Do What You Want – Preview RPG Divinity: Original Sin 2

The events of the game Divinity: Original Sin 2 this time unfold in the world, which will be presented immediately after the first act. This region is being created exclusively with the money that was collected on “Kickstarter”. At the same time, it has not even been decided yet whether this part of the universe will get into the final version of the game. Why exactly from this moment on will we talk about this wonderful sequel? The fact is that it was this “piece” of the game world that the authors decided to show at a closed conference that took place at IgroMir 2015.

The main characters of the game will be the “Mages of the Source”, who possess forbidden and powerful “wild” magic. Why “wild”? Because no one has ever controlled their powers, so they improved their magical knowledge and art on their own. And simply because the magic of the source is incredibly strong – many are afraid and wary of it.

So, a certain organization called “Divine Order” acts as a local police, therefore, like dogs, it catches people who possess such powerful forces and throws them into prison. Where, in general, are the main characters of the game. In the dungeon, with the help of a special spell, they are going to cleanse them from the magic of the source, since magic is strong and dangerous. But the main characters manage to escape. And not just run away, but dump on the ship! After some time, the ship sinks as a result of a shipwreck, and now you are here – on the island, where you must understand what is happening in general and how to proceed.

The main innovation of Divinity: Original Sin 2 will be the ability to choose a race. As far as everyone knows, before it was only possible to play as humans, so they were generally fixed heroes. Now the authors have followed in the footsteps of the classic games and decided to add not only the choice of race, but also the origin, and even the biography.

So you will soon meet your first companions: Gwynne, Well, Mangan and Hutson. Gwynne acts as a noblewoman. And it miraculously coincided that she was born on the island near which the shipwreck occurred, so many people here know this girl.

Well is a forest elf who, by the way, used to be on the side of the “Divine Order”, but soon the power of the source was found in her, and the elf was forced to go on the run

Mangan is an imperial gnome. Moreover, people like him are not too happy on the island. What exactly is not happy and what happened in general, the players have to find out. Well, the last hero is Hutson. Hutson is both a murderer and a thief. The authors have not reported anything interesting about him yet, but it is known that this is a very interesting and mysterious hero, the details of which can be found out a little later.

The combat system will be turn-based and with action points, however, as before. A certain number of action points are given, which are spent on both spells and movement. Only in Divinity: Original Sin 2 they will be rebalanced. Now the points will be less, but also the “price” for them, of course, will decrease, so it should become easier for players to navigate in all battles.

Since the main characters are the magicians of the source, they will wield tremendous power. Due to this, new magic has been added. You won’t be able to use new magic just like that. To use the magic of the source, you first have to get a point of the source – this is such a new type of resource in magic. The magic of the source will be very different, for example, it will be possible to suck the life force from a corpse. At the same time, using the magic of the source, you need to take into account the fact that some actions can negatively affect the karma of the heroes and at some point it will come back to haunt you as you progress.

However, heroes cannot be divided into good and bad heroes. This cannot be done for the reason that each character will have a backstory that will characterize each character. As for karma, it will be a deeper system that will affect abilities, tasks and endings. In general, it is rather difficult to talk about karma in more detail, since the authors are already talking about the fact that it may be partially redone and change somehow.

For that it is known for sure that the game will have several levels of interactions with the outside world. At one of these levels, the system of relations with people will work. The highest level of interaction will be associated with the deity, where, according to the authors, your karma will already play a role. If everything remains the same and nothing changes, then when karma falls, demons may begin to turn to you. Soon they will start haunting you. Getting rid of them is difficult enough. For example, if you try to conclude a deal, or throw them off on another person, then your karma will fall even lower, and, in the end, you may even be rewarded for your sins.

The authors of Divinity: Original Sin 2 promise players that they will have complete freedom of action. For example, you can kill anyone. If someone does not allow you to get on the ship, or to get out of the city, you can not only bribe and deceive him, but also just kill him. And then kill his partner and a bunch of guards. The developers are inclined to believe that if you bought a game, you can do absolutely whatever you want in it – this is your game. The level of interaction with the outside world will now be unusually high. Players who have a lot of fantasy potential can do many things.

At a private screening of the game, the authors demonstrated how they took a bottle of poison and poured it into paint. The color of the artificial slurry was identical to that of the healing potion. So, having thrown this poison to the enemies in the heat of battle, they immediately rush to drink it, since who will refuse free treatment? The outcome, I think, is clear to everyone.

By combining different items, different ways of fighting and magic, you can create amazing situations. For example, summoning a spider and using the invisibility spell, you can create the most ideal and deadly murder weapon.

The cooperative part in Divinity: Original Sin 2 is also far advanced. By playing with a friend, for example, you can investigate a murder in which suspicion will fall on your friend. Naturally, everyone will want to justify their honest name, so during the investigation there will be an opportunity not only to “sweep” and destroy evidence, but also to substitute their friend. So, in the end, you can come to the fact that you will be given an order for you to kill your friend!

Another interesting feature of the upcoming Divinity: Original Sin 2 is a feature called “spirit version”. With this skill, heroes can see ghosts. The skill can be used in any cemetery, gallows, in an abandoned house or at a crime scene. Moreover, this skill cannot highlight the area in any way, so logic must come into play. Players have to think about where to meet the ghost?

A completely new world will open before the most attentive players, which will have its own unique and interesting tasks. You can also interact with ghosts in every possible way. For example, remind some old man that he died a long time ago, or take his soul and replenish his source points.


Perhaps we will play a very interesting, unpredictable, attractive and “rich” cooperative game. Of course, much else in Divinity: Original Sin 2 remains unrealized, something remains just “raw”, but what the game offers right now is definitely exciting. Already now, the game can catch on with its huge selection and wide range of possibilities, so we are waiting for 2016.

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