IgroMir 2016: Impression (Preview) from Horizon: Zero Dawn from the exhibition

The Horizon: Zero Dawn game booth was located at the PlayStation booth, right next to the VR zone. Every day the queues for the game got longer and longer. And a little later, everything changed, because the people who were at the exhibition on the press day realized that it was in Horizon: Zero Dawn that they were also allowed to play. So the next day the line was even longer.

In turn, the “” team managed to visit this stand on the first day and personally “feel” how good the game is. Having heroically stood in line, another “pack” of people was launched into a kind of cinema room, where everyone was given headphones and shown an 8-minute trailer for the game Horizon: Zero Dawn. The video actually showed previously demonstrated footage of the gameplay. And in the second half, the main character (Ela) left her native village and went to look for answers to questions that have long troubled her soul.

So, almost immediately after the main character was released out of the gate, the demo video was paused and everyone was asked to go to the second room, where they gave out a PlayStation 4 and gave them the opportunity to play a little. Ela, in turn, humbly waited for her player at the same place where she was last seen.

For research, a small “piece” of the location was provided, where the developers give the opportunity to run for 10 minutes. In this location, it was mainly possible to wander through a beautiful grove and hunt mechanized animals, which immediately grazed. So in ten minutes the team managed to find out the following:

First. Horizon: Zero Dawn is an extremely beautiful game. The color saturation will definitely surprise you and such beauty is rare where you can find it. For example, the sunset in the demo looked amazing. Animation, graphics – everything is done at a high level.

Second. Horizon: Zero Dawn is a classic action RPG where there is a gathering of butterflies and flowers, continuous gathering of “loot” and other gray “trash” from defeated enemies. You can associate Horizon: Zero Dawn, for example, with Skyrim in this regard, although some players may think that the gameplay is more like some Far Cry: Primal.

Third. In 10 minutes of playing in a rather limited area, to be honest, it is quite difficult to show something crazy, so the demo version of Horizon: Zero Dawn did not go far from that either. At IgroMir 2016 there was an opportunity to engage in gathering and hunting using a bow (plus there were several variations of arrows for the main character) and a spear (which has two unique attack modes at once). There was also an opportunity to ride a defeated robotic bull. Boss fights, action scenes, giant robotic dinosaurs, storyline details – nothing like that happened. So the exhibition did not make it clear how Horizon: Zero Dawn, apart from the setting and the main character, would stand out from other similar games.

Nevertheless, a small “demo” still leaves a rather positive impression. Yes, in the demo version, the gameplay does not differ in any special uniqueness, because already now you feel its elaboration and smoothness. According to the presented “piece”, one gets the impression that the development of the game is coming to an end: the “crafting” mode is stylized under the “barbarian period” and at the same time under the “hi-tech”; the controls, unlike a number of other games at the exhibition, are “polished to a shine”; the picture is pleasing to the eye and much more.

Horizon: Zero Dawn doesn’t seem like a unique game and a breakthrough project with some ingenious game mechanics, an amazing storyline (although I would like to), but you will still enjoy the game. At least due to the fact that a beautiful world is presented for research, an intriguing setting, convenient controls and polished mechanics, albeit not original. In the end, the key character of the game is a red-haired, brave huntress who, in the best rebellious traditions, goes to the distortion of the entire system.

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