Fear the Wolves Preview

Fear the Wolves is another battle royale game, but with the addition of a stalker theme. In the beta test, there were many fights with wild animals, radiation and technical problems, but now you can see how the plans of the Vostok Games studio ended to shoot in their project at once thanks to two popular topics in the current gaming industry: the most trendy genre of the last two years and everyone’s favorite the world of the Stalker.

A few words about the game developers and their past projects

Vostok Games is a Ukrainian studio that was founded in 2012 and is based in Kiev. The company has only one game under its belt, Survarium, which was released in 2014 and distributed through the Free-to-play system. The game is an online first-person shooter with RPG and RPG elements, and also strongly resembled the famous STALKER series in terms of plot and style.The current project of the Fear the Wolves studio is also stylistically similar to this series, but in terms of gameplay it is very different from the previous game Vostok Games …

Fear the Wolves preview

Fear the Wolves and Battle Royale

If such games as Fortnite and PUBG are not empty words for you, then you are well aware of the concept of “battle royale”. Here everything is arranged according to the same scheme, only instead of the usual locations or cartoon maps in front of you is the legendary Chernobyl, 25 square kilometers in size. You are dropped there by helicopter, and then you must immediately pick up equipment with weapons and you can safely go into battle. The principle of this mode is simple and straightforward, so let’s move on to the game itself.

What does Fear The Wolves have to offer in contrast to its direct and numerous genre competitors? The very first is the location. All the famous places of the dead Chernobyl in the form of an abandoned city and several villages, a red forest and the legendary Chernobyl nuclear power plant – all this Vostok Games uses correctly, playing on the feelings of gamers. These famous places are present on a large map, but sometimes they are grouped in an absolutely illogical way. However, there are many such famous places, and their research for the next set of equipment or weapons with cartridges brings us back to the old days of the Stalker, which many may like very much.

Fear the Wolves preview

Added mechanics

Of course, Chernobyl would not be itself without the presence of anomalous zones and high levels of radiation, right? Here, the developers also did not deviate from the canons, and two such phenomena are perfectly used in the “royal battle” mode.

For example, the same radiation is analogous to a storm in Fortnite or a deadly area in PUBG, but in this game it works a little differently. The entire location is divided into certain areas, and radiation occurs on one of them randomly. Thus, finding out which place will be safe for you and where the radiation will appear in Fear the Wolves is much more difficult.

It is possible that a player is cut off by radiation from one zone and has only a narrow passage to another. Such small adjustments to the gameplay make it possible to feel the already boring “battle royale” in a completely different way: you need to act quickly, and there are much fewer accidents and surprises in the game. The radiation itself spreads over a specific area in two steps. The first step is preventive, and the second is already fatal. The player has time during the warning stage to quickly leave the location before he becomes a victim of radiation, however, the warning stage lasts only ten seconds, so you will need to hurry up if you want to survive.

Fear the Wolves preview

Anomalies in this game are more commonplace. They appear completely by chance and affect the player in any way: to close you in the house where you are hiding, or just to kill you on the way. Thus, in addition to looking around you looking for opponents, you also need to regularly look down, so as not to accidentally fall into the trap of another anomaly. Most often they are found on the roads and in the fields, where they mercilessly destroy especially inattentive players. Anomalies can be recognized by air tremors and characteristic fields.

The weather features that recently appeared in PUBG are also here. The weather in the game is very different: bright sun, heavy fog or heavy rain. The developers are also planning to add a storm in the future. An interesting aspect is the ability of observers who have already taken off from the game to vote what the weather will be in the game for the remaining players. So, if you wish, you can recoup your measurements in the game and create the most uncomfortable weather for other players.

Fear the Wolves preview

There are wolves in the name of the game for a reason – it is these animals that will hunt people while they escape from radiation and kill each other. Wolves will chase you from their appearance at the location. So if luck is not on your side, then you can easily find yourself in a couple of meters from a pack of wolves, which will immediately tear you apart. However, wolves in the game are easy to kill even with the weakest pistol, and they do not shine with special cunning and attack tactics.

As a result, we have the fact that the developers from Vostok Games have updated the usual genre quite well, adding several of their own mechanics to it and taking Chernobyl, so beloved by our gamers, as decorations. However, during the beta testing, the game also had many drawbacks, which clearly showed why the project had not even reached early access.

What are the problems with the game?

Although the atmosphere of the “Exclusion Zone” is felt in the game, a number of design elements and more detailed elaboration are still lacking. There are many locations in the game that have been thrown onto the map, but they all look good. Here you will find nature, killed by radiation, and deserted factories, houses, warehouses and other attributes of a long-extinct city. Although the environment looks pretty good in this game, the same cannot be said about textures. The creators of the game decided not to take risks in terms of the selection of the game engine and opted for Unreal Engine 4, which creates the potential for updating the graphics part of the game in the near future.

If we talk about other aspects of the game, then the same shooting mechanics in Fear The Wolves does not look very good and has serious flaws. Any barrel in the game can be shot with an ordinary pistol, and if he also has a silencer with a sight, then you can easily do without any other weapons, which, of course, is very wrong.

Fear the Wolves preview

However, even with all of the above, the key problems of Fear the Wolves are far from being. Textures and graphics can be fixed, and shooting can be improved in the next updates. Improving the AI ​​and making the same wolves more cunning is not so easy, but you can also if you want. Fans of the STALKER series will get over that too, in part because their favorite game had it all.

Key disadvantage

Fear The Wolves has the potential to be a very good game and a good competitor for the same PUBG or Fortnite, if not for one significant moment. The studio’s past game, Survarium, tarnished Vostok Games’ reputation a lot. And unfortunately, this story repeats itself again. Unfortunately this is the case!

We were fed for a long time with fairy tales about a magnificent inner world with an abundance of quests to the legendary “zone”, each of which you will remember for a long time. There were also talks about clan activity in the game and other interesting and expected innovations. But all this is not! The creators of the game spent 6 whole years on development and did not bring the project even to the level of a good beta, and already in the early access they introduced so much annoying paid content to everyone that it became simply unrealistic to win without additional money in Fear the Wolves.

And even without fulfilling at least some of the promises, the creators of the game dropped everything and began to make a more trendy project, which can now become popular and in demand. Agree, very few people will like this approach.


At the moment, Vostok Games plans to win over the audience, some of which love “royal battles”, and some are crazy about the “stalker”. And it is very unlikely that such an idea will succeed. Maybe some players will not mind while waiting for the release of STALKER 2 to shoot a little at the locations of Fear The Wolves, but, unfortunately, it does not have the potential that will enable the game to compete with the leaders of the Battle Royale genre.

Probably, this game from Vostok Games will still receive a small audience if it shows itself well after early access, but at the moment this creation of the developers looks like an attempt to quickly make a game of a popular genre on the knee and just as quickly get a good income from it, while the genre is at its peak of popularity and has not begun to bore gamers. And this approach is very wrong, although the project has potential.

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