Just Cause 4 Preview

Just Cause 4 is due out very soon and therefore the game is being discussed more and more often. Will the new installment be the best in the series? What changes will be in the game? Isn’t there going to be a series of “pipelines”, where the developers will release a new game every couple of years just for their own profit? And of course, the most important question – what will the new game be? Let’s try to understand the project in detail and answer many of these questions, especially since there are already many trailers on the network and based on them you can make a definite opinion about the new brainchild of Avalanche Studios.

A few words about the creators of the game

The Swedish studio Avalanche Studios has been operating since 2003 and during this long time has been able to create many pretty good games. In addition to the Just Cause series, the company has such projects as Mad Max (2015), a game based on the famous Mad Max film series, and Rage 2, a rather interesting project in the genre of a first-person shooter with shooting and racing in a post-apocalyptic world, which should be released next year. It’s safe to say that Avalanche Studios has a strong open-world project.

Just Cause 4 preview

History of the Just Cause series

The theme of the game and its setting have not changed much since the first part, which was released back in 2006. All games in the series are 3-person action games in an open world. As a rule, the whole plot revolves about throwing the main character into a totalitarian country somewhere in an exotic place (Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America) and helping its inhabitants to overthrow a cruel dictator who holds power with the help of his loyal army. The series’ unchanging protagonist is the mercenary and adventurer Rico Rodriguez.

Among the main features of the game are the presence of a larger open world that has improved and expanded with each new part and endless action. Here you have endless gunfights, and chases, and explosions with destruction. In general, in every part of the franchise, you could come off in full and destroy almost everything you want. In the games of the series, there have always been a lot of very different vehicles: boats, planes, helicopters, any cars, and so on. And a kind of “trick” of the protagonist was a special hook, which allowed him to cling to different surfaces and fly up to them like a superhero (of course, there can be no question of realism). Also, with the help of this hook, it was possible to attract objects and push them together, which gave a lot of room for creativity in creating new destruction.

Just Cause 4 preview

Well, if we talk about the development of the series, then in addition to the obvious visual changes in the graphics, the developers expanded and improved the inner world of the game as much as possible. Locations in Just Cause games became not only more voluminous, but also more alive. There was an opportunity to take additional tasks, and the rebels themselves, whom you help, began to participate in hostilities with you. Also, it became possible to go through the same mission in different ways. In general, the developers decided not to reinvent the wheel anew and added only minor changes to the game, as well as expanded the familiar “sandbox”, improving it as much as possible.

The plot in Just Cause 4

Based on the foregoing, we can say for sure that in the new part, little has changed in this regard either. Before us is the same Rico Rodriguez, who this time was carried deep into South America into another totalitarian state on the fictional island of Solis. There are two problems on the island: natural disasters that always interfere with the inhabitants, which will play an important role in the gameplay, and an army of mercenaries, whose presence for the locals is also a very unpleasant factor. And if Rico’s first problem cannot be dealt with, then just the second is his direct specialization and the main character enters into an unequal battle. This time, Rodriguez is opposed not by some regular dictator, but by a private military army called the Black Hand, which is doing its business to the detriment of the United States. The head of the Black Hand is the dangerous mercenary Gabriela Morales. Although Rico Rodriguez is a brave and good mercenary, it will not be so easy for him to confront a large private army alone, so the key task in the new game will be to liberate key facilities and supply the rebels for their active resistance.

Just Cause 4 preview

Gameplay in the new part

You will not find any special changes here either. Before us is the same 3-person shooter with a large open world. You are exploring the huge island of Solis with an area of ​​about 100 square kilometers, simultaneously completing main and additional tasks, killing Black Hand soldiers and destroying their buildings, thereby giving more chances for the rebels.

The arsenal of the protagonist is diverse. A huge selection of any weapon to your taste and the necessary transport is present. There is also the possibility of customization. Almost anything can be improved in the game, even the same grappling hook can be nicely updated and customized as you like.

The landscape of the island is also varied here. There was also a place for a beautiful sea with a beach and magnificent forests, and of course the game has no less colorful snow-capped mountains. In general, landscapes for every taste and color that can be explored even by car, even by helicopter, or even on foot. However, even if the game has very colorful landscapes, but there is no life, then its world will still be boring and tedious, as Avalanche Studios is well aware of. In this regard, Solis Island in Just Cause 4 has good infrastructure: there are large cities, small villages, numerous mercenary bases that differ from each other and many minor places that are also interesting to explore, like the same small gas station in the middle of the highway … On an island as large as Solis, things are going their own way and some of the residents will have no time for Rico. Life is in full swing in the state, and citizens are busy with their own affairs, and only by starting helping the rebels and creating problems for the “Black Hand” the protagonist of the game can win recognition and fame among ordinary residents. So the game world in 4 parts is not only beautiful, but also alive.

Just Cause 4 preview

Nevertheless, the developers have found everything that needs to be paid attention to in the new part and significantly focus on this. In Just Cause 4, the weather is of particular importance. In the game, the sultry heat will be replaced by pouring rain, and the bright daytime sun will go into sunset, changing day to night. However, these are far from all the features of the climate in the game. As mentioned above, endless natural disasters are especially uncomfortable for the inhabitants of the island of Solis. In this case, these are phenomena such as tornadoes. A tornado in the game is a dangerous natural force that plays an important role in the game and which can be used for your own purposes, for example, to attack another mercenary base. A tornado can distract enemies, while the main character calmly performs a sabotage. Also, in a tornado with the help of a cat-hook, you can launch anything, from mercenaries to an airplane or a barrel of gasoline. Well, the presence of fire and explosions in a tornado will certainly leave few people indifferent. The importance of the tornado in the game is also evidenced by the fact that the developers dedicated a whole trailer to how Rico chases him in a special machine and uses it for his own purposes, for example, sowing destruction on the base of enemies. So, such natural phenomena in Just Cause 4 should not be ignored.

Just Cause 4 preview

Graphics and physics

The Apex game engine is responsible for the graphics and physics in the game. Thanks to him, in the new part, the developers managed to achieve not only beautiful cinematic graphics, but magnificent destruction of objects. For example, the same tornadoes not only look good, but also quite realistically destroy buildings and carry heavy objects into the air. So, visually, with Just Cause 4, everything will definitely be in order.

Just Cause 4 preview


Obviously, the developers at Avalanche Studios have gone to great lengths to create the new game. In Just Cause 4, we will not only improve everything that was in the previous parts, such as the volume of the open world and the variety of vehicles. In the new game, the developers decided to bring something new as well, and not just slightly update the past aspects. From the point of view of the technical part, the game also does not cause any particular complaints and I want to believe that by the time the game is released, everything will remain at the same high level. If we talk about the plot, then here, too, you are unlikely to see something new. Although, it seems, the island of Solis will give us some questions about Rico’s father, but, you see, such an aspect as a plot in such a game is far from the most important. Game mechanics work, the game world is interesting, the game will have a lot of drive and action – what else do we need? We are waiting for the release on December 4 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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