Dying Light Preview

Dying Light is a brand new and fresh project from the Techland studio, which will be completely dedicated to survival in a city filled with hordes of zombies. This is not the first time the Polish studio has encountered this, so they already have the experience of creating games with living corpses, here you can recall the recently released Dead Island, in which living corpses were able to capture a whole paradise island.

Dying Light introduces new fundamental details that will seriously affect the course of the gameplay. As in your original source, you also have to fight against zombies and mainly in close combat: clubs, pipe sections, and so on. As in Dead Island, there is also a crafting system that will allow you to improve and even combine all your weapons, for example, a machete that will hit its enemies with charges of electricity or a huge circular saw.

But the difference with Dying Light is that your best bet is to avoid a hassle at some point. For example, at night. This is because when night falls, a few rather unpleasant things happen. Well, firstly, after the sun sets, the zombies finally “wake up”: they see you from afar, try to chase you as often as possible, and in general, become very aggressive! Secondly, some infected after nightfall become modernized corpses, from whom you cannot expect anything good at all. As a result, you will have to be ready not only for battle, but also for retreat. This is where the recreated parkour system comes in handy, which works great in the game.

It’s worth noting that chases in Dying Light look great. The main character is trying to get rid of the horde of zombies, looking back for moments. And by the way, when you look back, time slows down a bit. In general, after running a sufficient number of meters, you soon run into an alley, where there is another crowd of corpses, and here, parkour skills will help you to escape from this trap.

In both old Dead Island and Dying Light, the game will take place in an open world. In addition to story quests, the developers promise everyone to add a large number of secondary tasks that will open to you as you progress through the game. For example, in the demo version of the game, the main character was running down the street, when he suddenly heard a quiet cry, after he climbed into the building, he found a little girl and told his friends to take her away (and presumably she was saved).

Most likely, the game Dying Light will become for the Techland studio about the same product as Assassin’s Creed became for its developers. Dead Island served as a kind of research center, where Polish developers tried out new mechanics and many other details (and with success). Therefore, the new project is a logical continuation of the laid down ideas. It is likely that the new details of the authors will be able to take this game to a completely new level. Either way, game parkour will do well in Dying Light.

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