changing city. Although, there are even those who have not been able to overcome the stage of denial, so they live as if nothing happened and did not happen – that is, they go to a shop or supermarket for another portion of food, mow their lawns and even make their own fun parties. And in order to get rid of the coming brain eaters, they ask you to deal with all the uninvited guests.

What can I say if Dead Island 2 turns out literally everything that was laid down in the old traditions of zombie misfortune. For example, even the main characters are survivors who are not scared to death, who must (according to the idea) quickly leave the forgotten place – everything is quite the opposite! They themselves arrived at this murdered place to fill up a couple of dozen walking dead, find some memorable trophies or even fill their pockets with heaps of bucks! In short, no one wants abandoned good to disappear.

As for their self-confidence, this can be explained by the fact that they are immune to the virus. The bite of a walking corpse is a scratch that you can simply bandage up and run on. Of course, if a crowd pounces on you, then they will surely devour you, gnaw you to the bone, but who will let a stupid and sedentary zombie close to you?

As for the heroes, there are only four of them in the game, but what is more interesting is that the game is designed for eight players, so no matter how you want, the same heroes will come across in the game. As usual, in the old fashioned way, each character has his own special profession. Someone will be a berserker – that is, a melee master who will kick everyone and spread the guts of enemies across all the bushes. Someone will be a running lady – who just runs with superhuman speed, so naturally you won’t have time to look around as you find yourself alone, and the lady will already be somewhere on the horizon. Someone will be a hunter – thus being the perfect shooter with a bunch of bonuses to ranged weapons. Well, someone will be able to become a bishop at all – this is, as everyone knows, support that will heal the wounded.

It is immediately worth noting here that there will not be an ideal group for passing dungeons. Each class can be replaced, besides, each of them will be able to use absolutely any weapon, equipment and other things. Even if you take eight bishops into your group, the game will not be complicated, but, on the contrary, will acquire a very interesting detail.

Now there will be no storyline in the game. The developers wanted to focus on unlimited freeplay. Of course, there will be quests in the game. There is no plot like that, but there will be a very long story that you have to put together from many details, so in the end you can get one big and rich picture! The end credits will also not meet you, as the developers of the game intend to continue to further expand Dead Island 2 (but this is so far the public is showing interest in the game). The creators themselves ironically call their project “the smallest MMO in the world” – and it’s true, because there will be only eight players on the server, but at the same time there are simply huge locations, good development of heroes and a wonderful environment that will automatically adapt to each player , so each player will find something to his liking. In addition, each time you enter the game, not only the composition of the players on the “mini-servers” changes, but also tasks, enemies and much more – thus, players will have an incentive to return to the game again and again.

Careful exploration of the world will bring each player special rewards in the form of new blueprints, spare parts and eventually weapons. As traditionally in the Dead Island series, the game contains the wildest and most unusual variants of weapon combinations – for example, a huge bowling ball wrapped in chains and nailed to a baseball bat. But in order to make such a weapon, you have to find separately each part of the weapon, that is, the chain, the same ball and bat. In addition, you will also need a blueprint along with certain resources. The resources in the game are different, it can be both electronics and flammable substances. In addition, resources will also be scattered to repair your weapons.

You can find resources absolutely anywhere, they are located all over the map – houses, car trunks, abandoned trucks, or even just on the ground. But the best option, as always, is some kind of shop, which will definitely be well guarded by heaps of zombies, but the supplies there will be appropriate.

In the new Dead Island 2, there are also unique monsters, but usually they are tied to some special place, so if you can learn its location in advance, then you will get the opportunity to prepare in advance for battle. Well, for example, electrical or electronics stores will be guarded by a new type of zombie – a brute (this is a parody of a tank from the Left 4 Dead game, which are also very strong and strong, so with their strong sweeps they will throw all players in different directions).

The developers also added one more new detail – the ability to use two types of weapons at the same time, that is, there will be a weapon in the right and left hand. Combinations with weapons can be carried out whatever you want: take two knives, or a pistol along with some bat, even if there is a shotgun in each hand!

What hurts the most about the new Dead Island 2 is the lack of an end result. But as a time killer, the game really turns out to be gorgeous, to all this “positive weight” are added various fatalities and behavioral factors of enemies. As for a “small MMO” the game looks decent, a lot of new additions and innovations, an interesting and varied co-op – all this undoubtedly contributes to the progress, and we just have to wait for the release of this wonderful zombie killer.

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