Mammoth Hunting Season Opened – Far Cry: Primal Action Preview

In November of this year, Ubisoft decided to announce a new part of the famous Far Cry series. Far Cry: Primal’s announcement was as unexpected as the snow in October. And by the way, despite the name of the game, no one could have imagined that the events of the game would take place in the past, and not in the future or some parallel period of time. Moreover, for as many as twenty thousand years (right in the Mesozoic era), when people first began to wear fur coats from local animals and hunt for food and protection.

Yes, now you don’t have to fight another sick dictator from another new banana republic. In Far Cry: Primal, now no one will care about the news that a new iPhone has been released or that the main villain of the game is gay. Now you have to make sure that the saber-toothed tiger does not feast on you tonight, and at the same time you feast on. Friends, this is a preview of the game Far Cry: Primal and now you will find out what awaits you in the new game in the Far Cry series!

Not exactly a lonely hunter

The plot of the game Far Cry: Primal will be built around a hunter named Takkar. This young warrior will be the only survivor of his tribe, which was exterminated. At the moment, there are two versions of what exactly happened to the Takkar tribe: 1 – it was ambushed by fierce local predators and now Takkar has to create a new tribe; 2 – another tribe attacked the tribe and it is Takkar who will have to investigate what happened and again create his own community. At first glance, an ordinary story can turn out to be an interesting adventure, so the storyline cannot be judged yet. The action will take place on a whole continent called Oros. This continent will have a rich flora and fauna. The territory will be huge (according to some sources, it may be the same as Kirat). Since you will find yourself in the Stone Age, you will have to move around the territory either on your two or on your four companions, but more on that later.

At the very beginning of the game, the main character is simply a lonely and unknown hunter who will try with all his might to survive in this cruel and not friendly world, where everyone thinks that he is someone’s snack. In addition to the struggle for life, you will also have to rub into the trust of other tribes of the same people (although there will be barbarians who cannot be approached by 10 meters), gradually gaining followers of their ideas. Since the developers of Far Cry: Primal promise that it will be possible to create and develop your tribe, it will be possible to manage your community, develop it, recruit new followers and so on. One of the main details of tribal structure and development is the clearing of territories from wild tribes. Wild tribes are warring factions that do not strive for a peaceful life (in general, just barbarians). So you have to clear these places and settle more peaceful and reasonable compatriots there. Simply put, you will act as a kind of leader who fights against the barbarians who threaten your people.

In any case, over time, the main character acquires his followers, organizes his own community and begins to arrange fights with enemy tribes. In addition to internecine wars, wars for food, territory and so on. You will also have the opportunity to take captives who, perhaps, will give out some valuable information or eventually join your community.

Friends of a real savage

As mentioned above: it will be possible to move around the Oros not only on your own two, but also on four. This means that wild animals will act as local cars. Moreover, based on the recently published video, it turns out that the animals will not only be a means of transportation, but also combat partners.

Taming the animal will be a fairly straightforward process. Because for this you just need to have the appropriate skill and bait (probably meat). Perhaps such actions will have to be done not once, but several times. In addition, only one animal can be tamed, although judging by the videos, there will also be a second pet, but more on that later. When the animal dies, or you release it, you can tame a new wild animal.

To restore the health of a companion, you need to feed it. Thus, his jackal health will gradually recover. By the way, you can also praise the animal, but this was probably done only for the sake of interest and variety. With regard to management, in this regard, everything is just as simple. You can give a variety of commands: attack, protect, bring, go, etc. According to the developers, the game will have about 17 species of animals that will be subject to domestication. And there are also a number of perks that are aimed at interacting with animals, for example, a perk that allows you to resurrect a pet in the presence of special things. We can say that this is some kind of shamanism in the game and, perhaps, some special part of the storyline will be allocated to this part.

In general, controlling animals will be similar to controlling a tiger from Far Cry 4, since the developers do not make any drastic changes and even admit it themselves. Therefore, the controls will be quite familiar and some may appreciate this detail right now. But let’s not stray too far from the animals. Each wild beast has its own pros and cons. Although all animals can be clearly divided: wolves, bears, saber-toothed tigers. Each of these types will have subspecies, which also have their pros and cons.

For example, wolves are generally good for exploring the world as they can move quickly and attack quickly. Bears are siege animals that are useful when storming savage camps, etc., have good survivability and take all the damage on themselves. Another great fighter is the saber-toothed tiger. All types of saber-toothed tigers perfectly show themselves in battle and can just as accurately get close to the enemy. These animals are something in between wolves and bears.

Far Cry: Primal is not without quieter animals. For example, panthers are very well suited for quiet operations. If they crouch or sneak, they do the same. In general, almost all animals can sneak, and almost all of them will be rideable on the mainland. Well, and finally I will add that there are also owls (formidable and fighting owls, yes). The birds act as scouts that can mark opponents, show the enemy camp (they can be controlled in flight) and carefully remove certain targets. What is most interesting: in the published videos, two animals were involved at the same time – an owl and a wolf (the second was changing). So perhaps the owl will be a must-have companion. Perhaps you get to know him during the passage of the storyline, supposedly: “Here, this is the last falcon of your tribe.” Or something like that. Something similar happened in Fallout 4, when you meet the Dog, because during the storyline you will definitely need it. In any case, we can find something similar here.

Twenty thousand years ago

In fact, visually, Far Cry: Primal is not much different from Far Cry 4. While some are trying to judge the new game in the series by the graphics, it is useless. Let me remind you that Ubisoft did not promise to radically change the game. Apparently, the previous schedule more or less satisfies them.

But on the other hand, everything looks fresh, interesting and very colorful. In particular, the whole thing is in the setting of the game – it is new and has not yet been properly disclosed. Naturally, the gaming audience was interested in this. Since the game does not come out very soon, absolutely everything is possible. But in any case, you should not feed yourself with false hopes, because if the graphics in the game are tightened, it will not be too much. So again, don’t feed yourself false hopes, but also set yourself up too negatively for the new project.

As for the optimization of Far Cry: Primal, then there is also nothing yet clear. On the one hand, “Yubiki” got down to business again, and on the other hand – in technical terms, nothing will change in the game, but they have already done something like that, which means they should already have some kind of experience and practice. Of course, how can this be said, because Ubisoft employs a huge number of experienced professionals who know their business. Nevertheless, optimization is not their strong point, but most likely a weak point.

The most reliable club

The only thing that has to be recreated from scratch in Far Cry: Primal is the combat system. Because firearms haven’t been invented yet. Now clubs, spears, bows, axes and stones will be used. Judging by the videos published by the developers, a good action game will await us all in the game, where everyone will jump, jump, etc. Also add to this a bunch of wild animals, both friendly and evil, and you will get good mixes.

Since each of the savages will use primitive weapons in battle, bones, skins, stones and other things of the wild will be used. Since at that time there was no question of trading, you will have to do everything yourself and buy something interesting, it will not work. Perhaps a system of exchange of things will be involved, for example, the exchange of an ax for a spear or something like that.

In Far Cry: Primal, a more complicated crafting system will appear, which should somehow diversify the game. Although I really can’t imagine exactly how it will look. Well, I mean, I imagine a crafting system, but how will it show itself in the Stone Age? What improvements can be made? What items other than skins, stones and bones can be used? Perhaps each animal will be unique not only in appearance and behavior, but also in what can be obtained from it. Thus, most likely, some unique animals will appear, from which you will have to extract unique resources, if, of course, you kill them.

In any case, you will have to skin the animals once again, for their own needs. In addition, the weapon will be destructible, therefore, the more often you use it, the faster it will become unusable and it will no longer be possible to use it.

Not without long-range combat. Bows and arrows can also be modified by themselves. Fiery arrows will appear, which will help you hunt some fearful animal species and more. By the way, to which even the quietest hunter will not be able to get close with his ax. In addition to the bow, it will also be possible to throw a spear, so very dynamic battles await us.

It is not yet known about clothing items. At the moment, nothing has really been said about this. But knowing the Far Cry series, it’s safe to say that things like quivers and herb bags will definitely be there. Perhaps they will even allow you to change clothes, for example, from the skin of a mammoth to make some good fur coat or something like that.


New is always pleasant and very fun. Let the Ubisoft company darn the Assassins Creed series every year, but they still have original ideas. They really have a talent for changing the setting of games, using original ideas and creating massive redesigns. Nevertheless, the new game does not in any way draw on something innovative or enchanting. At least this time, the authors honestly admitted that they are not going to change the underlying foundations and are doing the next part of the series, but with a more exotic bias. It is important to note that this can be a turning point, since nothing has really changed since the time of the third part, and running through the forest with a bow and an ax + paired with an animal is not worth much.

Far Cry: Primal is not much different from its predecessor. At the moment, there is nothing particularly bad, except for plagiarism, one cannot say. In addition, most of the details of the game have not yet been revealed, and they will become known closer to the release of the game. A lot of the details are based on the words “maybe” and it’s not just that, since many of the details from Far Cry 4 will be 100% transferred to the new part. In particular, this applies to crafting and gameplay. As for the graphics, everything is not very clear here. On the one hand, the game will no longer be released on the old generation consoles, and on the other hand, judging by the published videos, there are no global changes.

In any case, the release of the game Far Cry: Primal is expected on February 23, 2016. The launch of the PC version of the game is just a month later. So then it will become clear what exactly Ubisoft was “blinded”, what kind of optimization, and what kind of graphonium the game has. And as usual, it is not recommended to pre-order or buy the game immediately after release. We all perfectly understand what kind of games are coming out now.

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