Preview (Early Review) of the game Ghost of a Tale – “A Mouse Story”

Each of us in childhood loved to listen to interesting and fascinating fairy tales in which the main character of the story saves his beloved, after which they live happily ever after. Recently, games with a similar plot and fabulous setting are incredibly few. And there are far fewer high-quality games. But this is definitely not about the game Ghost of a Tale from the little-known indie studio SeithCG.

Ghost of a Tale is a stealth action game for all popular platforms (PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC). At the moment, the project is at the early access stage of development, so the team has a great opportunity to look at the game before the release.

Rodent world

► “This is, in fact, the main character. A small but incredibly brave minstrel mouse. “

The main character is the minstrel mouse Tilo. The mouse lives in a world where cruel and treacherous rats rule everything. And, unfortunately, the little mouse ended up in jail. Now Tilo does not know where he is, and even more so where his beloved wife is. Actually, this is the main plot of the plot of Ghost of a Tale.

During the passage of the game every now and then will throw up a variety of records in the form of books, notes and notes. They will help to remember the hero’s past and give an assessment of the whole situation in the country. In addition, the personal history of Tilo and his wife (Merra) is presented in an interesting way. So, for example, each red rose found by the hero adds a new page to the book of memories.

Fortunately for a smart hero, even being in captivity, there is an opportunity to find true friends. Although not all the characters you meet can be called a friend. In any case, one way or another, in the course of his adventures, Tilo will meet multifaceted characters. Each of the characters will have their own destiny, motives and goals that are not always clear. Trust them or not; cooperate or run – it’s up to you.

► “Ghost of a Tale features incredibly beautiful landscapes, so saving your beloved will not only be an exciting adventure, but also incredibly mesmerizing.”

Due to the fact that Ghost of a Tale is in early access, you can only go through a small plot piece, so it is impossible to say for certain how the story will develop further, however, this is encouraging, because the storyline is not as predictable as expected. Besides, Ghost of a Tale walkthrough it turned out so unusual that there were hints of the variability in the development of history, and this is undoubtedly pleasing. The decisions and actions made, one way or another, affect the future of the brave mouse, so it remains to be hoped that the developers will not remove anything for release, but will only refine the fairy tale.

Prowling rats

And until a full-fledged jailbreak is implemented, you have to be as careful as possible. The main danger is the jailer rats. And incredibly evil. However, the good news is that they are just as stupid. If you secretly move and hide in time, then these rats will never find a small rodent in their lives. In the end, the mouse moves much faster than normal rats, so even running away from under the nose will not be difficult.

► “A pretty friendly rat to get to know.”

However, to move quickly, you have to eat a lot. Here and there the main character will stumble upon carrots, apples, millet and other food that rodents like so much. The bottom line is that in Ghost of a Tale, health and stamina are the same thing. Only here endurance is restored after a certain amount of time, but health will have to be replenished on its own.

The main character does not know how to fight, especially with rats, so you have to move constantly secretly. But this does not prevent in any way from deceiving them. There will be many things in the minstrel’s arsenal that can be used as a distraction. So, for example, a mouse can use sticks, bottles, cans of oil and other things.

Mouse and a thousand faces

► “In Ghost of a Tale, even the view window will be different, therefore, looking out of the barrel, the view will be in the form of a circle, and looking out of the bedside table, the view will be in the form of a small slit.”

Ghost of a Tale perfectly combines stealth action and RPG components. As I mentioned above, you can collect a variety of items. In addition to food, sticks and bottles, it will be possible to take clothes. As for heavy objects, they can be used not only to distract attention, but also to activate some mechanism.

Nevertheless, I would like to dwell on clothes in a little more detail. The main character knows how to dress up, so he can wear stylish boots, elegant hats and more. Things are remarkable in that they will affect not only the characteristics of the hero, but also the dialogues, the attitude of other characters towards him. And you will have to chat with them quite often, begging for some interesting tasks and getting valuable information in return.

► “Stupid rats, again take the brave mouse for” their own “when he put on their armor.”

All pieces of things will be scattered throughout the rat world. You can dress up as a pirate, thief or even a guard. It all depends only on what exactly you want to achieve in this game. If you collect a complete set of any equipment, then certain characters begin to relate to the mouse better. So if you want to fool someone, use the equipment. The only problem is that if at least some piece of equipment is missing, the main character will be exposed.

Rodent tongue

► “Once at the top of the tallest tower, you feel complete freedom!”

The dialogues in Ghost of a Tale are fully interactive, which makes it possible to independently choose the phrases that the protagonist has to say. In dialogues, more than once it will be possible to hear some witty joke from the characters, which will undoubtedly please.

New and necessary information can be obtained not only thanks to NPCs, but also thanks to books, records – in general, there is a lot of text in Ghost of a Tale. The only trouble is that at the moment the game is only localized into English. Therefore, it remains to be hoped that the release will appear Russian version of Ghost of a Talebecause even download crack for the game Ghost of a Tale at the moment there is nowhere.

► “This is, in fact, what the mouse’s inventory looks like. All items will be stored in it, and plus everything, it will be possible to look at the characteristics of things by choosing the appropriate equipment. ”

The game is not devoid of puzzles – there are enough of them, it should be noted separately, but most of them do not cause serious problems. Usually, solving all puzzles in Ghost of a Tale belongs to the category “throw a stick into the lever and the bridge will fall”, or “climb on a chair and take the key to open this or that door.” And yet, let solving riddles in Ghost of a Tale looks simple, enemies can make it difficult. If the enemy notices the main character, then he will chase him for a long time. Based on this, it is still better to save in the game as often as possible, even if there are autosaves. It is especially best to save before dialogues. But in order to survive, you have to find a safe place so that no one can see the mouse.

A big world for a little mouse

► “It will not be calm in the dungeons either, however, as elsewhere.”

And don’t think that the prison in Ghost of a Tale is just gray, damp stone and monotonous corridors. The game features a huge island. Therefore, the main character will have to go through old chambers, descend more than once into flooded dungeons to dangerous leeches, climb high towers, wade through ruins and much more. All in all a fabulous adventure.

In addition, another pleasant feature will be how the game still takes care of time. From edge to edge of this seamless world, it would seem that you have to run and run, but over time, in the course of the passage, the game opens up new secret passages that noticeably shorten the path. And so the next time players will not have to wade through crowds of rats again to get to the place where you have already been.


Graphically, Ghost of a Tale is on a high level. The animation is cute. Artistic style – made with a special taste. History is just a fairy tale. Therefore, the only thing that can upset, unfortunately, is that the game is still in English. Nevertheless, everyone will have to wait for the release, and if you add that the developers have promised to add Russian to it, the picture changes noticeably and looks much more pleasant. There is no voice acting in the game, but the developers compensate for this with wonderful soundtrack and music.

The disadvantages include only not the best optimization and the presence of some bugs. Enemies sometimes get stuck in textures, the number of frames per second sags when moving to a new area. And yet, bugs in the game are not common. And by the final version of the game, everything will definitely be corrected, because the game will definitely succeed. It will appeal not only to adults, but also to children. The main thing is that the story remains the same consistent and interesting.

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