Ori and the Will of the Wisps Preview

During E3 2017, Microsoft loudly announced the new Ori and the Will of the Wisps. The announcement caused a lot of excitement and increased attention. Fans of the game happily greeted the announcement of the sequel to their favorite platforming game, which many have been waiting for.

Game Developers

Moon Studios is an Austrian company that was founded in 2010 and is based in Vienna. The publisher of the games of this studio is Microsoft. At the moment, Moon Studios has only two projects and both of them tell about the adventures of Ori. A creative approach with a good publisher has helped the developers create one unforgettable game and perhaps an equally bad sequel, which is targeted for next year.

History of the project

Ori and the Blind Forest, the first part of the series, which tells about the adventures of the little Ori, was received very highly. A small independent project received good reviews from the gaming media and the recognition of ordinary gamers, which would be very nice even for a large game from a well-known studio.

The very announcement of the sequel was very atmospheric and colorful, easily overshadowing other projects of the exhibition. The key factor here is not only the atmosphere, but also the great soundtrack. When the Microsoft presentation started, the lights went out and there was silence. The sounds of nature and the animal world began to spread throughout the room. Then the accompaniments of the piano, performed by the composer Gareth Cocker, began to be heard. Then a trailer for the new game was launched on the screen: everyone’s familiar images of heroes, but updated for the better – more drama, elaboration and beauty. This is the same good old Ori and The Blind Forest, but the developers were somehow able to update the old project and make it several times better!

Ori and the Will of the Wisps preview

The first part was one of the most colorful games in the entire industry. The game had amazing visuals. The graphics were mesmerizing, they could make the player just stop and admire the beauties of the level, taking dozens of screenshots along the way. The storyline in the game was also her strong point. At first, the children’s fairy tale about the need to save the native forest gradually turned into something more and was overgrown with philosophical judgments about the good and the bad and the ambiguity of our world. The first part clearly showed us that there is no need to judge by the first impression, it is better and more detailed to understand things and sometimes help even those who wish us harm. Such a game could cause genuine emotion even among the most callous players. And this is given the fact that there are no dialogues and lines of heroes in the game. Stunning design and the highest level of thought!

Ori and Will of the Wisps Plot

In my native forest, problems began again. Evil power in the form of filth began to swallow beloved trees and mercilessly deal with all living things. Will Ori overcome a new evil and save the forest from destruction? We will once again plunge into history, which, it would seem, should have ended in the first part.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps preview

What happened in our forest?

In the second part, of course, you cannot do without dangerous adventures. In the Nibel forest, tragedy struck again: a tribe of birds was killed. The main character needs to find out what happened and how to proceed. The protagonist of the second part, as in the first part, is the spirit of the Ori forest.

What’s new in the second part?

The graphics in the first game were amazing and memorable. But, the creators of the game were able to overcome this milestone, making the sequel even more colorful and beautiful!

The developers from Moon Studios, who worked on the first game, are also engaged in a sequel, which is visible to the naked eye and quite obvious when you compare both parts of the series. As we are told, in the sequel there will be an opportunity to find out the purpose of the Ori creature while looking for all the characters “who are lost”. So far, this is all that is known about the plot of the new part, and it is unlikely that the developers will tell something else about their game before the release. Continuation about Ori from those who worked on the first part – this is all you need to know to wait for this project and believe in its success.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps preview

Sound aspect

If we consider video games as a kind of art, then the game Ori and The Blind Forest can be safely cited as an example. And these are not just pretentious words, because in the game everything is perfectly conveyed without a single dialogue between the characters.

The music for the first game was composed by Gareth Cocker. The music turned out to be cute and touching, perfectly complementing the atmosphere of the game. The soundtrack in the game fit perfectly with the game’s plot and complemented Ori’s story. Sounds in the game were an integral part of a competent narrative. As a result, the game has become one of the leading candidates to become the most successful platformer of 2015 and won an art direction award at The Game Awards 2015, just one percent behind the leader, Mario Maker.

Game process

The game should not be confused with arcades, it is a platformer. The first part was able to achieve success not only due to its good story and atmosphere, but also an unforgettable gameplay, which was distinguished by its complexity. Among other things, Ori and The Blind Forest is a difficult game, the passage of which was difficult for many, especially those who tried to master the project on the keyboard.

Here you can hardly count on a quick passage and an easy walk. At each level, you can find several caches, secret passages and alternative paths to the goal. Many secrets could only be found by obtaining certain abilities, so if you needed to open all the secrets in the first part, it was better to go back.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps preview

The presence of the pumping system gave more variety to the gameplay. You could, for example, make attacks stronger and get the ability to hover in the air. The levels themselves also encourage the player to diversify and use different abilities, rather than using just one skill all over the place.

Key characters

Great and interesting characters are one of the most significant aspects of the series. You empathize with the characters here and you always want to give them support and help. Thus, without making any revolution in the genre, this project was able to become an excellent implementation of the existing mechanics and solutions.

The first part looked great and perfectly complemented the visuals with good sound. All this made it possible to plunge into an unforgettable history, where both joys and tragic events take place. All this could easily make us really relive these events and imbued with the fate of the key characters. The main message of the game was that sometimes you shouldn’t blindly divide everything into good and bad and consider specific things in more detail, so as not to make a mistake in judgment.

Ori and Will of the Wisps. What about the release of the game and what are the expectations?

The enemies from the first part, so, were interesting and unforgettable, but in the trailer for the sequel, the developers brought the long-familiar enemies to a new level.

The second part, of course, will be released and Microsoft will fulfill all its promises. However, there is no exact date yet, and the exit itself may take place with a delay. But, the project is definitely worth any expectations! Ori and Will of the Wisps is coming to Xbox One and Windows 10 and to Xbox Play Anywhere. This means that the sequel may not appear on Steam. But such a project is unlikely to pass without a trace, and fans of the first game will still find a way to get hold of the game.


Such indie projects are not so often seen these days. Games from large companies are interesting, but do not drag out with their history, and independent games, as a rule, due to funding problems, come out all unfinished and uninteresting, although they have good potential and ideas. Ori and the Will of the Wisps here serves as a complete exception, which was able to borrow the advantages of the first and second types of games, but discard their disadvantages. The game has amazing visuals, sound and game mechanics, and at the same time, the game has a great story that can draw anyone in and make them feel the key characters. Such games are very rare now, and they definitely deserve the recognition and attention of the audience. In general, we are waiting for news about Ori and Will of the Wisps and hope that the game will be released as soon as possible and the publisher will take into account the expectations of ordinary gamers. After all, you really want to visit the fairy forest again and plunge into the adventures of your beloved Ori.

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