Devil’s Hunt preview. Some kind of budget Devil May Cry

During the IgroMir 2018 exhibition, everyone could get acquainted with the new Polish project Devil’s Hunt. There was no detailed information about this game, only very often the inhabitants repeated that this game is a more budgetary version of Devil May Cry made in Poland. But as it turned out later, this statement is erroneous, although it had its own reasons. However, it is better to start from the beginning and understand the details of the project itself. It is important to understand that we have before us only an early, not yet finalized version. This means that we can see the idea of ​​the project, its key game mechanics and how the process of developing and improving the game is going. But this is by no means a final product or a game that has nothing left before the release. Therefore, it is not necessary to judge strictly about it. The release itself is scheduled for next year, not even the exact quarter is known.

The creators of the game and the key aspects of their brainchild

First of all, it should be reported that Devil’s Hunt is an action game created on the basis of the works of the Polish writer Pavel Lesnyak, or rather his series of novels Równowaga (Equilibrium). Lesnyak founded the game development studio Layopi Games, which is engaged in the creation of this game. The author of works himself is only 29 years old, and he plans to release at once a whole series of games based on his books, so it is possible that we have the beginning of a good franchise. This immediately brings to mind the scandal over financial payments between the writer Andrzej Sapkowski and the developers of the series of games based on his novels about the adventures of The Witcher. Then, due to the large income of the series, the writer demanded more copyright payments for his characters from the books than the Polish studio CD Projekt RED responded with an obvious refusal to pay anything in addition to the agreed amount. It is still unknown how the situation ended, but it left a negative imprint.

Devil's Hunt preview

But not all writers are so critical of the computer games industry. Apparently inspired by the fact that the success of the series of games based on the books of the same Sapkvovsky made his literary works popular, the author of “Equilibrium” also decided to try to create a game based on his books. However, back to the Devil’s Hunt game itself. The protagonist here is the character Desmond Pierce, who participates in the battle between Heaven and Hell and his actions can directly affect the course of this war. In general, in terms of the scale of events, the game may already be of interest.

Setting and plot of the game

The great advantage of the fact that the game is based on any literary works is the well-developed in-game world (setting). The participation of the writer himself in the development of the game will be even better, as it gives hope for a well-developed story, memorable and interesting characters, as well as interesting missions that will be with thoughtful dialogues. Unfortunately, Lesnyak’s literary works cannot yet be read in Russian, but the writer has an award for his literary debut, which means that the author’s work is appreciated and he knows how to write good books.

Devil's Hunt preview

As mentioned above, the main character in the game, Desmond Pierce, is the son of an entrepreneur who, due to a tragic death, takes on the role of the Devil’s messenger and participates in the battle between Hell and Paradise. Based on the writer’s books, you can tell about the plot in more detail. Desmond holds a high position in a large company in Miami and is quite a successful person. In addition, he prepares to marry his girlfriend, and every night he participates in clandestine battles. But one day the whole idyll collapses, everyone turns away from the hero, and he commits suicide in complete despair. Well, already in Hell, Desmond receives an interesting offer from the Devil himself, who offers a man to become his executioner in the world of the living.

Game process

In the demo, one task from the game was shown – the protagonist in Hell goes to the tower. There is a demon in the tower, and in order for him to come out it is necessary to destroy the chains that surround this tower. Unfortunately, the fight with the demon itself was not shown to the public. They allotted as much as 30 minutes to complete the demo itself, when its completion does not take more than 10. At the moment, Devil’s Hunt can hardly boast of anything, especially from the point of view of the visual component of the project. The game has pretty average graphics, and the animations don’t look very good and look stone-like. The movements in the game are quite sharp and look unnatural. However, as already mentioned at the beginning, the game is only at the initial stages, in connection with which you can make a concession.

The project itself is quite similar to Devil May Cry – the same theme of Hell and Paradise, the protagonist is half human, half demon and of course the endless killing of enemies. However, this aspect in Devil’s Hunt is significantly different from the same DMC, which is not bad at all. The game is more reminiscent of not a slasher, like DMC, but an action game. The fights themselves are street fights, and the main character in them does not cut enemies left and right swinging a sword like in all slashers. Desmond is attacked by 3 to 5 enemies, and he slowly deals with each of them. In the battles themselves, the hero uses the hero only his fists (one of Desmond’s hands is demonic). Streetfighters took part in the recording of the hero’s movements, which is clearly seen in the gameplay.

Devil's Hunt preview

The main character has numerous skills. In the demo, you could see a strong punch to the ground, which knocks back enemies, waves of fire, instant movement and other “chips”. The developers assure that it will be possible to pump the hero both as a demon and as an angel. At first, you can create a kind of hybrid, but closer to the end of the game, you still have to choose one of the sides. The fights look pretty straightforward due to the weak AI. Opponents are in no hurry to attack, surround the player, or even retreat in time. They just walked up and let themselves be hurt. Perhaps this is just an accident and some of the fights are really difficult, but it is obvious that the AI ​​still needs to be improved to a certain level.

What looks rather odd in the game is the dodges in combat. They are not that bad, but somehow unusual. It is impossible to make a regular roll like in similar games. You only have to select the right moment during the enemy’s attack and press the necessary button – then the slope will take place. It looks even interesting, but you need to get used to such a mechanic. The game has beautiful finishing off enemies, where the main character can kick the head or rip out the heart of the enemy, but there are not so many of them now. Closer to the release, the developers promise to diversify such movements.

Other details

Let the main character work for the Devil, he can still side with the good side if necessary. The developers promise numerous choices in certain events, which will lead to completely different endings in the game. The key point in the game is that there is no clear line between good and bad. Despite the obvious confrontation between Hell and Paradise, the demons in the game do not always bring evil, and the angels are not so good in fact. The game will also include maps from our world, for example, Miami. There is no need to beat anyone, the main character only has to communicate with other people and look for something. Alas, the developers did not show this location, which could demonstrate the project from different angles. The map itself from the demo was pretty monotonous: no secrets, no secret passages or something like that. It is expected that other maps will be less boring and more varied, as well as full of all sorts of mysteries and secrets. But unfortunately, the creators of the game cannot show anything else.

Devil's Hunt preview

In conclusion

Devil’s Hunt certainly has negative points and there are quite a few of them at this stage. These include location design, AI level, animation and graphics. However, since the game is still very “raw” about which the developers have reported more than once, all these points can be understood. The fact that the developers still have to improve so far should not be attributed to the obvious disadvantages, but they have a lot of work to do. In a number of other aspects, the game looks pretty good. Of course, the gameplay does not represent something revolutionary or unique here, but the world of the game itself and its plot are obvious strengths of this project. In general, summing up the results, I would like to note that the project has good potential and can tell a good story, plunging the player into an interesting world. If the developers bring to mind the game mechanics, then in this world gamers may even really like it and the game will be successful. More details about Devil’s Hunt are coming soon, and next year it will be released on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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