For Honor Preview – “For Honor and Courage!”

Frankly, even before E3 2016, For Honor did not look like an original project. After all, there was no “zest” in the game – For Honor simply resembled another multiplayer “meat chopper” in the style of Chivalry: Deadliest Warriors. Nevertheless, in some ways he nevertheless aroused curiosity: firstly, Ubisoft was engaged in the development, and secondly, the game looked trite more beautiful than all other similar games. In any case, now it is no longer so important, because at E3 2016 and Gamescom 2016 everything has changed dramatically, and for the better.

On the warpath

For Honor has been in development for quite some time, so it’s not surprising that at first everyone thought that the game would be a regular multiplayer entertainment in the spirit of the aforementioned Chivalry: Deadliest Warriors. It turned out that this is not at all the case, and moreover, the project has a “soul”. To put it simply: For Honor will not only have a backstory, but also a campaign.

The events and storyline of For Honor takes place in an alternate version of our world. At some certain point, the planet undergoes a devastating cataclysm – a powerful earthquake took place, which brought humanity not only to its knees, but also to the brink of destruction.

→ To move further along the level, you do not have to kill all the enemies, because they will reappear anyway, but your limbs will not.

The surviving people now have to fight each other for the sake of possessing scarce, but necessary for survival, resources. The planet changed over time, but the carnage between different cultures and peoples at this time also continued. So the years passed. The world has already begun to heal its wounds, and the Earth is gradually retreating from the crushing blow. The wars continued at that time, and, as usually happens, no one even remembered how they started at all, and why the enmity between three great cultures has been reigning for hundreds of years: Northern, Western and Eastern.

And even though the wars lasted hundreds, if not thousands of years, the winner was still undecided. Each of the presented cultures retains its own identity, traditions and culture. Western knightly orders have been fragmented for centuries and only recently have begun to gather under the banner of a certain “Iron Legion”. But since they have enough enemies within their formed community, so far they have not been able to gather into a single “powerful fist”.

→ Hacking a couple of dozen enemies, you can earn an increase.

At that time, the noble and cruel Japanese samurai, left without their emperor, who died in the cataclysm, were forced to leave their native lands and, in the end, build a new life under the leadership of a new leader.

Well, the last, but not the weakest, are the Vikings. As it turned out, the tribes in the North suffered much more than others, but they were able to recover faster than anyone else. So now a horde of bearded men is rushing into battle.

So far, it’s not really clear what kind of story the storyline campaign will tell, but it is known that you can choose any of the presented sides for the game, so perhaps the game will feature “branches” of campaigns, each of which tells one separate story. The very purpose of the story campaign is, again, not clear. For that it is known that a certain knight named Apollyon will become the main antagonist of the game. So it will not be surprising if it suddenly turns out that it was he who pitted the peoples against each other, while they could have lived in a calm world for a long time.

→ In Far Honor, the Viking kingdom is called Valkenheim, the knights are called Ashfeld, and the samurai are called The Myre.

Art of War

In any of the campaigns presented, you have to take on the role of a combat general. The general is not only the commander-in-chief of a huge army, but also the most powerful warrior. It is impossible to engage in direct control of the surrounding soldiers, therefore such a general plays the role of some kind of extra. Together with the warriors, he storms the walls, captures points. However, the success of the war directly depends on the general, because he forces the army to do everything more efficiently. So his absence on the battlefield could lead to defeat.

→ As a rule, attacks from above are the most powerful attacks.

In turn, the combat system is clearly tied to the ability to repel attacks in time and counterattack in time. The fencing system in For Honor is overwhelmingly historical and pretty well developed. Defense and attack are carried out on the basis of three stances: the first is the left, the second is the right, the third is the upper one. You can literally change combat stances on the fly. In words, everything looks like this: attack, defense, counterattack, defense, attack. And so on until either you fall from a missed blow, or the enemy falls from the same error.

In general, the principles of the For Honor combat system resemble a hybrid of Infinity Blade and Dark Souls – it is in these games that the success of the battle depends more on reaction speed and emphasis. But as usual, this has its own ton of nuances. For example, you can try to break through the enemy’s defense, but if you try to do it at the wrong moment, then for such a failure you can get the most “tomatoes”. And in order to restore half of your health, you need to fight like some kind of cornered beast, while, if you forget about competent defense, then again, you will not be able to carry out your plans. Well, if it occurred to you to thoughtlessly “hammer” on the buttons, then the hero’s reserves of strength will be depleted, after which the hero will simply become a clumsy target for ordinary fighters, who will surely hack him to death on the spot. Based on such nuances, For Honor gameplay is born, on which you begin to concentrate, biting your lip.

→ Ordinary soldiers are killed with one accurate blow, but when an experienced enemy gets in the way, a whole tense duel begins.

The battles, in turn, cannot end quickly if completely different warriors are fighting among themselves. Of course, such a live performance would end very quickly, but For Honor is not a Diccovery TV show, so you won’t get away with an easy fight, especially when you are fighting against another player. Of course, ordinary fighters, out of their own inexperience, will fall like “flies”, but in addition to the unique gameplay, do not forget about more specialized enemies who will also have their own unique tactics.

And at the head of this military pyramid will be heroes – deadly, incredibly tenacious and powerful warriors. Moreover, in addition to their unique physical component, they will also have special skills. At the moment, each of the factions has one general, but there will certainly be more. So one blow from above against the general will not work in any way, so in battle with them you have to show all your dexterity and skill.

→ The bones of defeated enemies hang on the belt of this Viking.

How players get hardened

However, it is one thing when you are fighting an AI: its actions can be foreseen and in general it can be outsmarted. And it is completely different when the same living person controls your opponent: here you have to rebuild tactics, use other tricks and tricks. And this is not counting the fact that a person himself can be unpredictable. The campaign is a kind of training on dummies, and the multiplayer game is a harsh and brutal battle, where everything is already grown-up.

Unlike E3 2016, where the storyline and all the details arising from this part were shown, at Gamescom 2016, Ubisoft representatives decided to show the multiplayer part. This is how the classic mode called “Dominion” was introduced, where two teams of four heroes must hold key points on a certain map. In this mode, you begin to feel that you are not some kind of harsh warrior from the trailers presented earlier – you are just a rookie who is about to be let out of the insides.

→ In For Honor, only a stupid general will stand aside, watching his soldiers die in batches.

When you converge in battle against another player, you instantly forget everything that you were taught in training. Instead of a beautiful battle as in a single player campaign, complete chaos and a “meat grinder” begins. The outcome of the first skirmishes is almost always sad: the mechanics of For Honor will not forgive the fact that you accidentally pressed the wrong button. The first matches in multiplayer are completely confused. The main question is: why am I no longer the best warrior in the world?

However, this entire initial stage only hardens. “Battle enlightenment” comes a little later. Approximately after you are killed by an enemy on the opposing team for the tenth time. At some point, you will be able to pacify your panic in battle and focus. Finally, you deflect a whole series of powerful blows and, in the end, you counter-attack fatally. Then the first victory in “solo” and your first point taken, and then there is the first victory. In general, it is the first successes in For Honor that reveal the “zest” of the game – you finally become a real warrior!

→ In such a situation, no Kung Fu will save you.

My revenge will be terrible!

Probably the most curious detail. At Gamescom 2016, not only factions in general (Vikings, knights, samurai) were shown, but also subclasses. Each of the subclasses presented is tailored for a strictly defined game. For example, one class plays the role of defense, the other is engaged in attack, the rest are more balanced, so they “float” between defense and attack. Each of the presented classes also has its own unique and inimitable sets of skills, pumping, weapon upgrades and even crafting.

What happened in practice? Well, first of all, each opponent really becomes a unique enemy, and any such battle will be memorable, no matter what the outcome is. Secondly, any such unique hero / fighter has its own weak side and your task is to figure it out, build the right defense and hack it, in the end.

→ A moment of kindness: a brave Viking takes a wounded knight from the battlefield.

Surprisingly, although For Honor can wipe your feet, the game is still addictive. Let you swear after defeat, wave your hands and scold the developers for unfair battles, nevertheless, you will still start looking for the next match in order to once again plunge into this medieval chaos. And you will certainly do it with pleasure, because the balance in the game behaves quite honestly. Plus, the intricacies of the mechanics of For Honor are not that hard, so it won’t be hard to understand them, but you can’t do without practice.


For Honor is one of Ubisoft’s flagship projects. However, there are no usual towers, a huge open world and additional tasks of the same type. A new unique game has been presented, which so far shows great promise, both in terms of a single player campaign and in terms of a multiplayer mode. It has already been announced that at least five competitive modes will be presented in multiplayer. At the same time, For Honor will also have a story campaign, and, perhaps, not even one, because the game contains several interesting factions, each of which has its own story – the developers are simply obliged to reveal them in full.

At the same time, For Honor is one of those most merciless games: the outcome of the battle here does not depend on who pulls the trigger or shoots in the head faster – tactics, skill and dexterity come first. I think it’s worth mentioning that the game already has five well-deserved awards from various publications. Of course, it’s too early to draw any precise conclusions regarding the game, besides, we all know how Ubisoft works, and not from the best side, but the success of the same “Siege” allows you to believe in something good. In any case, Far Honor has great potential even in terms of add-ons, because everyone wants to see Russian heroes in battle, right?

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