Full Restart – Preview of DOOM 2016 Action

In 2016, looking at the brand new DOOM, it seems that you can make a very profitable purchase. After all, at one price you can get three components at once, each of which is often divided into separate games: multiplayer, company and level editor. Isn’t it? Studio Id Software adheres to one special rule: if you buy a game, then you can do whatever you want with it. And you will not be pressured by all sorts of additional microtransactions (in the style of Ubisoft) and tedious expectations of some part of the game in the form of DLC (ala BioWare).

It is worth noting that the new DOOM has been under development for quite a long time. At the very beginning, it was planned to give the game a name in the form of DOOM 4, but, in the end, the authors came to the conclusion that it was still better to restart the series altogether and return to the origins, from which the unprecedented success began. But knowing the modern video game industry, it would be safe to say that things could have changed by the release, but not here, since the gameplay of the game was recently published, which made it clear that this is the perfect and beloved DOOM.

And this is true, because looking at the video, you feel the very atmosphere of the old “Duma”. It was the first two parts, not the third, which went more into the horror component than into the bloody action movie “crowd for one”. Which, frankly, most players didn’t like. However, this is not important, because this is a preview of the new DOOM on a major gaming portal “”.

Evil never changes

The gameplay of the new DOOM is another part of the game, which is closer to the first two parts than again to the third. Now there won’t be anything to associate with impenetrable darkness and screamers. Now the game adheres to the principle: in battle and only in battle. In the game there are a lot of monsters of various kinds, so hell will literally boil with all sorts of evil spirits that climb from all the cracks and spawn in a variety of places.

As for the construction of maps – they will represent intricate labyrinths, and not corridor locations in the style of the Call of Duty series. The closest example of what will be in the game is the second “Doom”. The fact is that in the new part there will be approximately the same layout: secret doors, secret passages, all sorts of rooms and a huge number of corridors that are literally stuffed with monsters. Somewhere there will be keys of the colors of the rainbow, and where there will be doors that can be opened with those very keys. And to make it easier to navigate at a particular level, you need to find a map, or explore everything on your two, simultaneously studying the corridors and rooms.

Thanks to such a complex and multi-storey system of levels, there will be a lot of space for maneuvers and running away from monsters. And this means that it will be possible to go behind enemy lines, lure him to a dead end, or even divide in half the countless hellish horde. But do not forget that almost the same can be done to you, so you need to be not only mobile and sharp, but also attentive. In addition, opponents are not too stupid, so they will try to surround you, retreat at the right time, jump from ledge to ledge and much more, but only to kill you.

But what is most interesting is that each passage will be unique. Why? Because you’ll be directing yourself. What does that mean? This means that the authors only throw you the necessary tools for your bloody “work”, and how exactly and how you will do it is your business. It’s not about what you’re going to shoot at. It’s about how you’re going to act. And add to this the fact that you will not be able to stand still for a second + lack of recovery of health (from the usual shooters) and any rolls, you get the same old and hardcore DOOM. However, this does not mean that you will be left without anything at all. Ammunition and first aid kits will fall out of the enemies you killed. This is done not only to ensure that you do not linger on the spot bothering to search, but also in order to save the action. So if you want to replenish your ammunition or recover – in battle to cut and kill the enemy. In fact, you will agree that it is much better when you need to go back through the entire card, that you take a first-aid kit that you once did not need, and now it is needed in a cut. It’s actually a very good idea. If anyone remembers, a similar system was implemented in the Diablo series, where it works great, to this day.

In war, all means are good.

At the moment, there are only eight barrels in the game, but each of these weapons has a number of improvements. In order to improve weapons, you will have to accumulate points. You can accumulate points by completing such mini-tasks that are given out during the game, for example, to kill two enemies with just one shot, or to find all the caches in the level. The resulting points can be spent on additional “buns”. So, for example, a shotgun will be able to shoot a series that consists of three shots, and the buckshot will already be explosive. Therefore, even after a miss, there is a chance that buckshot will fry a dozen other, monsters. And almost the same applies to heavier weapons – rocket launchers. So improving it, you will be able to apply pinpoint heavy shots over the area, after which, if there is someone left alive, it is clearly not on their feet.

To activate such power-ups, you need to press one single key. The first thing to remember in the new DOOM: looking through the sight does not make sense, because it will be much more useful to switch to a sub-barrel, or a mini-missile. So you can destroy whole “packs” of enemies and arrange total chaos on the level.

In addition to conventional weapons, it is necessary to distinguish three more unique specimens: the first – grenades, the second – a chainsaw, the third – BFG. BFG is still the same magic wand, which in the event of a lousy situation radically changes the forces in battle. She still burns everyone in her path in the blink of an eye, however, as it was in the earlier parts of the series. The chainsaw acted as a weapon that replenishes health and ammunition, if the position in battle is again not in your favor, because the dismembered monster will definitely drop something after its death. Another thing is that you will have to come close to it and spend a couple of units of fuel to dismember in the room. So at this time you will definitely be able to bite the soft fifth point from behind. That is why you have to be careful and get your trump card in the most critical situations.

But on all sorts of cruel reprisals, time is spent much less. I’m sure many “savored” from them during the show of trailers. But do not worry about the fact that allegedly such “fatalities” will bring down the entire rhythm of the game. This is absolutely not the case. The fact is that the “fatalities” are divided into a very clearly calculated number of milliseconds, so at one point you may not feel that control over the hero is gone. In addition, the “fatality” happens according to the principle: I looked, tore it off. For example, if you looked at the leg, then the main character of the opponent will tear off the leg. Yes, what can I say, if the game does not even have a recharge for exactly the same reason as mentioned above – you can not knock down the rhythm of the game.

In addition to the fact that you can modify your weapons in every possible way, there is also a customization of your character. In the costume of the hero there are special cells in which you will need to insert the purchased improvements. For example, it will be possible to insert a parameter with increased damage, which will significantly affect the tactics of combat. For example, the creative director of the Studio Id Software is very fond of the acceleration that is given after each kill and the “magnet” that is able to attract objects, thereby saving you from the need to pick up weapons. So he just rushes around the level and kills his opponents.

Old story in a new way

As for the plot component – the same global restart is planned here. Let’s put it this way: nothing has happened in the new storyline yet. So you will again have to go to the Martian base, take part in experiments with the teleporter and again travel to hell. Everything will begin as usual at the Martian base, from where you will again go to hell and arrange total lawlessness there.

The story of the storyline will again be presented not too intrusively: in a variety of videos, left voice messages, holograms and so on. That is, if you are not interested, then you can not listen to it all – just run past them and kill the “packs” of monsters, moving further along the level. But if you’re going to delve into this whole story, it should not only be interesting (restart after all), but also be generously rewarded. Maybe you’ll find a tip to some cache, or you’ll find some other route along the level. For example, a safer way or a shorter one. In general, a varied walkthrough to be, so it will be interesting.

That’s all sorts of secrets in the game will be full. For example, in the first location there are more than seven caches. And although in each of them there will not be a bonus for increased health, then at least armor, health and good ammunition or even some collectible figure (this will also happen).

By the way, there will also be a lot of monsters in the game, ranging from the usual classic zombies and ending with some kind of cacodemon. It would seem, what is new? And there’s plenty of new stuff. Now, for example, revenants are equipped with rocket launchers, and kicks have a thicker skin. In general, friends, now you will have to remember the skills that you once had during the passage of the legendary Painkiller or Quake, especially at a high level of difficulty. In addition, it is worth considering the fact that the main character will move much more slowly. For that now there will be a double jump and the hero will learn to climb a variety of ledges.

Net faces

If you expected that in the network games of the new DOOM there will be the same drive as in its time in Quake, then I have to disappoint you, because here you will not meet the same crazy dynamics and constant jumps. You can’t say that the multiplayer was bad or good – it’s different. There is no such speed, and all the fault was the low speed of the fighters. There won’t be those exciting jumps. And yet, it’s not a bad thing, because it’s still the same DOOM. It’s just that it has become more tactical and thoughtful, because the emphasis is on battles and you will not be able to mindlessly run around the level, killing everyone and looking for powerful weapons. In addition, it is probably worth noting that this is no longer a duel game, but more of a team game.

However, if the new DOOM can’t reach the classics, that doesn’t mean it can’t reach other modern games. Battles in the game, compared to a number of other multiplayer games, are much faster. And I also managed to find out that there is practically no difference between a player with a gamepad and a player with a keyboard and mouse, however, “console players” and “pkshniki” will not be able to fight each other. The fact is that in the new “Duma” you will no longer need a lightning-fast reaction and filigree aiming to the point of accuracy.

And if earlier you had to become an excellent shooter, now you will have to become the one who can take away more bonuses from others. So in the classic mode of “Deathmatch” you need to select the “hell rune” as soon as possible, which appears strictly according to the timer and, when it appears, immediately notifies other players about it. Whoever picks up the rune first becomes a very powerful revenant who has a jetpack and a multiple rocket launcher system on his mighty shoulders. Why am I saying this? Yes, because it is these runes that allow you to “mow” players right and left, because the rune adds not only cool equipment, but also increased health along with increased damage.

Other modes also have unique runes. For example, there will be a number of other runes, which, for example, will allow you to turn into a hellish baron. This monster is able to sweep around the level at lightning speed and simply crush its enemies on the spot. The most interesting thing is that it is possible and even necessary to choose what kind of monster you will become. So in the setting of your hero you can switch to the section of the desired monster and choose the more suitable one for yourself.

By the way, about the modes, now in addition to the standard “Deathmatch”, there are two more: the first is “Clan Arena”, and the second is “Warpath”. So the first mode is a typical massacre, when one team destroys another and vice versa. There are no revivals, so the one who dies is waiting for the moment when the round ends, or when all the players of one of the two teams die. There will be nothing special in this mode, except that you now need to take care of your health, armor and ammunition. By the way, it is here that grenades are especially effective, which restore health at the expense of other players and other similar “buns”, like a chainsaw. Otherwise, this is the usual mode, where the team fights against another team, nothing special, a kind of version of CS: GO in the conditions of the Martian-hell base.

As for the “Warpath” mode, it is also a classic game. Only this time you need to capture certain points, and then hold them for a certain amount of time. More precisely, until the moment when the team scores a certain number of points. However, that’s not all, because the checkpoint is constantly moving along a relatively difficult route. Although the route itself is not difficult to understand, because there are index marks, it is harder to catch up with this very checkpoint. The capture zone constantly comes closer to the place of appearance of one team, then another. In addition, the “hell rune” is constantly changing its place of appearance.

His own director

Separately, I would like to talk about a tool called “SnapMap”, which is just an incredibly powerful editor that allows you to create a variety of levels. And it can be both usually created levels, and even modes. What can I say, if you can even make an extraordinary simulator of the player, where you can create melodies, for example, jumping on the keys of the same piano.

“SnapMap” will allow you to realize the very creative potential of the new DOOM, which is laid down by the developers. For example, do you want to play a game in co-op? You are welcome. Alpha testers have already managed to make a dozen cards, which are designed exclusively for passage in the company of friends. Moreover, these cards are ready now, and closer to the release will be ready maps in the genre of “Turrets”. Well, this is when the monsters rod in a column to your “castle” and you need to stop them with all your might so that they do not get to the conditional collection point. At the same time, for any game you get the very points with which you can buy and improve weapons. But what is most interesting is that the whole action takes place in a first-person view!

Of course, many may be deterred by the fact that it is supposedly difficult to master. In fact, the editor in the new DOOM is very simple. For example, in more than five minutes you can easily build a completely playable map and even automatically populate monsters of various kinds there. The fact is that the editor has unique generators of enemies and objects, so you, as a young editor, will not be difficult to poke these objects in certain places, so that then everything automatically collapses.

If you want to approach the creation of maps seriously, then you can do manual scripting for each desired event. So that in the end, for example, the music, and lighting, and enemies would change in hordes. And there were also all sorts of hiding places, secrets and even shops for buying equipment. At the same time, so that all actions are accompanied by oppressive or dynamic music. In general, the editor is very rich and diverse.

And by the way, if you have “straight hands” in creating maps, then you can upload them to the Content HUB server. This can be done by simply pressing a key. There, your card will be evaluated by other players and, possibly, move it higher to the list of popular ones. And there will also be copyrights that will not allow anyone to take possession of your creation.

And it does not matter where you created this or that card: console or PC. Published content will still be able to use both “pkshniki” and “console workers”. But, alas, as mentioned above: they will not be able to fight among themselves, although, most, probably, would like to.

The Bottom Line

At the moment, the exact release date of the new DOOM is unknown, but according to preliminary estimates, the release is already this spring. And then, perhaps, many of the current games will fade into the background, because there will be an opportunity to play the same, beloved, long-awaited DOOM. Where a full-fledged combat system is implemented, with action and all sorts of tricks, like “fatality”. Where blood flows like a river, and opponents step on you by the dozens. Where your fingers do not rest, and the fingers of the protagonist do not come off the trigger of the shotgun. And you know, these thoughts are already awakening very warm and vivid emotions. Which warm up in the hope that soon we will see the old DOOM in a new “wrapper” and with new pleasant “buns”.

And even if Id Software did not do anything new in terms of the plot, but admit it, didn’t you want to replay the old game in the hope, to feel the very emotions that you received for the first time? As, for example, they pass for the hundredth time Gothic 2, or playing the same “Quake”. I think that in the spring we are all waiting for a great game, with an excellent editor and just gorgeous “cuts”.

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