Destiny 2 Preview (Preview)

A little less than two and a half months remain until autumn. But where autumn is, there will be new interesting releases. For example, studio Bungie together with Activision are planning to present to the whole world a new part of the popular online shooter Destiny.

Let me remind you that Destiny 2 was announced at the beginning of this year, but at the last high-profile exhibition E3 2017, everyone interested was presented with a new trailer and an amazing gameplay of the upcoming action movie. The “GameAwards” team managed not only to see the gameplay, but also to try the game in action with the developers’ comments. So there are some interesting news.


► “Loot Daddy became a local meme almost immediately after the release of the first trailer for the game.”

The main complaint in Destiny was that there were big problems with the plot. In fact, the plot was and even supplemented, however, many of the storylines that were created were not revealed in the end and left for the players just a lot of intriguing questions. Therefore, in the first part, there was a feeling that the game seemed to juggle concepts like “Wanderer”, “Guardians”, “Darkness and Light”, while not giving any intelligible and understandable story. Now the developers assure everyone that the main emphasis in Destiny 2 is on the plot component.

The story and plot of Destiny 2 will begin with the fact that someone named Dominus Gole, the commander of the Red Legion, captures the Wanderer, that is, the key figure from the first part. As a result, the heroes are sent into exile, and the City, in fact, comes under the command of the Red Legion. Therefore, it would be logical to assume that the storyline will revolve around the fact that the heroes will return the City and its previous status.

The beginning of the way

► “If someone is a lover of noble ideals, then Destiny 2 will delight the typical paladins who are ready to enlighten everyone on the subject of simple and understandable truths.”

Each new player starts completely naked as a recruit, because the insidious Goul takes away absolutely everything that was acquired by back-breaking labor. And due to the fact that the exiled heroes have lost everything that connected them with the City, they will have to re-develop their arsenal and master their abilities again. Moreover, it is important to note that transferring heroes from Destiny will not work – in the new world, all players will be absolutely equal. The developers also announced that the heroes will have to find a new powerful weapon that will help defeat the Red Legion, but this information has not yet been officially confirmed.

The authors promised that the plot will not be as straightforward as before. As an example, they cited Gole, who is an unusual villain. The bottom line is that this character has his own system of values, and he performed the expulsion of the guards only on the basis of his own moral principles. In other words, all actions of the antagonist have a goal. And this is something much more serious than a simple desire to rule the world. The developers also mentioned that Dominus thinks that the guards are not worthy of the Wanderer’s strength. So we can risk assuming that everyone will finally be told about what the mythical Wanderer really is – in the first part of Destiny and the additions, the information was strictly classified. However, like many other details of the game.

New locations

► “Like Destiny 1, Destiny 2 again has a lot of research to do. However, now it will be a little easier for even beginners to do it. ”

In addition to the new improved storyline, the creators promised to present four new locations – each location will be a separate planet. So, if you combine all these territories, then in total they will exceed the size of all locations from the first part of Destiny.

By the way, the “European Dead Zone” is supposed to become the main territory in the game. The bottom line is that in this place in the past they fought back the mythical darkness and most likely it is in this place that the exiles will settle. According to the description, we can say that the place partially corresponds to its name. Also in this place, players will find typical European landscapes, among which camps of exiled guards will be located.

The next interesting place is Io. Io is a moon of Jupiter, with which many legends and stories will be associated. And unlike the first part of Destiny, where information regarding the world had to be looked for outside the gameplay, the second part will please not only one current plot, but also the collected mythology. And apparently, most of the history players will be able to learn precisely in the vastness of Jupiter’s moon Io.

Third place – “Nexus”. This place is a robotic planet that is occupied by the Wax. The latter strive to make all living things similar to themselves and according to the plot they noticeably succeed in this difficult task.

The last place is “Titan”. Titan is a methane ocean in which huge platforms will drift. However, at the moment, the background and role of this place in the storyline is not yet known.

Moreover, it is important to understand and remember that all of the above locations will significantly complement the world, and not completely replace it. So as development progresses, the game becomes more and more impressive.

In addition, the developers have promised that there will be three new unique subclasses. All of them will be based on existing classes, the same mechanics will be used, but the abilities will be significantly different. At the moment, only the names of these subclasses are known so far: “Arcdawn”, “Arcstriker” and “Sentinel”.

Destiny 2 4K

► “The delights of customization have not gone away, so each weapon can still be made unique and distinctive.”

As for the gameplay, it left a rather pleasant impression after the game. The game was tested on a PC, and the controls were easy and intuitively understandable. Destiny 2 also offers 4K at 60 FPS on PC, and the quality is quite noticeable: the picture in the game is incredibly smooth, clear and, if you wish, you can even see any detail that interests you. In the test passage, an introductory mission was presented, during which the same City was captured by the Red Legion. I was given only one simple task – to get out of this place as soon as possible. Needless to say, it was desirable to get to the key point alive and with intact limbs.

The enemies were represented by the “Red Legionnaires” who were incredibly similar to the Space Marines from the world of Warhammer 40,000. And after reading the history of the Legion, suspicions only increased. So it remains only to assume that this is a coincidence, or the authors of the script had their own personal reasons to poke the brainchild of the Games Workshop studio. And by the way, from this moment it becomes partially understandable the behavior of Gole, because he captured the Wanderer for the reason that he considered the guards unworthy of his dazzlingly shining light. On the other hand, all this already reminds of something great …

Among other things, you can add the fact that the second part offers three slots for weapons and a certain set of abilities. As in the first part, in the second they plan to entertain the players with might and main with wide customization possibilities, and they promise an incredible amount of guns. However, like other items. In general, all the details that I liked in the first part remain.


In short, the developers promise to remove the worst and add the best. Finally, add and optimize those details that were always lacking in the first part. At the moment, Destiny 2 is trying to create something that would please not only beginners, but also veterans of the first part. At the same time, all players are put on one acceptable level, which makes it possible to open the second part for other people, making the game more popular and expanding the possibilities of the franchise. The rest of the players will only be able to evaluate how good Destiny 2 is on September 6, but if you own the console. If you have a PC, then you will be able to play only from October 28th. And before the release, you can just sign up for the beta test, along the way by pre-ordering the game.

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