Preview of Devil May Cry 5. The Return of the Legendary DMC

The Devil May Cry series has long been considered one of the best creations of the Japanese studio Capcom. A cheerful and stylish slasher with an interesting plot and seting attracted an army of fans from all over the world. Therefore, the release of Devil May Cry 5 is considered a very significant event that is waiting for millions of gamers around the world. Already now a demo and several trailers on the game are available along with numerous information on the project. In this regard, some impression of the new part can be made now, and also assume what the project is waiting for in the future: a resounding success after the release and a sea of disappointments. In general, let’s find out how it is possible to resist the demonic apocalypse with only a revolver, a large sword and several prosthetic hands.

Devil May Cry and Capcom games

The development of part 5 is engaged in the Japanese studio Capcom. On the account of this company there are numerous hits that conquered both the Japanese auditroy and sold millin copies around the world. Among the many successful projects, I would like to note the Resident Evil series, Lost Planet and Street Fighter. These franchises of various genres have become classics and are highly valued all over the world. And among the most recent Capcom games can be noted the same Monster Hunter: World.

If we talk about the Devil May Cry series, the first part of the franchise appeared on sale in 2001, and the last one at the moment (DmC) was released in 2013. All games in the series were created by Capcom studio and almost always had commercial success and positive reviews from both critics and ordinary gamers. The only exception here is the 2013 DmC, which was met with a very restrained look because of the offshoot from the general series and an attempt to restart it completely. Perhaps in this regard, part 5 is already waiting so much for loyal fans. But won’t the 5th part, which is a continuation of the series, hit the dirt with a face?

A little about the franchise itself and expectations from the new part

No matter how much they grieve and ask the developers to come to their senses, along with the release of that very restart in the form of DmC, the franchise went slightly in the wrong direction. But smart people from Capcom saw the indignation of fans in time and decided to correct this situation. In this regard, the Japanese developers decided to take into account all the wishes of the target audience and return the franchise to its previous tracks. Here it is worth noting that the developers tried their best and made numerous changes when creating a new game: here you have good old Dante with a bike and blonde hair, and not what you could see in DmC; then the confirmation of Hideaki Itsuno as project manager; and the modern GAME ENGINE RE Engine for Part 5, and this is not all the changes that await us.

Devil May Cry 5 Preview

If we talk in general, then the developers laid out so much information about the game that they are in what, and they cannot be accurately caught in secrecy. Of course, the available data about the game came along with colorful trailers. A few announcements, a trailer, data about the game – what are we waiting for? Although now you can run for pre-ordering.

However, not everything is as simple as it may seem at first glance. Absolutely without malicious intent, the developers unwittingly sowed some doubts in the upcoming project. It would be more correct, of course, to say a little differently. The stories about the game themselves do not cause any complaints, but as it usually happens – all the shortcomings and disadvantages lie already with a more detailed consideration. Let’s do that.

There was a time when devoted fans of the Devil May Cry franchise split into two groups. This happened when the last game in the series at the moment began to deal with the studio from the UK Ninja Theory. The first group was indignant from the restart and had a negative attitude to the game of 2013: and the style here is not like in the original, and Dante was turned into incomprehensible what, but the same dialogues in the game simply caused anger, turning into rage. And the second were those who reacted normally to the new game, except that they were a little indignant about the same dialogues. That’s how the unified fan community collapsed.

Here it is worth noting that in the old days there was another part of the series, which was also perceived very ambiguously – we are talking about Devil May Cry 4. At the time of the game’s release, many fans also resounded the characters and thought about whether it was worth allocating so much time to the character of Nero?

If we talk about the upcoming 5th part, the game looks higher in many respects. The characters contact each other more interestingly, and the plot itself looks more epic and bright. Well, if we talk about directing, and even with the capabilities of the new generation consoles, then here you generally want to break out with applause. But there are also quite negative, according to many fans, aspects in the new game. The key character is given negligible time – less than half in the game. The second hero in the person of Nero turned out to be somehow gray and gloomy – no kidding, too serious. So it is not at all surprising that changes in the new part can be perceived by some players in a negative way.

In general, as you can see, it is impossible to please everyone, and the studio still needs to release a new game. So Capcom had a rather difficult situation in terms of choosing a concept for a new project. In this regard, be prepared that some heroes in the game can cause you completely different emotions.

What awaits us in Devil May Cry 5?

Many people are well aware that in the Devil May Cry franchise, the emphasis is mainly on bright and spectacular fights, and here the 5th part will not be an exception to the rule. The protagonist easily and elegantly kills crowds of enemies, simultaneously performing various kinds of acrobatic tricks: then he, taking another demon, will rise sharply into the air, then make a skateboard from a huge sword on which it also moves easily, then completely blow up a prosthesis in the form of an arm that shoots numerous enemies around – and this is only a demo version of the game at the Gamescom game exhibition. The imagination of the developers is simply amazing, if they at the current stage demonstrate such colorful and versatile battles, then what will happen at the time of the release of the game, when we will have the opportunity to play for two more key characters? But even the very variety of the combat system of the new Devil May Cry 5 with an abundance of different kinds of attacks and techniques looks very impressive.

Devil May Cry 5 Preview

In the demo version, so far, of the playable heroes, there is only Nero, familiar from the past parts (by the release of the game there will be an opportunity to play as Dante and another secret character, which is still called V). In the demo version, Nero himself travels through a mysterious city that is somewhat reminiscent of London, in which there is a mysterious tree, and numerous monsters flood the completely empty streets here. Events look like an initial mission, and we are faced with the task of running through one of the main streets, getting into the hotel, getting out of it through the window and ending up in the square where the main enemy in the form of a huge demon is waiting for us. All this looks dynamic and linear and is very much reminiscent of the tasks from the past games of the series. However, as before, quickly bypassing the entire map in the level, you can easily lose sight of the numerous secrets that are stuffed with each location – for example, the next red spheres, on which you can purchase new techniques and items in the game.

If we talk about the design of the locations in the new game, then about them we can say that it is more like a combination of gloom from Devil May Cry 3 and more solar Gothic from the 4th part. Old streets, dark demons on one side and vivid battles at the church with an abundance of special effects and brightness on the other. Apparently, the developers decided to find a middle ground in this aspect, whether it was too early to say, but I want to believe that everything will look harmonious and interesting.

Nelro and his weapons

Some of Nero’s weapons migrated directly from Devil May Cry 4, where they could be seen for the first time, and a number of techniques are also familiar to those who played Part 4. For example, the same huge Blade Red Queen, equipped with a motor, which, if started, the blade will ignite with flames and will cause many times more damage to enemies. And the demon’s hand in Nero, alas, disappeared by part 5. Now it is replaced by numerous prosthetic arms, referred to in the game by the original name Devil Breaker. Prostheses may differ, and each of them gives a list of certain techniques and one super strike. It may seem that this is not enough, but there are also important points here.

First of all, I would like to note that the same at first glance super attack will work completely differently depending on where Nero is now. For example, if the hero decided to use his prosthesis while he is on the ground, then the super attack will look like a huge light beam directed at one enemy. But if Nero applies this technique already in the air, he will shower the enemies with numerous small rays, which will also reflect off the ground. In the demo at Gamescom, the developers demonstrated the Overture prosthesis, which has the ability to attack enemies with charges of electricity, and on the project website there was a description of three more – Punch Line (the prosthesis can detach from Nero’s body and hit opponents along the way flying in all directions), Ragtime (a prosthesis with time dilation during use) and Buster Arm (this prosthesis makes it possible to effectively throw enemies on the ground, even the most massive ones). In total, Nero will have about 8 different prostheses, which given the variety of all attacks is pretty good.

Devil May Cry 5 Preview

It is important to note that after applying a super-raid, the prosthesis will be broken. Easily, a situation can happen when the player simply does not have prostheses left, and therefore it is better to use them rationally (however, their stock can be replenished during the search of certain places on the map). However, even without the necessary charges for a prosthesis, Nero is a strong fighter. Based on their demo version, we can also say that it will be impossible to freely choose different types of prosthesis – they seem to form a clutch and before the player does not spend all the cartridges for a prosthesis of one type, it will be impossible to switch between them.

Whether Nero will have his special demon form, as in the previous parts, is not entirely clear. Part of its role will go to the same prostheses: for example, with the help of that cartridge you can avoid a powerful boss attack (approximately how Dante from part 3 becoming a demon was able to free himself from the hands of a monster). By the way, in part 5 there will be a huge number of different kinds of references to previous games in the series. For example, at a certain point, Nero, after firing a few shots from a revolver, throws up bullets immediately on the fly reloading the weapon (just like in one of the scenes for Devil May Cry 4). And at one point, choosing the wrong path, a large wall appears in front of the hero – just like in the city from the previous part of DmC: Devil May Cry.

Control and battles

However, even those who first sat down for the new part of Devil May Cry will easily be able to feel themselves at this holiday of fighting and madie – playing for the character is easy and simple, and everything that happens on the screen causes only bright positive emotions. If you adapt to the game and perfectly perform all the techniques and combos, it may even seem that this is not a game, but a full-fledged film, since all the actions in battle look very smooth and elegant. And if you perform a variety of combos and do not give enemies the opportunity to hit you, then the hero will begin to increase the indicator of style, including against the background of another excerpt from the key theme of Nero. The greater this indicator will be, the more epic the musical accompaniment will sound. However, because of this feature, funny situations can arise. For example, one of the game reviewers, sharing his impressions of the game, said that the musical accompaniment in the game is somehow gray and boring, thereby inadvertently giving out its level of skill. So when criticizing the music in the new Devil May Cry, be very careful.

Devil May Cry 5 Preview

Which part of the game will Devil May Cry 5 be like?

To answer this question, it is most logical to turn to the sales figures of the games in the series. At the moment, the leader in this indicator is the game Devil May Cry 4 circulation of which has about 3 million copies sold. This result is quite logical, given which platforms the game was released on, as well as high ratings from critics and gamers. However, what is less obvious at this point is the second game in the series in terms of the number of copies sold, which is just DmC, albeit just a little, but ahead of the 3rd part (and this, as mentioned above, given how coldly the restart was received by critics and players at the time of release).

And this is despite the fact that many game developers said that they highly appreciate DmC, and some even call it the best project in the series, saying that in the creation of the 5th part they will focus primarily on it. The developers also mentioned that a lot of game mechanics from DmC successfully migrated to the new game, where they were successfully implemented.

Devil May Cry 5 Preview

Curious was one of the questions in which they were interested in what part of the franchise will be similar to the gameplay for Dante in part 5. The developers replied that here it is best to focus on Devil May Cry 3, where the gameplay will be as similar as possible.

Another curious moment is the third hero of the new game. There’s a lot we already know about Dante and Nero, what they’ll look like and what gameplay you should expect for them, but there will be only three characters in the game. Nothing is yet known about the mysterious hero V, except for his appearance, which, well, let’s say, is very specific. What this hero will be and whether he will be able to fall in love with gamers and whether he will look good with the already familiar Dante and Nero is still unclear, but a lot will depend on it in terms of the perception of the game.

Is there anything to fear in the new game?

Of course, at the current stage, it will be extremely wrong to judge all aspects of the game, because it is still almost 4 months away from its release. But it is possible to compare some facts and express a general impression of the project. Based on all the available facts, we can draw a not the most pleasant conclusion that the developers are faced with the goal not to make a complete story, but to create a project that will be pleasant to everyone, which a priori is unrealistic. It would be very logical to ask: what audience do the Japanese count on creating a new Devil May Cry 5?

As you can guess, all the fans definitely can not please. Someone is crazy about the new Dante, someone he is disgusting, someone considered the appearance of Nero a good idea, someone was radically against this new hero. The point here is not even in the differences of the fifth part from previous games, since there are always differences in new projects whether someone likes it or not. The key problem is the reasons for the appearance of this kind of differences in the new game.

When innovations occur due to the fact that the gaming industry develops along with technology, there are opportunities to convey completely new impressions of the experience spent in the game, there is a creative breakthrough and the scenario of a new game improves – these are the changes for which developers should take risks in creating their games. Of course, there will be those to whom any changes will seem like nonsense and unnecessary elements in the creation of the game (they say that everything is normal, what else to improve then?), in such cases, the developers need to stand their ground. But it is a completely different situation when this kind of change is nothing more than successful marketing.

Devil May Cry 5 Preview

Here you can recall a very sad experience of the creators of the Dead Space series, whose desire to please each player was able to destroy a quite good horror series. In such moments, I want the developers to be guided not by a banal desire to sell more copies of the game, but by something more. Of course, there can be no question of complete negativity or failure of the game, because the game looks very good. However, the negative premonition that the game will not be able to reveal itself completely and only one element will be ideal in it, and not a single mechanism still does not leave.

In conclusion

Nevertheless, at this point in time, Devil May Cry 5 is a very bright and ambitious project: fun and drive, bright battles and charismatic heroes, interesting locations and many secrets and secrets – all this awaits us in the new project. There is a lot of enthusiasm and fun in the game, although there is a gloomy entourage around and numerous monsters ready to tear us apart. Playing the new part, you remember all the most important advantages and features for which we loved the franchise so much, starting from the first game and ending with DmC 2013. At such moments, devoted fans will be ready to start counting the days until March 8, 2019 – the release dates of Devil May Cry 5 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. In general, we are waiting for new information and trailers about the game and hope that the current impressions of the game will only improve by the time of release and we are waiting for a really high-quality continuation of one of the best franchises in the slasher genre.

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