Preview (First details) of the game Beyond Good & Evil 2 – “Bold continuation of the cult game”

Back in 2003, the video game industry got an excellent arcade game, which was called Beyond Good & Evil. However, unfortunately, despite the fact that the new project was warmly received by the press, the project did not achieve financial success. It is for this reason that the planned release of an entire trilogy in the universe of the game Beyond Good & Evil 2 had to be postponed to the shelf indefinitely. In a frozen state, the project remained until the moment when Ubisoft finally decided and announced the second part. Apparently, in order not to turn into the same conveyor company as the company Electronic Arts.

At the exhibition E3 2018, Ubisoft presented a new stunning trailer for the game Beyond Good & Evil 2. Of course, the trailer was a pleasant surprise to everyone. Few believed that this exhibition would please with new details. After all, Beyond Good & Evil 2 is a semi-miffic long-term construction from Michel Ansel.

And if at the E3 2017 exhibition everyone was worried about why Ancel only now reached out to the leadership of Ubisoft that he was given the green light to develop a sequel, now many are concerned about a completely different question: where the hell did Jade come from, if the second part is considered a prequel? After all, in theory, she was not even born yet. But it’s best to start with a backstory.

History of the Space Zoo

Beyond Good & Evil 2. Release date

“Maybe Beyond Good & Evil 2 is a long-term construction, but the main thing is that the project did not fall into production hell, after which the project was closed.”

It is worth starting with the fact that the first live video with the gameplay of the developers showed that year. But in 2018, the authors decided to bring just an extended presentation to talk about Beyond Good & Evil 2 in a little more detail. As you know, despite the number “2” in the title of the second part, the events of the continuation unfold long before the events that took place in the original game.

According to the history of this world, the region of space in which the storyline of the game unfolds was long ago colonized not only by people, but also by hybrids. Hybrids are humanoid animals. And it can be sharks, pigs, monkeys, rhinos and many other species. When they settled in a new, seemingly cozy place, it turned out that all the settlers had lost the ability to have children. However, instead of leaving this troubled sector of the galaxy, they still decided to stay and began to multiply by cloning. By the way, it is for this reason that absolutely all the characters you will meet in the game are actually clones. All clones belong to one of many genetic lineages, so don’t be surprised.

“There are all sorts of hybrids in Beyond Good & Evil 2.”

And almost every such genetic line in Beyond Good & Evil 2 has its own clear purpose, which was prescribed long before birth. For example, hybrid monkeys by default refer to miners. At the same time, most of the hybrids are in slavery to humans. But those who are not ready to put up with such a difficult fate, can try to escape and join the space pirates who are fighting with the cruel system of this unusual corner of space. And one of these pirates will have to be played.

“Beyond Good & Evil 2 has a very cool visual style. In part, it resembles some kind of cartoon. Something like a hand-drawn sci-fi.”

Over the past two years, the officials of the game Beyond Good & Evil 2 have already become quite specific characters. More precisely, a whole team of space pirates who appeared in the most beautiful trailers of the game from Ubisoft. But, as it turned out, none of them will become the main character or even the heroine. According to the plot, it turns out that these are legendary pirates who disappeared during the search for a mysterious space artifact. So you have to play for the character that you create yourself. You will have to understand the fate of the missing pirates and the nature of an unknown artifact. But the main character of the first part of Jade in the prequel, apparently, will be the main antagonist. The developers said that they want to reveal the story of the girl, ranging from a ruthless hunter to a photojournalist who manages an orphanage.


Beyond Good & Evil 2. Trailer

“Soma is a satellite of the huge planet Diaus. And since the Soma is in a synchronous orbit, one side is turned towards the planet, but the other is facing the direction of outer space. It just looks incredible.”

Last year’s trailer showed how Dakini, the captain of space pirates, went in search of the mysterious portal Moksha, which is hidden in the depths of the galaxy. There are a lot of legends about Moksha in the Beyond Good & Evil universe, but one of them says that the portal will have to lead all hybrids to some “promised land”, where they will finally be free. The only problem is that during the task, Dakini disappears without a trace, so no one else can find her.

“In the first part, the action took place in a city on a regular planet, and in Beyond Good & Evil 2, the arena for the game will be entire star systems. Each system will have its own planets that can be explored.”

At the next E3 exhibition, which took place this year, we now learn that Shani, who previously helped to get the carrier with the coordinates for that missing expedition, is now the captain of Gada’s ship. The main goal has not changed – the team is still trying to find Moksha. And now the trailer shows how the legendary team calmly explores the far corners of space far beyond System-3. And somewhere at this point in the chronological interval, the same dizzying chase begins, which unfolds over the surface of some icy planet from a brand new trailer. And at the end of the chase, an incredible and unexpected encounter with the most evil enemy – Jade.


Based on all the above details, the player who will become the captain of space pirates, you need to reveal the mystery of the disappearance of the “Legendary Expedition” (as it is called in the game) and Dakini. At the same time, as mentioned above, find out what is on the other side of the Moksha Gate. Apparently, according to the plot, the character will still get to the cherished goal and he will even have to go further.

The authors promise that they will tell much more details that will answer the most important questions in the history of this game universe. For example, to the question, how did the first expedition manage to leave the Earth? Or how did she manage to discover System-3? And to the question, why did the colonists, after all, turn out to be disembodied? After all, everyone knows that the only way to survive is to clone yourself and hybrids.

Character creation

Beyond Good & Evil 2. Gameplay

“The developers claim that the characters that are found in the game will treat your character differently. It’s going to depend on the type and gender.”

By the way, as for the “creation” of the character – this is not a reservation. The authors separately decided to talk about the fact that in Beyond Good & Evil 2 will now appear a character editor. A large number of hybrids will be given a choice. And the matter applies not only to monkeys, pigs and rhinos, but also to people. No one forbids playing as a person.

In addition, you can customize and customize a lot in the game: you can choose your own set of skills, you can change the equipment of your fighter, you can decorate it in every possible way and much more. True, if everything is clear with the skills and means of transportation in the game, then the developers did not give an answer to the question of how exactly the genetic line will affect the choice. And the created character, as it became known, in any case will be a rebel (pirate), even if you choose a person.

Combat system

Beyond Good & Evil 2 on pc

“The authors apparently understood that their combat system was still too crude to demonstrate, so they quickly switched to another topic – to demonstrate the level of simulation of the world, to which they are striving with all their might.”

The closed demo of Beyond Good & Evil 2 gameplay at E3 2018 was quite interesting. Two characters, created by the developers, found themselves in the dark tunnels of an unknown abandoned temple. This place was equipped with a laboratory, which allowed you to calmly conduct experiments on hybrid monkeys. Scientists of this place, it turns out, are in a cult called “Chimera”. Members of this cult have dedicated their lives to scientific villainous research. In the same place, the developers found “spare parts” for hybrids, which the local government simply throws away, because why repair something that is easier to replace.

While the characters were looking around, representatives of the studio who were responsible for the demonstration assured the audience that the cooperative mode of Beyond Good & Evil 2 is not a restriction that makes players walk behind each other with their tails. You can always split up and do other things. Someone can go looking for all sorts of useful items, and someone can knock the crap out of enemies.

Throughout the presentation, the press was never allowed to touch the gamepads. It is for this reason that it is difficult to say what the combat system “tastes” like. It’s very hard to say how it feels. Visually, the combat system in Beyond Good & Evil 2 is arcade. In cramped locations, for example, in the corridors, the bet is mainly on close combat: a sword plus an energy shield.

“To move faster around the city will help a glove-hook and a jetpack.”

And in particularly tense or “hot” moments, you can use the amplification. At the presentation, only “paralysis” and “slowing down” were shown. The meaning of these cool skills is simple: slowing down activates the slo-mo around a certain enemy (a kind of shining dome appears), and paralysis, as expected, immobilizes the enemy. And all the power-ups can either be found during the passage, or simply buy from merchants.

But visually, the combat system looks damp. However, Ubisoft did not even hide this. This is especially noticeable during fights. It becomes clear that the developers on the combat system still have to work and work. Of course, everything looks attractive, unusual and interesting, but at the same time it is still inexpressive. The animation is terribly clunky. Blows – visually not felt. In general, all the battles looked as if the heroes were awkwardly hammering the air, and not living enemies.

By the way, there will be something in the game that looks more like a camera for exploring the terrain from the first part of the series – a new high-tech device called “Spyglass”. The device works simply: after scanning the enemy, the camera gives information about power-ups, weapons and other useful things that contribute to the creation of a strategy. Although it will be possible to scan not only enemies, but even, for example, freed hostages. By the way, it will be easier to decide whether to accept a newcomer to your team or not (a couple who plays co-op can be joined by a partner who will be controlled by AI).

“Beyond Good & Evil 2 Gameplay with E3 2017”.

Planet Soma

Beyond Good & Evil 2. System Requirements

“In the city sometimes there are even tourists with cameras. As a rule, all tourists stare at some unusual futuristic Indian statue, but they can be understood. Such architecture looks, at least, original and unusual. “

After the heroes at the presentation cleaned up the laboratory with sectarian scientists, they got out. Journalists were presented with a huge city called “Ganeshi” in all its glory. The city is a multi-tiered polis. Ganesha’s design is a mixture of Indian and futuristic architecture. At the same time, there are references to the architecture of the East. If you believe the mythology of the game, when the first space expedition stumbled upon Soma, the surface of this planet reminded the settlers of the land of India on planet Earth. So as a result, far from Earth, somewhere a certain “New India” was born. By the way, the city is named after the benevolent Indian deity – Ganesha. A distinctive external feature of this god is the head of an elephant.

The planet Soma has a unique ecosystem: one side is bombarded by constantly falling meteorites, thereby forming a large number of craters, and the other side is distinguished by its rich flora and fauna (with forests and deserts). Because of this, by the way, people began to exploit hybrids much worse, sending them to extract precious minerals in places where meteorites fall. To certain death, while promising release in exchange for rare materials.

“There will be a dynamic change of time of day in the game. And the city will evolve and grow as you progress through the game.”

And this resulted in even greater social tensions. Stratification in society began. The lower part of the city is a slum or just a local ghetto, where hybrids live in the most disgusting conditions. The upper tiers belong to people. Moreover, the higher the level of height, the richer the inhabitants and the more luxurious the environment looks. This is especially noticeable in expensive shops, temples, giant statues with neon pendants, holograms and huge paintings applied to the surface of the walls. Developers will even be happy to accept works from fans. The works will be selected in close cooperation with the company “HitRecord”. And those works that will pass the selection will be paid, and the names of the authors will be forever immortalized in the credits.

As for the city again, it is a completely seamless location. The authors give you the opportunity to move wherever you want. It is not necessary to follow a certain route: any point can be completely bypassed. The developers promise that there will be a bunch of different equipment at their disposal. Although so far In Beyond Good & Evil 2 demonstrated only a hoverbike (air motorcycle) and mentioned the fighter.

“It is known that in Beyond Good & Evil 2 there will be a radio station “Radio Cheetah”. Some of the songs, as well as some in-game art, will be created with the participation of fans of the series in accordance with the agreements with the studio HitRecord. “

At the same time, the authors remind that it is also necessary to move along the storyline, because Beyond Good & Evil 2 is primarily a game that is focused on the plot. Throughout the presentation, Ubisoft representatives repeatedly reminded about this. To advance through the plot, you need to take tasks from characters in different parts of the city. Such a system of passage will be familiar to any player who has played GTA at least once: the characters important for the plot are immortal and they are always in the same places. And it will be possible to pass the tasks in absolutely any order.

Not without additional tasks aimed at exploring every noc and cun of the city. The previously mentioned device “Spyglass” is also useful for ordinary walks on the street. Thanks to him, it will be possible to get useful information: from information about the characters, ending with information about the city. You can even scan a bank to rob it or scan a police station in order to pull pirates out of prison and thereby strengthen your team.


Beyond Good & Evil 2 E3 2018

“A spacecraft that serves as a home can be abandoned at any convenient moment and at any point in space. Thanks to the spacesuit with a force field and a jetpack, the character will not die. “

The main base of the player is a huge ship hovering two hundred kilometers above the surface of the planet. The spacecraft will also serve as a den and garage for slightly smaller vehicles. After the tasks, you will have to return to the ship, pump it in every possible way, bring useful hybrids with different specialties (from cook to electricians) to it, and, finally, thanks to this ship, it will be possible to travel from planet to planet.

At the moment, the developers are faced with the task of creating a seamless world where there will not be a single loading screen. They want to make sure that players do not feel the transition between different stages of the gameplay and perceive everything that happens on the screen as a whole.

“The ambitions and plans of the developers are huge, but the main thing is that you do not have to leave the game after a few hours, because in a huge universe there is nothing to do.”

However, the space part of Beyond Good & Evil 2 was the most stingy. Apparently, again, the dampness of the project affects. Although the plans for this game are really grandiose. If only because the authors want to give players the opportunity to land on all planets and satellites that will only come across during the passage. By the way, these are just hundreds of cosmic bodies.

The last thing that was shown was a galactic periscope. In fact, “Galaxy Viewer” is just a crafted map that makes it possible to study the planets and Soma itself. It marks places that you have already visited. It will also be possible to zoom in for a full overview of the entire system.

The Bottom Line

The fate of Beyond Good & Evil 2 depends on how saturated the world will be. So far, any demonstration of the game resembles the story of the failed release of the game No Man’s Sky. The story is exactly the same: a huge number of promises, a demonstration of possibilities, beautiful excerpts from the gameplay. In fact, it turned out to be a whole lifeless universe, where there is nothing to do. Purely on the surface, the game looks amazing at the moment. All the details of the gameplay, the storyline, the graphics – all this makes the best impression. So the announcement of Beyond Good & Evil 2 and the first details were really successful, so now it’s only a matter of implementation. After all, at the moment there is not even an approximate release date for the project. Therefore, it is quite possible that it is not worth waiting for the game before 2020, and at E3 2019 there will again be a closed show of gameplay, but with the opportunity to play a little.

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