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The logo of a brand new Polish studio called Destructive Creations has a very symbolic image of a large mushroom cloud. It became symbolic immediately after the release of the trailer for the game called Hatred. The reaction of the gaming audience, as always, was like a hurricane, so a small and modest team of young developers found themselves in the very center of a new debate about what kind of violent video games are.

In addition, even the press unleashed all its forces on the developers (even Forbes could not stand aside). Naturally, the mailbox of the young studio was filled with the most angry statements and calls to stop the development of such games. Although there were also positive reviews about the game.

Why is everyone so mad at this game? And does it really transcend all generally accepted moral norms? We will deal with this a little below.

The game features the most common lair of a maniac, who has long ago begun to spit on the fact that his flowers on the windowsill have withered, and the walls are covered with a huge layer of mold and cobwebs. But the most important thing here is a table on which a bunch of ammunition, frag grenades and many other weapons are superimposed. “It’s my turn to kill. And my turn to die” – it is with these words that a huge man, with black and long noses, gets out into the street, where he starts firing at everyone with his weapon, and anyone who comes into sight dies.

Veterans who have caught the greatness of Postal will surely remember it again. After all, it was Postal that was entirely devoted to mass murders in which there was neither purpose nor meaning. Where a provincial schizophrenic heard enough voices in his head and went to blame everyone to the right and left.

And finally, a worthy successor appears, which will continue the work begun and abandoned long ago. And this is not surprising, because the developers of the Hatred game themselves admitted that they were mainly inspired by the Postal game. In addition, there was even a similar mechanic in the game: you have to observe the chaos that the protagonist of the game will arrange in an isometric view. The interesting thing is that the Poles from Destructive Creations deliberately left it unnamed.

Walking through the territory of New York, our amiable protagonist may also suddenly hear voices in his head and start firing at ordinary passers-by, or he will fall into the police station and make a bloody mess there. And if someone remains alive, then he can deal with her in a special and bloody way. In general, the well-known Unreal Engine 4 can allow the most terrible and cruel things to be done, which will rise to an incredible level of monstrosity. And the camera at this time will become in such a way that you can see pleas for mercy in the eyes of the victim, but all this is useless, because you know that in just a couple of seconds the shotgun will take all the brains from the head of the unfortunate.

The best example of the brutality in Hatred is Manhunt with its serial killers. But if there, you had to somehow more inventively fill up your next victim, then here it is completely different. The main character performs any of his actions very coolly, with contempt and hatred. He puts a pistol in the girl’s mouth with such great pleasure, as if he is about to swat a cockroach with his boot.

This is the whole point of the game. Even Jaroslav Zelinsky himself admitted that he had long wanted to do something like Postal, but that the game was deeper and more serious. And even though Hatred is at an early stage of development now, the program that has been put in place can already be noticed right now. The game itself will be stylized as a sort of “Sin City”. Accordingly, you will see the world in white and black colors, with rare drops: blue sirens, scarlet or neon signs, orange flames and, of course, with burgundy shades of blood.

At the same time, everything in the game is extremely believable. For example, if in the Postal game any reprisal looked somehow caricatured and ridiculous, then in Hatred everything will be extremely realistic.

The developers also admit that a couple of players who liked their project themselves take and send videos with their ideas of massacres. Therefore, the developers do not miss anything past their eyes.

The peculiarity of the main character is that he does not feel any specific personal hatred for his victims. He just hates them all at once. People are a faceless crowd that was meant to be slaughtered and there is no point in wasting time paying attention to their suffering. Although it is still possible to burn another victim alive and look at her suffering. The developers admitted that all the screams that you hear will be real, so you can listen to everything: all the pain and suffering.

But most of all, the game stands out for its honesty. Any murder in the Hatred game is not another display of a hypocritical attraction, or even a means to achieve any goal, such as saving the universe. In general, there will be no justification for your committed actions: if you entered the game, it means killing and only killing. In addition, so that Zelinsky would not be considered some kind of psycho, he asked the following question: why do we play action games? But really, let’s at least remember the recently released Mortal Kombat X, where there were brutalities, and fatalities, and many other cruel moments. Just admit, why are you entering the game? To poke your opponent and see how he suffers from your combo punch, right?

Hatred is a kind of violent reaction to the current trends in video games, which imposes dissenting censorship. But the truth is, while the developers of the game showed what they wanted, while not breaking the laws, some fighters for justice only have to bite their elbows because they cannot do anything.

The trailer, which sowed a violent reaction from the gaming audience, only proves how free the developers were in their ideas. At the end of the day, Hatred didn’t go over the bar for affordable, but only shows what we see every day, for example, action movies. It is enough to imagine that the citizens are ordinary terrorists and all the screams will cease to be so heartbreaking. As if you are just fighting for world peace, and nothing more.

In addition, Hatred does not even claim to be the most brutal game. After all, let’s just remember how in the game BioShock it was allowed to kill little girls for the sake of ordinary experience points, and in Deus Ex they made it possible to burn a child with a flamethrower, not to mention Fallout, where they gave a special reputation for killing a child.

Hatred is different. The main character believes that the kids are innocent, since they have not yet had time to commit crimes for which they can begin to hate and despise. For the same reason, it will not be possible to kill any animals, because they are not to blame for anything.

At the same time, without having a special character, the main character still remains a kind of personality, which has a special character, emotions and specific morality. The protagonist is not some kind of insensitive sociopath, but for the most part just a more radical misanthrope.

But still, even an endless bloody mess can just tire in the end. And at this point, the game will have to offer more than hundreds of walking targets for you. The creators promise that everything will be fine with this: the game will also have additional tasks, a plot and many other useful details.


Hatred is a direct example of what games like the GTA series and many other action films are made for. Only here you will play the role of a serial maniac who will in no way be connected with some kind of tragicomedy and the salvation of the world. You have to take on the role of an ordinary sadist who wants to fill up a bunch of people before others fill him up. And given Hatred’s ideology, it becomes very interesting what kind of plot will be in the game. In any case, the main thing is that the developers can save the game from monotony.

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