Preview of the game Mortal Kombat 11 – “All the details of the upcoming fighting game”

The main theme for today is, without exaggeration, the continuation of probably the most popular fighting game of all time – Mortal Kombat 11. The fact that the project is preparing for its long-awaited release has been known for a long time. Since Ed Boone (one of the main creators of the game) hinted at this back in March 2018. Of course, everyone was waiting for a big, beautiful and stunning announcement in the summer at E3 2018, but for an unknown reason, the studio decided to torment its fans a little and held the announcement of the project. The first more or less normal announcement of Mortal Kombat 11 took place in December during the exhibition “The Game Awards 2018”. However, all that the developers showed at that time was a small teaser trailer in which Scorpion fought with Raiden.

In general, we are all already exhausted waiting for when normal gameplay and at least some details will finally come out. And now, finally, it happened: on January 17, a loud and full-fledged presentation of Mortal Kombat 11took place in London, which lasted for 40 minutes! Therefore, now I will try to collect all the known information together and analyze a little bit of everything that everyone saw on the sensational broadcast.

Plot in Mortal Kombat 11

First of all, I want to dwell on the storyline, because the presentation showed a whole introductory video. And, apparently, the story in Mortal Kombat 11 will be so confusing that the brains will curl up into a tube. Because even, it seems, Ed Boone himself (by the way, the creative director of the Studio NetherRealm, which is responsible for the creation of the game) was confused, because he said, they say, the plot of MK 11 will continue the ninth part. Only now from the presented video it becomes clear that the storyline of Mortal Kombat 11 starts exactly from the moment at which Mortal Kombat 10 ended.

According to the plot, Raiden was poisoned by demonic energy, so his eyes now lit up unkindly, after which he decided that after all the best defense was an attack. Therefore, instead of guarding the Earth Kingdom, he decides to kill absolutely everyone who threatens this world. Actually, he tells Shinnoch all this before chopping off his head and taking it to Liu Kang’s storage, because the head is still alive.

And at this point, a lady with the voice of Siri comes into play, who very deftly controls the very passage of time. The girl’s name is chronicle and she, in fact, is the Goddess of Time. Moreover, which all this time (starting with the first part of Mortal Kombat) stood behind the scenes and pulled the strings. And so everything that happened in the game for 27 years is all its unknown and insidious plan. Do you realize how much the degree of epicness has grown? There are no specific details about this new lady yet, but if the leaks are to be believed, then the Chronicle is the main villain of Mortal Kombat 11. And to help herself, she will call on the most notorious villains who have ever existed in the history of tournaments.

There is nothing more to say about the plot yet, but the developers promise that the Chronicle will constantly manipulate time. Accordingly, each player in it will move back and forth and even say that some heroes will definitely meet young versions of themselves.

Heroes in Mortal Kombat 11

Opposing the Chronicle will be a hero named Geras. And this is the first for the series a completely new hero, which the developers decided to show us. Geras is a big black guy and is a suit somewhat similar to Thirael from Diablo 3. As for the fighting style, Geras is very much like Tremor. Only if Tremor commanded the forces of the earth, then this one commands the sands and time. Thus, a kind of black Prince of Persia was obtained. Geras’ exterior design is controversial. For that, he has a really cool set of tricks.

In total, seven game characters were shown at the presentation in London, not counting the Chronicle. Because whether it will be playable or not – the developers have not yet reported. Of course, Scorpio and Sub-Zero haven’t gone anywhere, because they are now the walking symbols of the series, so there’s nowhere to go without them. Without a doubt, the game will be present Dark Raiden – this is still from the story video it became clear. And after Mortal Kombat 9, Scarlet and Baraka will appear in MK 11.

Of the classic characters, you can definitely play for the legendary Sonya Blade. By the way, the voice of Sonya is done by Ronda Rousey – a cute girl who can easily knock out any man. Rhonda is a famous wrestler and champion in mixed martial arts. All in all, a direct embodiment of Sonia in real life. By the way, there was a funny moment when Ronda was asked how she got used to the role, she replied that she had studied the techniques of Sonia Blade from the game. But this is not all the most interesting.

Liu Kang also appeared in the video. Plus, it turned out that for pre-ordering mortal Kombat 11, everyone will receive Shao Kahn. True, the question immediately arises, but what to do for those who did not pre-order the game and decided to buy Mortal Kombat 11 after the release? At this point, the most logical answer is to buy Shao Kahn separately. Of course, this is just a sentence and the information is not accurate.

In fact, back in December last year, there was a serious leak, allegedly a friend of one of the studio employees leaked a full list of Mortal Kombat 11 characters. And it is worth noting that at the time of the leak – the information seemed doubtful. Only in this list really meant that the game will appear Chronicle and Geras, which up to this point had not shone anywhere before. Plus, the information related to Shao Kahn for pre-ordering the game was confirmed. Therefore, now there is practically no reason not to believe the merged list of characters.

Mortal Kombat 11. All characters from the leak

According to this leak, at the start, players will receive 33 characters and another 12 characters will receive their cameos in the upcoming story, but it will not be possible to play for them. There are not enough new heroes, but for that in Mortal Kombat 11 there will be a large number of classic characters. For example, Johnny Cage and Shan-Tsung will appear. With the release of the first expansion, there will be six new fighters. And among these fighters will even be the clown Pennywise and Michael Myers.

By the way, in an interview after the presentation, the vice-president of the Studio NetherRealm Sean Kirik seemed to forget and tried to remember the name of this guy in a mask with a machete (we are talking about Michael Myers). Like it’s Freddy Krueger or Michael Myers, or maybe it’s Jason, he hinted. Only freddie and Jason have already been in the series, so only Mike Myers remains, so you can consider this some indirect evidence that this character will appear in MK 11. On the other hand, as usual, rumors cannot be trusted, because during the presentation, the developers generally hinted that Cabal would appear in the first DLC, although it is not mentioned in the leak. After all, the on-screen slots of the characters that were presented during the presentation were much smaller. So it remains to wait for details and some details from the developers themselves.

Gameplay mortal kombat 11

And of course, the presentation showed the normal gameplay of Mortal Kombat 11. And on first impression, it seems that the game has accelerated a little. Of course, you need to count by frames, but it seems that the animations have become faster, while they also turned out to be more spectacular. And they turned out to be spectacular due to the fact that now the sloumo is much more often turned on and the camera behaves a little more cheerfully. For example, in the video, Baraka made a throw and in between bit Scorpion’s hand.

Just don’t confuse it with X-Ray, although time slows down and the camera zooms closer, showing baraka literally gnawing out a piece of meat. And almost a similar story has developed with the environment: a wide variety of weapons are scattered everywhere in the arenas, so you can grab some stone or mace, and then warm the enemy in the sloumo. At the same time, the effect lasts literally about a second, so in theory it should not be very annoying if you constantly watch it on your screen.

In addition to these small innovations, the game has acquired completely new mechanics. For example, players who are doing well with timings will be able to execute perfect blocks that trigger steep counterattacks. However, the most important update is still a scale of energy that previously had to be spent either on X-Ray or on strengthening the attack. Now there will be two such strips: one is responsible for offensive techniques, the other for defensive ones.

X-Ray in Mortal Kombat 11 has disappeared altogether and will now be replaced by the so-called “Fatal Blow”. How will this work? From now on, no energy is needed for this blow, since the ability can be activated only when the hero has less than 30% health. Moreover, the victims are no longer x-rayed, so you can no longer see how the hero’s bones break. Nevertheless, everything looks very cool: both the production and the choreography, and in principle everything turned out to be very harsh. In short, Mortal Kombat 11 has a good visuals.

The only thing is that the eternal logical problem of X-Ray’s has intensified again in ten. Because all the techniques are wildly cruel and clearly incompatible with life. All the fatal blows that were presented look much cooler than the usual fatalities, but the opponents then get up again and fight on. On the other hand, this problem has been dragging on in the Mortal Kombat series for a long time and everyone seems to be used to it.

Visually, the game has become more beautiful, and the detail has grown. Therefore, all these anatomical details during the battles look even more detailed, but it is impossible to say that the graphics have become better. Mortal Kombat 11 in this regard looks simple, as a logical and quite predictable development. The only thing that disappointed me was the blood – it was too thick and somewhat similar to jam.

Customization in Mortal Kombat 11

Another important point that I would like to dwell on is customization. It is worth recalling that in Mortal Kombat 10, each fighter had three unique variations. Each variation differed mainly in a unique fighting style. Therefore, the tactics of the game and a number of some techniques changed. In MK 11, the developers decided to keep this system. And even more, because Ed Boone said that each player with his own hands will be able to customize his own variations of fighters, but for some reason he covered this detail too superficially. What’s more, when it came to the celebrity tournament, old Ed tried as hard as possible to avoid the fighters’ choice screen.

And yet on the customization page you can see as many as four tabs. The first masonry is the equipment. For example, Scorpio has three slots: masks, blades and kunai. Each item can be changed and even put some improvements on it. The second tab is all sorts of cosmetics (costumes, fatalities, brutality, intro, victory poses and much more). And the most interesting was the third tab, because it is responsible for the set of techniques of the fighter. The fourth tab is responsible for setting the behavior of the computer during the game for any hero.

In general, the developers took the main mechanics of Injustice 2, after which they slightly developed and refined them. Also, it looks like a lot of the joys of these sections will be sold for real money and in-game currency, because even in Injustice 2, in-app purchases eventually did appear, but when it comes to cosmetics, there’s nothing criminal about it.

Mortal Kombat Collector’s Edition 11

Among other things, the developers also touched the collector’s edition. It includes not only the game itself, but also a steelbook, a golden badge with the main logo of the game and a figurine in the form of a Scorpio mask. And now it looks good enough. The only thing that is unclear is what kind of plastic it is made of. Now we can assume that it is quite easy, although this will have to be checked. And everyone who pre-orders in Russia will receive an exclusive themed costume for Scarlet.

Other mortal kombat 11 details

Finally, it is worth recalling that on January 30, the developers promise to hold a stream on which they will share new details and it is quite possible that it is on it that they will announce the full list of characters of the game. The release of mortal Kombat 11 on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation is scheduled for April 23 of this year, but the nintendo switch version of the game will have to wait, most likely, until May 10. In addition, on March 23, a closed beta test will begin, which will include all those players who have pre-ordered the game. And this is the main thing that became known about the MK 11.

It cannot be said that Mortal Kombat 11 is super amazing, but many have long been waiting for a new game in this series and all that was shown is a completely logical development of the game. No revolutions, but with a bunch of evolutionary changes. Only this will definitely be the last time such a scheme will work. Then the developers in any case will have to come up with something more serious.

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