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The Monster Hunter series in Japan has always been something of a niche for Western players, not to mention CIS players. And yet, until the release of the first part of the series in 2004, there was nothing like this until then: a bunch of weapons, monsters and a conventionally open world. There was no plot, and the gameplay boiled down to the fact that it was necessary to search for animals, studying their habits and killing.

And thanks to the large number of goals, the tasks turned into a kind of tactical puzzle, because it was necessary to decide: which weapon is best to take, which potions are best prepared before the start of the battle, how is the best way to form a team and, in the end, how to best distribute the roles … Perhaps, even in the western video game market, everything would have turned out much better for the series, if only it had not been for one serious “BUT”: all subsequent parts of the series were released only for portable consoles and without English localization. Actually, after this serious mistake, Capcom buried this good streak of games for the rest of the world.

The hunt begins

Monster Hunter: World. Preview

Now, fourteen years have passed since the release of the first part of Monster Hunter, but conceptually the game has not moved far. So at its core, Monster Hunter: World is the same hunt for monsters, but more global, colorful and done with much more love for detail.

“An attempt to fly on such a bird can be fatal.”

In the demo version of the game, which lasted for 45 minutes, it was necessary to track down and then finish off another monster. The monster, in turn, was something like a Tyrannosaurus, but with red scales. After choosing a task, a special mark appears on the map, which indicates the last trail of the predator. Next, the “fireflies” are connected to the case – they are somewhat reminiscent of GPS navigation. In addition, they also need to be pumped. Soon, the excitement of the whole hunt attracts so much that over time you stop noticing the rest of the world, but nothing stops and everything goes on as usual. For example, smaller monsters come to the watering hole to drink water and nibble the herbs nearby, while a more bloodthirsty monster lurked nearby in the bushes. There are many similar situations that show a truly living world.

“The main thing to remember is that not all monsters in the game will behave aggressively, so you shouldn’t take out your weapon at the sight of any lizard.”

Fireflies, in turn, can lead both through windbreaks, rocks and gorges, and across the plain. There is no jump button in Monster Hunter: World, because the hero will automatically jump over all sorts of obstacles. On the one hand, this approach reduces control, but on the other hand, it makes navigation more convenient. And in general, it is worth noting that the complex control has not yet helped anyone in dynamic battles, when the outcome of the battle is decided in almost seconds. Especially when you need to quickly roll, climb and jump straight onto the monster. However, if you saddled a monster, then consider that half the job has already been done. Because, as a rule, it is the neck of the monsters that is most vulnerable.

“The scenery in Monster Hunter: World is really impressive.”

The situations in Monster Hunter: World will be very different. And the most important thing about them is that they cannot be scripted: monsters will run from one location to another, and battles can catch you anywhere. This is the main advantage of the game – in Monster Hunter it never happens that two identical fights meet. There will always be unique situations, there will always be new ways to win. So from most of the battles, the winner can come out due to ingenuity, and not pumped up armor and cool weapons.

Wild world

Monster Hunter: World. Costs buy?

By the way, the biggest innovation in Monster Hunter: World is connected with equipment: components for creation will now fall from monsters. So from now on, you won’t be able to just go to the store and buy yourself some top-of-the-line equipment – for a start, be so kind as to find the blueprints and the corresponding components.

As for potions, you still have to, following the classic mechanics, search for all kinds of roots and leaves, combining all this with red mushrooms, hoping for the best. But even potions fade into the background compared to food. Food is what really matters in Monster Hunter: World. Different types of food will increase various parameters, provide long-term beneficial effects, but you will have to cook in the camp and in advance. Something similar was implemented in Final Fantasy 15: you had to look for recipes, cook meat, and much more.

“In addition to helping with the hunt, fireflies also help with finding all sorts of items.”

And in Monster Hunter: World, the analogs of the classes – “Hunting Arts”, have disappeared. So all the strikes and unique skills will be tied to a specific weapon, which, by the way, is now much larger. Each weapon will have three to four combinations. Plus, during the battle, you can change weapons.

A huge seamless world with dynamic changes in weather and time of day will be set aside for hunting grounds. The mechanics of changing the weather and time of day will also directly affect the gameplay: at night in the rain, for example, you can find completely different monsters, and the behavior of those already familiar will change. And some quest monsters can only be found under certain conditions.

“Hunting by hunting, and lunch should be on schedule!”

In general, the ecosystem in Monster Hunter: World is alive in every sense of the word: while running away from the monster, you can run into the lair of other monsters and they will attack the predator, which will give time to take cover and recuperate. Devouring some healing herb, you can watch how the monsters fight each other or hunt each other. Besides, the final blow can be delivered to you.


Monster Hunter: World. Details of the game

“I recommend not to disdain to use the most vile methods. If there is an opportunity to lure a monster into a trap, then you shouldn’t think too long. Realize your plans sooner. ”

But, as usual, it’s much more fun to hunt with a company, and an online co-op for four players will help in this matter. In addition, there is a system for quickly calling a friend in the game. The function works simply: for example, if you are in a dangerous situation and you understand perfectly well that you will not be able to cope alone, call a friend. However, please note that there will be a limited number of them.


The authors of Monster Hunter: World also promise to closely tackle the content after the release of the game and add a huge number of interesting things that will keep interest in the game at the proper level for a long time. For example, weekly assignments that can be completed both alone and with a group of friends. And much more that they keep in deep secrecy. At the moment, Monster Hunter: World is an intriguing project that can give a lot of emotions and pleasure from hunting monsters.

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