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Control is a third person shooter game. The game is being created by the Finnish studio Remedy. The protagonist of the game is a girl who works for one of the secret agencies in New York. Stylistically, the game is closest to another Finnish project – Quantum Break. Let’s take a closer look at Control and try to understand whether Remedy has gone into self-copying or whether this game is really an individual and interesting project that deserves our attention and possibly even money.

Game creators

First, let’s talk a little about the game developers. Remedy Entertainment is a Finnish company that was founded back in 1995. The first game of the Finns is the Death Rally survival race, however, the company gained wide popularity after the creation of the first two parts of the Max Payne series. In addition to two games about an unfortunate policeman, the studio is also known for such good projects as Alan Wake – an atmospheric horror about a writer in a provincial town and already mentioned at the beginning of Quantum Break.

The game is published by 505 Games, a subsidiary of Digital Bros. SpA. The main office of 505 Games is located in Milan, and the company itself is known for publishing such large games as Assetto Corsa, Payday 2, Sniper Elite 3 and many others. In general, based on the experience and authority of both developers and publishers, we can say that the project should be good. At least he has all the ingredients for this.

Control preview

Development history

Back in the early summer of 2016, information appeared that Remedy is engaged in two different projects at once, which are in no way connected with their previous games.

Already at the end of 2016, the Finnish developers in one of the interviews stated that in addition to the CrossFire 2 game, they are engaged in the Project 7 game (its working name is Control). The description of the game was quite interesting, as the developers noted that it will be an open-world game where you can influence the course of the plot yourself. In the spring of 2017, it was reported that Remedy was planning to release Project 7, in addition to other consoles, and on PS4.

In May of the same year, Remedy announced that they had a contract with 505 Games, which is sponsoring the development of the project and will invest $ 8.5 million in it as the official publisher of Project 7.

Remedy’s finance report noted that Project 7 is a cinematic third-person shooter with a slated release in 2019. At the same time, the developers are directly actively involved in the creation of the game.

The official announcement of the game took place in early summer last year at the gaming exhibition E3 2018.

In July, the developers began to keep a video diary of their game Control. In the first video, the developers talked about the setting of the game and about the main character in the person of Jesse Fadens. In addition, the developers noted that the plot in the game will take place according to the canons of classic horror films: at first everything will be mysterious and mysterious, after that darkness and danger come, and in the final events will happen very quickly, and the gloom and danger will give way to horror.

Control preview


As mentioned above, the protagonist of the game is Jesse Fadens, who becomes the director of the FBK organization based in New York. The past head of the FBK mysteriously dies, and Jesse, as the head of the organization, will have to save the company and get involved in a dangerous confrontation that could cost her her life.

At the very beginning of the game, many characters are attacked by a mysterious alien force called Hiss. An alien substance makes ordinary people aggressive monsters, and those who do not become them quickly fall asleep. In addition, the Sizzlers can transform buildings and change their shape. The main character will need to prevent an alien invasion and rescue the surviving employees. The creators of the game noted that the key emphasis will be placed on the gameplay, however, this does not mean that the story here will be boring and banal: most likely the same mysterious organization FBK, where Jesse Fadens works, is somehow connected with an alien invasion and keeps a lot of secrets and mysteries.

Control preview

The developers also noted that the game has not only a main storyline, but also a variety of side missions. In addition, completing or not completing these buildings will greatly influence the main plot of the game and the events that take place in it.

The visual component of the game

From the trailers available, the Control looks pretty good. The game has good modern graphics, vivid effects that can be well observed during explosions and gunfights in battle. The game uses a modified Northlight engine. Of course, talking about graphics only based on a few game trailers is not very correct, but knowing Remedy’s past projects and seeing how the game looks at the moment, we can say that we can hardly expect problems in terms of graphics. Most likely, we will have the same colorful and bright project as the same Quantum Break. Therefore, lovers of the “good picture” need not worry.

Control preview

Game process

The similarity of Control with Quantum Break, which was mentioned at the beginning, is not at all casual. Both of these projects have very similar gameplay in the third-person shooter genre. The main character will have a number of special abilities that will need to be actively used in clashes with opponents “infected” by aliens. For example, Jesse will have a variety of paranormal skills, including: controlling objects from a distance, the ability to fly, create shields, push enemies, etc.

The world of the game is regularly modified. The developers decided to use a rather interesting technique for a variety of locations. The fact is that all the events of the game will take place in one building, however, due to the actions of an alien force, it will constantly change. Rooms will turn into corridors, floors will converge and diverge, and familiar rooms will change beyond recognition. In this regard, in order to advance in completing tasks, it will be necessary not only to eliminate enemies, but also to solve numerous puzzles along the way, learning the necessary information from the surviving heroes.

A key aspect of the game is the weaponry of the main character. Jesse has a rather unusual pistol, which is also capable of changing the environment around him and changing himself. According to the authors of the game, such a weapon helps Jesse to control the surrounding reality and adapt it to the necessary goals.

At the moment, there are several videos with a vision of the battles in the game. On them you can see that Jesse is actively using the environment in the fight against enemies, as well as his paranormal abilities (throwing objects, covering himself with shields and pushing enemies away). In addition, shooting from the protagonist’s unusual pistol was also shown, which looks very impressive.

Control preview


At the moment, Control looks pretty good, although very often there are similarities with the same Quantum Break, which is probably not very good. Based on the available trailers and information, we can say that Control looks pretty good, the game has beautiful locations, bright and colorful effects, beautiful colors and light. If we talk about the gameplay itself, the battles also look good, it is interesting that you can actively use the environment in battles (hide behind objects or, on the contrary, throw them at enemies), which makes battles in each room interesting and varied. In general, the game can tighten up gamers well thanks to its good visuals and interesting gameplay with various different mechanics. The idea of ​​an unusual pistol that changes the environment also looks rather unusual and I want to believe that the Finnish developers will open it up well and implement it in the game. In general, the project has every chance of success.

The game itself is due out in April this year on PC, Xbox One and PS4. I would like to believe that Control will be finalized for the release and the whole project will look no less interesting than its individual fragments now. After all, there are plenty of cases when the game after the release shows all the flaws and shortcomings that were not there or that were not shown earlier, so I really want to believe that the new Control game will definitely not be like that. In any case, everything will be known for sure closer to the release, so all that remains is to wait.

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