Pain and Suffering Cubed – Dark Souls 3 Action RPG Preview

Until the release of the first part of the Souls series, From Software’s games could not achieve the general acceptance that they are doing now. Yes, their games were really good, but in their own way. Some people liked something, while others were unhappy. So what is the phenomenon of this series? What was it about it that made players literally fall in love with the series of the most hardcore games?

Most likely, the success of the Souls series lies in a dark atmosphere, difficult battles, a very deep story and storyline (which not everyone can understand the first time), which require players to explore the world more thoroughly and closely.

So what will happen in Dark Souls 3? A huge number of people are interested in this question. Someone is afraid that the series has turned into a conveyor belt, which thus hints at the poor quality of the next part. And someone is insanely happy that he will be able to “suffer” again in a new heartbreaking game. To dispel all the ridiculous rumors and acquaint you with the game, read the preview of Dark Souls 3 below on the major gaming portal

The history of development

Officially, the Souls series began with the game that is still considered the most difficult in the series – Demon’s Souls. However, the roots of the series go much deeper, but let’s not go far. It’s just important to note that at the time when the games began to seem casual, Demon’s Souls came out, which no longer led players by the handle + did not have linearity and an easy level of difficulty. In this game, for the first time, tasks appeared that did not have directional instructions, explanations (however, as in mechanics). Therefore, the players had to study and research on their own, that is, finding more suitable ways of passing, or methods of struggle.

What happened in the end? Surprisingly, a huge number of players were drawn to such a complex game, so huge fan bases were formed, in which people shared not just the tactics of passing – the players shared their impressions. Demon’s Souls was able to light in the players the very “light” that makes a person say: “Yes, this is a really cool game!”. Therefore, any player wanted to say. Yes, so that he was understood, heard and accepted. In general, as a result of unprecedented success, the very same Dark Souls comes out. This was followed by the game Dark Souls 2, which was praised by many critics, and the series itself has grown well commercially, because already now the series has over 8 million copies sold.

Although Bloodborne came out in 2015 and did not continue the Souls series, players still equated the game with it. High marks only fueled the desire of developers to continue to engage in such players. Although Miyazaki himself did not formally put his hand to this game, it still has the handwriting of this great man. And now we finally got to Dark Souls 3, which will be a long-awaited sequel. Dark Souls 3 retains all the important details of the series, moreover, it is not a copy of the same Bloodborne.

While the fire burns in our hearts

The new Dark Souls differs from its predecessors literally right after the introductory video. The main character is a knight who, as it turned out, was “rejected by fire”. Once this man wanted to become the greatest and most powerful ruler of the local lands, but the forces of nature thought differently and therefore considered him unworthy of the title, title and other things. Since then, the unfortunate knight is literally doomed to die and be reborn near a nearby fire, so that the path of his suffering knows no end and end. And isn’t that logical? The plot + the story of the protagonist in Dark Souls 3 is the most logical and consistent in the series.

And as we are currently discussing Miyazaki’s work, we should not take the topic of fire straightforwardly, given how the plot usually develops in the Dark Souls 3 series. struggle for power, so we can say that after they are killed, they literally eat up their fire in order to kindle their own and become supposedly worthy.

The whole game will revolve around this flame: the flame will ooze through the armor, and upon dying, the hero almost goes out, so he loses part of his health and is reborn in the body of an almost dead man. But if your “fire” can be returned by killing others, it is not so easy to restore humanity, because its restoration will require “ash”, which acts as something like “humanity”, so such a resource is not only valued higher than gold, but also above other in-game items.

In fact, the specific atmosphere, like the developers themselves, are not too willing to share the details of the storyline. However, this does not change the fact that you will again have to wander through the destroyed kingdom, in a godforsaken corner of the world and explore the ruins of once great places. Once again, a collision with creepy, and a couple of nightmarish creatures, the very playful pain of death and rebirth by the fire – everything is present, as before.

Race with an ax

When Dark Souls 3 first showed, it was shocking that the speed of the battles increased. It is for this reason that the series has found a balance between the slowness from the first part and the aggression from Bloodborne. With the naked eye, you can see that the main character (as well as the others) moves much faster. For correct and error-free play, now you need not just the speed of your reflexes, as in the past, but a cool head and correct position.

Combat Dark Souls 3 will now test you and your tactics for strength, so if your playing style has some disadvantage, for example, the same inactivity, then some opponent will definitely take the initiative and strike at the most vulnerable spot. And you shouldn’t think that the daredevils who rush into the midst of enemies are being praised in the game – no. Everyone will be punished: those who are in too much of a hurry and those who move like “turtles”. That is why both thick armor and light armor will not help. But don’t think that enemies cannot be defeated. It’s not at all like that, now you just have to keep in some kind of balance.

Thanks to the new combat system, they will also add the traditional Demon’s Souls mana, which will help mages and clerics. Therefore, to replenish mana in Dark Souls 3, a unique flask has appeared, which will be updated around campfires. So now, in addition to healing potions, you will still have to use cans of mana in battle, and everything is done quite interesting: you can take no more than 10 cans with you and only you can decide how many healing and those that replenish the mana supply will be up to you. For example, you can take with you five health restoration potions and five cans of mana, or three mana potions and seven healing potions. At the moment, it is also known that two types of magic will return to the game – these are miracles and magic. So far, nothing is known about the curses.

By the way, even melee warriors will need mana flasks. Like this? In Dark Souls, each weapon will now have something like an “ultimate” (unique skill). For example, taking a two-handed weapon, at the expense of mana, you can throw a unique blow and inflict a crushing blow on the enemy, and with a one-handed weapon, for example, make a sharp thrust forward, which also deals decent damage. The same applies to other classes, for example, an archer is able to release several arrows in a row with the help of a unique skill, and the happy owners of a halberd can make a circular attack, etc. As mentioned above: all unique skills will spend mana. It is for this reason that the fighting style must be carefully selected.

Although, despite all the changes, it seems that the combat system was borrowed from Bloodborne, nevertheless, this is not the case. For example, the same attacks in terms of implementation have become much easier, and completely different buttons are responsible for a roll and a jump.

The same goes for the combat dynamics, which again seem to be borrowed from Bloodborne. For example, now the dynamics and difficulty level of the fight entirely depends on which class you are playing. Playing as a thief, you can sit down at the right moment and thereby evade the horizontal strike of the enemy, then make a counterattack and deliver a couple of crushing blows with daggers. But in any case, any style of play requires concentration, so doing something like a thief’s tricks is quite difficult. That is why the complexity in the classes is different: someone knows how to play as some dodger, and someone is a strong man.

By the way, about the strongmen: the knights in heavy armor and with two-handed swords still remained clumsy masses, but they are still strong in health and have lethal damage, which makes them formidable melee warriors. As for the magicians, who, as mentioned above, were given a mana scale and special cans, they are forced to keep constantly at a distance from the enemy and “shred” them with their fierce spells. In addition, the area of ​​spells is also very large, so each of you can customize the most suitable “build” and thereby build a convenient style of play.

Big and Ugly

Due to too little material and a small demo, which was arranged by the studio From Software itself, it is not known what the world will be like. It is not known whether it will be seamless or broken down into locations. The three levels that were demonstrated at the private screening of the game are directly related to each other, but they were very clearly limited, so it was possible to get from one part to another just with the help of the same fire.

By the way, each large location will now have three bonfires, which act as control points as usual, and in the final you will have to meet with a huge lord of fire. Whether these details will be retained for the release of the game is unknown. There is a version that these small details were specially implemented for journalists, the final Boss is not the final one. This can already be found out only after completing the game.

Since the theme of the game was changed, the fighting styles were introduced and a bunch of new things were introduced (the same flasks with mana), the ones from whom we all suffer throughout the game have changed – Bosses. In addition to the fact that they have become simply huge and more mobile, their behavior in battle has also changed. In Dark Souls 2, the tactics of fighting any huge Boss were basically the following: running around and pinpoint strikes. Everything has changed in Dark Souls 3. For example, no one was able to defeat the last Boss (a huge giant) even at the lowest difficulty level, and health flasks were not even saved in battle. The big guy just inflicted a bunch of random blows and knocked him out of a rut with his unpredictable behavior.

As for ordinary enemies, they will now be clearly divided into “meat” and “strong men” who are able to knock on the head. The first ones, as usual, can score only if they catch you by surprise, or are squeezed by the crowd, so any fan of the Souls series should look at them no matter what. As for the “strong guys”, then you have to tinker with them: circle around the finger, lure, break through shields, catch in some moments and provoke attacks, because of which they open up weak spots.

Otherwise, the enemies are the same: rotten, vile creatures that are able to make them “burn” because of ridiculous mistakes or jambs. I remember the peasants with two-handed people. They are found in the village with the dead. The main “trick” of these enemies is that they can knock you to the ground with their powerful blows, and then inflict a series of ordinary blows, which, as a rule, are sent back to the fire. Gape a little and go to the next world – it seems to me that this is just in the spirit of the series.


Miyazaki claims that Dark Souls 3 will be a turning point for the entire series, but what exactly that means is unknown. Maybe something related to the storyline? The plot of the series has always amazed and made you think about many things. Or maybe this is some kind of starting point related to the developing AI and in the future we will be able to meet a completely enemy? In any case, we will definitely not get answers to these questions soon, but for now, as usual, we will only have to watch videos, pictures and discuss the new part of our favorite series.

In any case, everything is fine now: a little tighter graphics, an improved combat system, new formidable enemies, old details from the first part and just a good plot structure. So far, Dark Souls 3 looks like the kind of game that was dreamed of even before the release of Dark Souls 2. Nevertheless, there is a minus – you want to play now, and the game is out in April!

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