Preview for the game Resident Evil: Resistance – Striking while the iron is hot

The famous Resident Evil franchise has both single-player games and projects with an emphasis on co-op and even multiplayer. Alas, the level of the latter (Outbreak is an exception here) at times could even be called average with a big stretch: Operation Raccoon City and Umbrella Corps are completely pass-through games that greatly spoiled the mood of many fans of the series at one time.

However, in September 2019, Capcom unexpectedly announced a new game – Resident Evil: Resistance (originally Project Resistance), which is a team shooter for 4 players. There is already a lot of information about this project, and videos with the game are in full swing on the network. Looking ahead, we have the same average person who has no chance of even getting close to the single games of the series.

preview of Resident Evil: Resistance

Resident Evil: Resistance game preview

We strike while the iron is hot

Looking at the game, one gets the impression that we have nothing more than a multiplayer for Resident Evil 2 Remake, which for some reason was removed from the original game and decided to sell as a separate game. Management, monsters, textures and inventory – everything is exactly copied from the remake of part 2. One gets the impression that the developers just want to make more money by giving us the online mode to play as a full-fledged project.

Resident Evil: Resistance gives us the opportunity to try on two roles: the executioner and the victim. Victims must successfully pass the location without dying, but the executioner just should not let them survive. One game is divided into three rounds, in each of which you need to go through one zone by completing the required task. The tasks are quite simple and represent the search for certain items. The key mechanism of the gameplay is the time that is given to complete the zone. It is strictly limited and you can either increase it or lose it. You can increase the important seconds by killing enemies, completing tasks and disarming the executioner’s traps. At the same time, falling into traps, missed hits from enemies and other “penalties” lead to the loss of precious seconds.

preview of Resident Evil: Resistance

Resident Evil: Resistance game preview

Teamwork – where can we go without it?

Each of the four heroes has special abilities that are very important in the passage. Valerie is an experienced physician who can heal anyone, but is completely defenseless in battle. A very sensible hero and, as it seems to me, her presence is simply a must in every game (well, if your plans to survive, of course).

January is a hacker who breaks into the network and disables cameras. Only he does it for a long time, which casts doubt on his usefulness in the team, so I want to believe that the developers will fix this moment.

Samuel and Tyrone are two tanks capable of crushing enemies left and right. However, this skill is not always needed, and it will be very reckless and irrational to attack stronger enemies (remember the penalties for missed strikes).

But the role of the executioner is presented here in a much more interesting way. Like a cunning strategist, you set traps and launch a variety of monsters to the victims, accumulating the required number of points. It is certainly interesting for everyone to do this, only the duration of the game for an experienced executioner and predictable victims will be rather short.

You can also move into one of the monsters and take a direct part in the fun. However, the villain in the game was made too strong, giving him many opportunities and mechanisms to win. Therefore, if the role of the executioner is not a very stupid player or the one who actually sat down at a computer game for the first time, then the strength between the parties is very unequal. This is especially evident when Mr. X comes around the corner and is led by a live player. Here you will no longer rely on primitive AI as in the same Resident Evil 2 Remake. You just have to come close to grab the next victim and this is where everything ends for her. Agree, it’s not fair, is it?

preview of Resident Evil: Resistance

Well, where is it even more difficult?

But the disadvantages of the game do not end there. At the beginning of the round, you can buy everything you need in a special box with a limited supply of money. You can buy weapons, cartridges, first aid kits, etc. Only now there is a common supply of money for everyone, and as a result, one remains with a full arsenal, and the other, who slowed down, runs with his bare hands. I think it’s not worth explaining how this could end in a cooperative game, where there is also a rather strong villain. Of course there is a way out – voice chat. Only now it is not always possible to agree, and the equipment itself is very inconvenient. By the way, the timer in the game does not stop when you enter the inventory, so you need to sort out items very quickly, which creates additional inconvenience in the game. It ends with the player’s character taking damage every time he tries to take a new weapon or use a first-aid kit.

The interplay between players in Resident Evil: Resistance is also pretty poorly done. There are no gesture systems for convenient coordination of actions, as well as text chat. Voice chat is far from the best solution if the team comes from different countries. All this contributes to the complete lack of coordinated team actions in the game. Here’s an example. You ran from room to room to find the key. Here you notice that monsters are heading towards your comrade, but you cannot warn him in any way. The only option is to run towards him. The executioner immediately sends additional enemies and, as a result, two corpses, and the survivors have a huge loss of time due to the fine.

preview of Resident Evil: Resistance

Resident Evil: Resistance game preview

A huge minute of the upcoming Resident Evil: Resistance is the lack of balance in the game. You get that it is very difficult for the victims to play even with four of them, and the executioner to quickly kill everyone without showing any special ingenuity and tactics is not interesting. As a result, everyone remains dissatisfied, and the game looks very complicated on the one hand, and quite simple and boring on the other. Of course, there are still a couple of months before the game is released and the developers are listening to the feedback from the players after the beta. But can they fix all the problems? And the game itself with its graphics, engine and other elements resembles only the multiplayer in Resident Evil 2 Remake, and not the full-fledged project that Capcom presents it with. Still, horror in co-op is a very difficult genre that you need to be able to do and know what it should be so that everyone would be interested in playing it. And just take all the developments from the single-player game and add several levels with the simplest game mechanics, creating a huge imbalance and complexity will not work here. In general, we hope for the best, but we look with caution.

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