Preview (Early Review) of Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus – Heroes Don’t Die

I’m sure many knew deep down in their hearts that old BJ Blaskowitz was alive. After all, what is to him some kind of ripped stomach and a nuclear bomb? This man scrambled out of the most hopeless troubles on his last hitpoint, after which he gorged himself with food from dog bowls and again rushed into the scorching heat to further crush the skulls of the hated Nazis.

American dream

► “The game has a good play of contrasts – gloomy Nazis in their harsh form and a bright sunny city.”

In the Machine Games studio (the authors of the restart of Wolfenstein), simply titanic work was done on humanizing BJ. Before the release of Wolfenstein: The New Order, the hero was perceived simply as a kind of killing machine, which carries with it a machine gun and a huge bag of fascist gold.

In Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus, it turned out that the main character is not bloodthirsty and cruel – he just has one cherished dream. A banal American dream that includes a house with a beautiful backyard, a garden, a barbecue, a wife, children and, of course, a beloved dog. Therefore, the Nazis are simply on the way to his noticeable dream.

So the main character has no choice but to take up arms and shoot, kill, twist necks and blow up enemy equipment with missiles, because in the world where the German invaders won the victory, there is no place for his sweet dream. Therefore, it is better to at least try to change the world, rather than watch how it is inhumanely destroyed.

We lost the battle, but not the war!

The demo version, which the “GameAwards” team managed to play, began with the fact that the main character wakes up in an unknown hospital. What happened and how the blonde managed to survive is unknown. The game started exactly 15 minutes after the start of the game. Blasco is lying in a hospital bed with properly treated wounds and a urination tube in his abdomen due to damage to his kidneys. Soon in the hospital, which is not surprising, the Nazis appear and once again try to kill the protagonist until he is able to resist them.

However, the hero is not so easy, so he once again takes up arms, sits (attention!) In a wheelchair and, right on the wheels of a wheelchair, begins to make his way to his cherished dream through the mountains of Nazi corpses.

Of course, further fragments follow, in which Blasco is already alive and completely healthy, merrily running on his two legs, killing the invaders one after the other. However, this walkthrough Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus it was noteworthy that he could not walk and therefore it had a great effect on the gameplay: you either had to push the chair and spend extra time to grab a weapon, or slowly control one hand and thus be on full alert.

► “The second part will tell the story of how the main character, after a five-month coma, fights against the Nazis in America.”

Ladders, steps, etc. are not available. I had to look for other workarounds. In addition, microwave traps were placed everywhere, which immediately give out a weak vibration of the air or a glow. So if you enter such a zone, the protagonist is instantly torn to pieces. For that if you drive the fascists there, then they will tear them to pieces.

So in general, the Prologue in Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus turned out to be dark and rather inventive. Exactly what it should be after the previous works from the MachineGames studio. However, this is only a background story, so some questions remain open. For example, how did BJ get on his feet? How did he get out of the captured submarine and where, in the end, did he go next? To the shores of Europe, or maybe immediately release the United States?

Riding a wheelchair

► “Machine Games has always tried to show moderate blood and harshness so that it doesn’t look like overkill.”

And even though the demo version was small, nevertheless, the developers introduced a lot of new game mechanics, so we can only guess what the authors are going to surprise next. Even the first part was not scolded for monotony, although the situation here is rather similar to the one in which the Uncharted series was. As delightful as the first part is, the second can bypass it as if it were standing.

For example, we were pleasantly surprised by the strange and incomprehensible, but to what an interesting technology, which made a kind of battleship out of the main character: in this form, the main character is not afraid of a single bullet. Therefore, it becomes interesting how exactly this mechanic affects the gameplay. Will the players have to run up the walls and jump on the jet thrust?

At the beginning of the passage, the hero will have access to only one type of weapon (excluding grenades), a submachine gun, but even judging by this passage, there is plenty of action in Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. The weapon makes good sounds, the recoil is appropriate (powerful), which makes shooting only more interesting.

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus looks just gorgeous too. Let the game had to spend no more than half an hour, and all the actions took place on a submarine, nevertheless, the scenery never seemed boring. Separately, I would like to note the design of the characters, their form and weapons. In addition, the bet on retro-futurism, which was made in the previous games of the series, continues to justify itself: you literally stare at every character that appears on the screen.

With an ax on the head!

► “Visual design is still one of the most important advantages of the series.”

The idea of ​​killing enemies with two cannons is moving forward. This time, the mechanics went further and the killing system progressed: from now on, you can hold in your hands anything and in any combinations. It is known that two new weapons have been added to the list of weapons: the first weapon – “Lasercraftwerk”, with which the Nazis can be atomized; the second weapon – “Dieselkraftwerk”, releases a rocket projectile in close combat.

In addition, the main character will acquire a much more brutal weapon – an ax! Such melee weapons and helmets will not care. All new weapons are designed to not only kill standard enemies, but also new ones. During the demonstration of the game, the authors have repeatedly emphasized that they have gone quite far with their imagination.

New colorful characters

► “On the right side is the daughter of the unbalanced Irene Engel, whom she hates for being overweight – so to speak, spoils the image of true Aryans.”

The new characters in Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus are interesting in themselves. Moreover, both new and well-known. The insane fascist Frau Engel and her daughter Sigrun look especially bright against the background of everyone else. The first lady is an absolute and complete psychopath, devoted to the Reich with everything she can. The second is an incredibly quiet, curvy young girl who is forced to take part in all the atrocities of her mother, who also constantly humiliates her in front of everyone, regularly calls her vile words and adds, they say, she (daughter) “dishonors her race and surname.”

That is why it will be interesting to look at the new characters, because it is curious how they will reveal themselves during the game, because there is already a version that Sigrun will play an important role in the storyline of Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus and will surprise not only the players, but also absolutely his mother who is sick all over her head.

In the end, the game has an extremely interesting setting. After all, if in the last part of the event unfolded in the vastness of Europe, now the players will definitely sooner or later go to America, the fate of which was still unknown.

► “Due to the fact that Frau Engel does not spare herself or her subordinates, or even her own daughter, it is likely that this will come to her side more than once.”

Technical implementation

To the credit of the guys from the Machine Games studio, it is also worth adding that their programmers turn to “you” with the “id Tech” engine, which means that the players will really get a beautiful picture. Therefore, where id Software itself cannot cope, the programmers from Machine Games will cope.

Plus, it seems that the developers have already done something really outstanding in advance, but they just slowly decided to demonstrate all the improvements of their new game. So to say something bad about the technical and graphical implementation of Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus is still impossible. After all, technology also progresses only gradually, and not immediately. But this time at least it is clear that the new game in the series will miss the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


Against the general background, Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus looks like a worthy successor to Wolfenstein: The New Order. If the game remains as inventive, varied and well-developed to the end, then it will be a real gift for all fans of the series. After all, the series has always been famous for its dynamics and various action games, where there is room for incredible adventures and interesting characters. In the end, unlike other projects, the wait is not long – the release date for Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus is set for October 27 this year.

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