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More recently, on November 7 to be more precise, an annual major event called “N7 Day” took place, which is entirely dedicated to the Mass Effect series of games. As a rule, on this day, Electronic Arts and BioWare studio delight all players with something new and quite interesting. So this year the representatives of the game showed a new cinematic trailer, announced a special edition, announced the start date of the closed beta testing of Mass Effect: Andromeda and just revealed a lot of details regarding the new game, so I’ll tell you about all this a little below.

Game world

In 2185 (at the time of the events that took place in Mass Effect 2), the initiative to launch Andromeda was prepared several times. The purpose of the expedition was to explore systems outside the Milky Way galaxy. The expeditionary fleet consisted of several major huge spaceships: each ship is a certain separate “city”, and each city is built in a unique way for a specific type, therefore, each ship has its own leader. And these very leaders were called “Pioneers”. All living beings in these “arks” are in cryosleep, so even if something happened in their home galaxy (we are talking about the events that took place in Mass Effect 3 during the invasion of the “Reapers”), they would still be nothing and did not recognize.

In Mass Effect: Andromeda, players will take on the role of one of the children of the “Pioneer” people named Alec Ryder, while choosing between Sarah and Scott Ryder. The plot will begin with the transfer of the position to the child of that very Alec Ryder, however, unlike the same Captain Shepard, the main character / main character will be young, inexperienced, or, more simply, “green”. So at this moment the command of the ark “Hyperion” is transferred to one of the offspring. “Hyperion”, in turn, is a haven of people who have lost their course and, in addition to all communication with the fleet and even “Nexus” – this is a kind of command center of the entire operation, which brings together all the races taking part in the research.

→ The Nexus (a miniature version of the Citadel) will be completed during the flight to Andromeda, although even before the launch of the initiative, most of the functionality will be operational. Each of the Arks sent out is capable of docking to the Nexus, allowing for more station space and firepower.

However, the developers note that in Mass Effect: Andromeda, one should not expect the game’s plot to focus on the Ryder family – “Andromeda” is more ambitious in its design and goes much further from the usual standard BioWare studio scheme of heroically saving everything and everyone. In addition, the game will have a customization of the appearance of the protagonist, and customization of the father, sister and brother will also be available, but it will not be so wide.

The main enemy in Mass Effect: Andromeda will be a certain race “Kett”. The authors decided to make the antagonists something unknown and at the same time completely new for the fans, so that the presented race could be studied without analyzing events from the past, but studied based on their actions in the game. At the same time, BioWare wants players not to see them as some kind of merciless enemies, but exclusively as new creatures who are trying to protect their interests.

Combat system

Mass Effect: Andromeda’s combat system has also undergone major changes. So now the rollback of all skills has been replaced by an individual timer for each of the skills. Abilities have been reassigned to separate buttons, instead of enabling a quick access menu with game slowdown. In addition, Andromeda will have a dynamic cover system that resembles the one in The Last of Us. However, the combat system does not change its basic principle – it is still the same positional action.

→ The main vehicle designer in the game is the Tron: Legacy movie designer. It’s about Daniel Simon.

Separately, it is worth talking about the jetpack, because it now allows you to freely move between positions, and also has a unique function of targeting enemies, but within an open area. And the locations have undergone huge changes. In BioWare Studios, linear locations were thrown aside. Mass Effect: Andromeda will be dominated by large locations, which in their structure during the passage will hint at impending epic, major battles. The tactical part has not gone anywhere either: you can also set a queue of attacks, create and line up combos, and, in the end, issue orders to your squad.


The class system also disappeared. From now on it will be possible to pump whatever your heart desires. For example, you are free to combine soldier, technology and biotics with each other. What is this all for? The main goal of this approach is that the developers want to allow players to try different styles of passing the game, without limiting their choice even at the stage of creating a hero.

However, having unlocked a certain number of skills in one category, a unique bonus will be unlocked next. In the future, these same bonuses (there may be more than one) will already be useful for the previously chosen style of play. And one more important point: if you try to keep up with all the specializations, then you will receive the “Explorer” bonus.

By the way, it is interesting in the pumping system that skill points can be redistributed and this opportunity / function will even be justified by the scenario. And do not be afraid of the ghosts of Mass Effect 2 – you can start customizing the helmet, armor on the body, arms, shoulders and legs. Mass Effect: Andromeda will have a lot more options than previous installments and the trilogy as a whole. And many familiar weapons will return to the new part, but they will not do without a new one. Separately, it is worth noting the weapons of hand-to-hand combat, which will include even swords and sledgehammers.

Open world

The open world of Mass Effect: Andromeda is designed in such a way that on the same planet in completely different points there will always be the same objects (for example, enemy outposts). Nevertheless, the regularity of the presence of certain objects on planets does not mean that the game in terms of passing will be the same type – everything is completely different. In addition, do not expect huge empty locations from Dragon Age: Inquisition. In the course of exploring the planet, it will be possible to stumble upon some difficult boss, riddle, additional task, or something completely different.

At the moment, it is only unknown whether it will be possible to move around absolutely all planets or strictly defined ones. Because in Mass Effect: Andromeda, for example, the planet “Elaaden” is marked as “fit for a colony”, but in reality it is dangerous there: there is no water and this planet is extremely hot.

In a couple, certain members of the expedition can ask to explore the planet, first dropping a load on the surface to start building a colony. So, having found this cargo and using it, a point of fast movement opens up for you, which will also serve as a place of rest and change of your weapons.

→ Liam, human. The first partner on the Hyperion. He served as a policeman before his adoption, but now he is the bodyguard of the “Pathfinder”. He is kind and enthusiastic, but easily pissed off.

Each planet will be dangerous in its own way. For example, one will threaten with serious enemies, the other will have difficult weather conditions, and the other will simply pose threats due to a dangerous environment, for example, due to acid rain. And every planet will have at least one enemy base.

In terms of scale, each base will be a large complex, so careful preparation should be made before any attack. After all, the problem will be not only in the scale of the bases, but also in their locations – as a rule, they are located in shelters. In addition, a special script system will operate in such locations. For example, if you are noticed by too many enemies, an alarm will be raised, which will need to be turned off immediately, otherwise the capture will be significantly difficult.

→ Peebee, asari. She arrived at Andromeda long before the initiative, so she already has considerable experience of living in this distant galaxy. She is independent and loves to speak quickly.

Andromeda is a completely new and completely unexplored galaxy, so any exploration (of plants, environment and much more) will help in pumping heroes. However, in this way it will be possible to gain access to new and unique blueprints, which will thereby make it possible to create new armor and weapons for yourself.

And you will surely love the idea of ​​a new physics model for the Mako. Although it is worth starting with a new name – “Nomad”. The development of a new physics model of the research vehicle was carried out by the developers of Need for Speed. “Nomad” is a fast and hardy vehicle, but which is completely harmless to enemies. “Nomad” has no weapons.


First of all, the good news is that there will be no loading screens while moving around the ship or when landing on the surface of the planet. In addition, a kind of mini-ship will not fly on the galaxy map, as it would be in the last two parts of the trilogy. From now on, having chosen the system, the protagonist rushes straight on his personal ship through the stars and dark matter to the specified place, after which the further path continues inside the selected system. However, the ship cannot be controlled manually, but when you are in the orbit of the planet, you can see it in the window from the bridge.

Characters (edit)

In Mass Effect: Andromeda, the developers promise to pay more attention to the varieties of relationships with characters than before in any other game from the studio BioWare. So the authors argue that now ordinary party members in “Andromeda” have a lot more lines than the most chatty party members in Mass Effect 3.

It will be possible to build full-fledged relationships with a brother or sister (depending on whom you choose), but they will not be full-fledged companions, although you can interact with each of them.

And sex is no longer the culmination of the heroes’ relationship. Since now some heroes will be interested in minute entertainment, while others will be more in long-term relationships, and some will not even care about anything and even your attitude towards them. In general, BioWare wants more of these moments, which will resemble something like shooting bottles with Garrus in the Citadel.


→ This is exactly what the mysterious race “Kett” from Mass Effect: Andromeda looks like. They will be presented as the main opponents in the game.

Now the “Paragon / Renegade” system has been abolished, and, in general, is left to the players themselves. In general, the dialogues in Mass Effect: Andromeda will have more nuances and the ability to express their own point of view, so players will not be limited to banal “evil” and kind “answers during arguments with someone.

In addition, the stupid penalties in the form of a change in reputation for agreeing and disagreeing with your opponent have finally disappeared. The dialogues themselves will no longer have the right and wrong output – there will be certain pluses and minuses everywhere. So you do not have to make a choice and find out its consequences later, regretting that you did not choose a different scenario. In general, the scheme resembles the one that was in “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt”. Return to the game and contextual actions, however, they, like the dialogs themselves, will no longer be highlighted in colors: red – bad, blue – good.


BioWare is still in no hurry to show the general plan of the new role-playing game, getting off with some interesting nuances. Nevertheless, the stakes are high, and especially on the plot: however, this is understandable, the developers just need to rehabilitate themselves after the “Inquisition”. However, what exactly will amaze everyone in the heart of Mass Effect: Andromeda, it will be possible to find out only in the spring of 2017. Although, I remind you that now there is an opportunity to pre-order.

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