Preview (Early Review) of the game Biomutant – “Hello, Rocket!”

It’s worth starting with the fact that the guys who once worked on the action movie Just Cause and the post-apocalyptic action game Mad Max are responsible for the creation of the game. And to continue with the fact that Biomutant is an Action RPG game. However, the new project from the studio Experiment 101 is a cross between the aforementioned two games.

Beast on its hind legs

Biomutant… Preview

“The developers have stated that the dialogues are built on the basis of previously made decisions.”

The main character is a biological mutant, as the title of the game actually says. So players will have to take on the skin of a fluffy creature that walks on its hind legs and resembles a mixture of a raccoon and a squirrel (or a fox and a squirrel).

At the very beginning of the passage, the game offers to create the main character in the character editor. The editor will clearly interest every lover of domestic animals, because in it it will be possible to determine the color of the fur, build up the belly, or even turn the animal into dystrophic. It will be possible to twist the ears into a tube, build up huge fangs. The most important thing in all this is that all the external details of the animal directly affect what the hero will be like.

In the course of character creation, every detail plays a huge role: a low animal or a tall one; nimble or strong; puny or stocky. All body details will affect the basic parameters: damage, health, and even speed. In addition, in Biomutant, the hero’s appearance can be modified by mutations or the environment.

Not a dog, but also faithful!

Biomutant… Overview

“And the game will also delight the narrator behind the scenes – the only character who will be endowed with articulate, clear speech. Throughout the passage, he will accompany his player, telling him the history of this world, not forgetting to comment on what is happening on the screen and even giving a couple of useful tips on how best to proceed. “

Other inhabitants of the game world will also be a cross between a wide variety of animals. You can even find those who are severely disfigured by life, or battered in some kind of battle. For example, throughout the game, the protagonist will be accompanied by a grasshopper with artificially inserted implants. The grasshopper will help in the course of the game: he will give useful advice, will send on some useful tasks and, as a couple, take part in the battle.

Protect karma from your youth

Biomutant… Description of the game

However, a key feature of Biomutant that the developers focus on is the Yin and Yang karma system. This means that any of your spoken words, decisions made and any committed deeds, one way or another, will affect the overall karma counter, determining what the main character is closer to: to light or darkness. To finally determine who he really is? A hero or maybe an antihero?

Of course, it will not do without neutral remarks. Nevertheless, if you are disappointed in the decision you have made, you can go the other way by rebooting, changing the replica – this is what the developers themselves recommend to do. But if it is clear with evil and good deeds / decisions (it is clear where they will lead – to a good or bad ending), then what will happen in the end if you try to stay neutral is still unknown.

“The main antagonist in the game is a certain Wolf. He, too, is a mutant, but so far nothing is known about him. And even what he looks like. ”

In addition, with the help of the karma system, the main character will have to build relationships with local tribes of the same smart animals. At the moment, it is known that during the passage of the game it will be possible to join one of the six available tribes. Moreover, 3 tribes – signify good, the other three – evil. Each of the six tribes will have their own leader, with their own level of karma. Therefore, each such leader will have to find a special approach. To destroy these tribes, or to unite – it’s up to you. The goal of the game is to save the “Tree of Life” from death, or to destroy it. In addition, it is known that the game will have as many as ten possible endings. The authors also noted that at walkthrough Biomutant it will take from 10 to 60 hours – it all depends solely on the style of passing and the degree of activity in the course of exploring the world of the game.

The world

Biomutant… Reviews

“The game will not do without trophies and equipment with characteristics. Besides, clothes will play an important role, for example, in some snowy location it is better to wear warm clothes. ”

The events and actions of the game take place in an open world among all kinds of jungles, wastelands, islands and mountains. The forests will be varied: from palms and firs to typical tropical vegetation. From time to time, the main character with his faithful companion will be thrown into the polar cold, scorched deserts, cities and even bunkers. Moreover, in addition to the fact that you can move on your own two, you can also use all sorts of equipment: jet skis, gliders, balloons. It will even be possible to use exoskeletons, wooden wings and jet engines.

Stylistically, the game sometimes resembles either post-apocalypse or steampunk. Sometimes stylistically the game takes something even from oriental motives. The developers also call their game “Kung Fu fairy tale”, because it is just as bright and colorful. And thanks to the “Unreal Engine 4”, the game looks colorful in graphic terms, so there really is a feeling of some kind of fabulousness.

“Post-apocalyptic jet skis are great for water racing.”

Nevertheless, many graphic details are associated with the post-apocalypse: a strange poisonous oily liquid splashes out from everywhere from under the ground, and no less strange spots are spilled around, which the main character should avoid, since they kill all living things. However, it is because of this that the Tree of Life begins to wither away, which will play a key role in the Biomutant storyline.

Game process

Biomutant Review

The gameplay is fully consistent with the declared genre of the game. Therefore, the action is succinctly combined with traditional and classic RPG elements. So the game will have many familiar elements: pumping the protagonist, completing tasks, creating weapons and other various equipment, exploring the world around in search of valuable things and, of course, making important decisions that, in one way or another, affect karma.

“In the course of the passage, you will definitely meet the cutest creatures in the game – Nono. They will help heal the Tree of Life and other dead plants. ”

Mutations are part of the gameplay

Biomutant Reviews

Combat system in Biomutant – not the most cunning. However, it includes all the usual mechanics: combinations of melee attacks, shooting from firearms, rolls and dodges. In general, the combat system tries to match the elements of real-life martial arts. As a rule, this is kung fu.

Of course, there will be enemies who are invulnerable to ranged attacks until they break some shield in melee. Shields can have different variations, for example, huge opponents resembling orcs use clubs as shields. Therefore, until the main character breaks this piece of log into small pieces of wood, it will not be possible to defeat the thug. Thanks to the demo version of the game, we were able to evaluate the slow-mo inserts, which dilute the gameplay quite well.

“From time to time you have to climb into gloomy bunkers, inside which the most dangerous mutated beetles live.”

Combo attacks include the typical dash, jump, and other familiar slasher elements. Nevertheless, it is not this that is important in the combat system, but mutations. Mutations are a key feature of the combat system in Biomutant. Thanks to mutations, you can change the hero, add some unique abilities to him, but keep in mind that along with this, the hero changes physically. For example, a furry animal can grow huge claws, or, at least, a deadly spiky tail, and strong exposure to radiation can lead to the development of levitation or telekinesis. At the moment, the developers say that there will be about 40 available mutations in the game, but at the same time it will be possible to use only 4. With the help of mutations, you can teach the animal to shoot “Ki Flashes” (they are also lightning), you can teach it to throw fireballs or even turn enemies into ice blocks.

As for the skills that can be obtained with the help of radiation, then everything is not so simple with them. You can’t just take and get, for example, telekinesis by pumping. To do this, you have to find some kind of puddle of radiation. In the demo version, the main character went down to the bunker, where there was underground radiation, with the help of which the animal will receive psionic abilities. In the demo version, they did not show the exact process of obtaining skills of this kind, but for that they clearly showed how the hero learned to release a swarm of moths from his mouth, disorienting all enemies, thereby forcing them to attack each other.

“The game world in Biomutant will not be colossally large, but it will have many different intricacies, transitions and nooks.”

There are also more curious mutations. For example, the hero can learn to grow huge mushrooms with hats that you can jump on like trampolines. This skill is useful, as you might guess, in those situations when you need to get to some ledge, which is located quite high.

There is enough action in Biomutant, it is played very cheerfully, thanks to a large number of combinations. The game is not such that you can simply take the enemy and “spam” it with the same blows. No bosses walkthrough Biomutant will not do either, so each of them will need to look for their own special approach. In addition, thanks to mutations, the tactical elements of battles give a huge scope for imagination.

Made – by paws

Game description Biomutant

“Crafting is an essential part of the game. What role-playing game can do without a sword that is twice the size of the main character? ”

Little is known about crafting at this point. Nevertheless, it is known that it will be possible to create all sorts of weapons and modify them in every possible way with the help of everything that comes to hand. Weapons and equipment can also be combined with combat styles in every possible way, thereby adapting to certain situations. In addition, it will be possible to create ice, fire, electric and even radioactive cartridges of varying degrees of power. In this regard, the enemies in the game may be invulnerable to fire, so you will have to use ice cartridges, etc.


Finally, it is worth adding that even the presented demo version from the developers was not only translated into Russian, but, in addition to everything, was also voiced accordingly. Agree that nowadays this is not often seen even before the release. At the Experiment 101 studio, so to speak, they decided not to reinvent the wheel, but simply to work with completely familiar mechanics, simply screwing new wheels to the main structure. An interesting setting, a unique combat system, which is tied to mutations, various combinations and the good old choice between “Good” and “Evil” – at least for these reasons, it is worth waiting for the release of the game. Biomutant is an ambitious project that will definitely find its audience.

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