Preview for the game Zombie Army 4: Dead War – blood, dismembered and zombies

There have been a lot of games with the extermination of zombies in recent years. There are many projects among them, where the emphasis is on cooperative passage. In this regard, a natural question arises, how can Zombie Army 4: Dead War surprise us and whether it stands out from this general stream. In our opinion, it also stands out quite strongly. But let’s talk about everything in order.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War preview

Zombie Army 4: Dead War game preview

Sniper adventure in the zombie world

First of all, it’s worth noting that Zombie Army 4: Dead War is a spin-off of the Sniper Elite series, which is being developed by the same studio, Rebellion. At first glance, it seems like a rather strange idea to make a spin-off with crowds of the living dead and the fast paced game of the series, where stealth was at the forefront, the correct tactics and accurate shooting from a sniper rifle at a long distance. Nevertheless, in Rebellion everything works quite smoothly, and it is pleasant to destroy crowds of zombies both from the usual sniper rifle and from other weapons.

The plot of the game in zombie games has never been original, even if it is the zombie Nazis of World War II. Here too, everything is the same – Hitler created another secret weapon and now the crowds of the dead of the army of Nazi Germany attacked Europe, in which, by chance, there were several main characters. The plot for such a spin-off plays a very secondary role, so it would be correct not to pay attention to it. Moreover, the game also has several characters with their own stories.

Yes, the game has several heroes to choose from, each with their own story. It is not worth dwelling on them, let’s just say that in the new game there will be, like the familiar to all the hero of the previous parts, Karl Fairbairn, and new heroes, whose circumstances of stay in Europe filled with Nazis will be interesting to know.

The tasks themselves will differ in their variety. Here you don’t just need to sit in one place and defend yourself from the next wave of zombies, although there will also be such moments in the game. Now you need to get to the station and restore communication, then wait for the train, which will take you out of the zombie-infested place, then go somewhere else. Therefore, you will definitely not be bored during missions, and you will have to move from one location to another, then you will have to hold back the defense quite often.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War preview

Blood, dismembered and dead in every sense of the Nazis

Although the Sniper Elite series, as already mentioned, focused specifically on shooting from a sniper rifle, Rebellion showed that, if desired, the game can be well adapted for a dynamic shooter where you have to kill crowds of Nazi zombies. At the same time, shooting from a sniper rifle with a bullet slowdown and an X-ray murder camera has not gone anywhere, and it looks quite organic in the new game, without annoying or interfering with the player.

Before starting the mission, we collect a squad of several people, and also choose equipment and perks. The equipment consists of a main weapon (here it is a sniper rifle), an additional (assault rifle, submachine gun or shotgun) and a pistol. Also, the hero has attacks in melee with a knife.

In-game perks are very important and can be of great help to you as you play. For example, there is the ability to make the last attack, when the zombies almost finished you off, and if during it you can make a kill, then you will recover in an instant and can again join the battle. There are also perks for improving stamina, reducing damage taken, etc. In general, you can easily choose the ability you need to suit your play style. Each perk can be pumped, improving the effect rendered from it. However, this can be done only by performing special tests, and then buying improvements in a special store located at the location. In the store, by the way, you can buy parts for improving weapons, as well as clothes for heroes, paint jobs for weapons and other cosmetic items.

It is also possible to upgrade weapons. In addition to standard devices such as a large store and an enlarged scope, there is also the ability to make weapons more powerful and very non-standard modifications, such as adding the ability to attack with electricity. In general, if you wish, you can “make” a real weapon of mass destruction for the Nazis from an ordinary sniper rifle. And this goes for any firearm in the game. The only thing is that in order to install a good improvement on the workbench, like the same electricity attack, you need to properly collect the necessary items that are scattered around the location.

The process of exterminating enemies is built pretty well. The game has colorful locations that are not very spacious and therefore the best option would be to stick together with other team members and coordinate their actions. The shooting in the game is done well, so the process of destroying enemies will definitely give you pleasure, and it does not matter in the hands of your hero a pumped sniper rifle or a standard, but powerful shotgun. In the destruction of the Nazis, you can also use environmental items. Propane cylinders explode colorfully, weights suspended on a hook will fall with one precise hit, and the blades of an aircraft or an electric switch that has fallen into the water can also be launched with an aimed shot. In general, in terms of action, fans of the series, and ordinary fans of games of this genre, will definitely not be disappointed.

The variety in the game is also given by the presence of different types of enemies. Here you will meet both ordinary zombie soldiers and armored dead, as well as rabid flamethrowers and analogs of mini-bosses. So in terms of enemies in the game there is a complete set.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War preview

Zombie Army 4: Dead War game preview

A little about the picture in the game

The graphics in Zombie Army 4: Dead War are pleasing to the eye. Locations are full of details and quite varied, the appearance of enemies is well-developed, and various special effects like explosions are made at a high level. Cut-scenes, which are also full of action and dynamics, are also pleasing. In general, the game is pleasant to watch and difficult to tear yourself away from what is happening on the screen. I would like to believe that nothing will change at the release stage of the game, as, unfortunately, this is often the case in large game projects.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War preview


Zombie Army 4: Dead War is a good project from Rebellion that takes a fresh look at the Sniper Elite franchise we are used to. We are waiting for a hurricane action game with a good cooperative, where there is a place for pumping, and interesting tasks and much more. The game also has pretty good graphics, which, combined with good gameplay and competent co-op, can give us a very high-quality spin-off on the theme of Nazi zombies. The game itself comes out in 2020 on PC, Xbox One and PS4. So we will wait and hope that at the release stage the game will sparkle with new colors and show us even more.

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