(Preview) Outlast 2 Demo Impressions – “Horror in the Cornfield”

More recently, one of the most anticipated horror games Outlast 2 has got a public demo version. So now players can personally experience the horror that takes place in the new story. However, with one “BUT” – a demo playable version is not available on all platforms … for now.

The rest of the demo version of Outlast 2 is available and will take only 5Gb on the hard drive. By the way, we presented for the game the same episode that was shown six months ago. The only thing that appeared there from the new one (and, in addition, so that you can actually experience the 20-minute horror on your own skin) is an uncut “beautiful” final scene.

I was found in the corn

Whatever you imagine bad there, but the developers provided more than complete information regarding the game: upon entering Outlast 2, it immediately becomes clear from which side and with what attitude the authors approached their sequel. Even the main character studied everything with interest and quite honestly twitched from literally every rustle behind his back, which made it possible to plunge even more into the atmosphere of the expected novelty.

→ B Outlast 2 now not only the player himself will create noise, but also the surrounding objects. Therefore, the more noise, the more problems and the more carefully they will look for you.

Nevertheless, it is one thing to watch how some guy makes his way through the corn fields in a terrible panic, and it is completely different to be in the role of this very person, to run and listen to the continuous breathing of the hero with glasses (which also bears its “fruits”) … The hero stands near the very edge between life and death. In general, the sensations from my personal acquaintance with Outlast 2, although it was some meager twenty minutes, turned out to be more “vivid” than from watching the same passage.

As for the atmosphere – it is sustained quite well. Even thicker darkness, another shortage of batteries (damn them), dumb and frightening fields with corn, in which you have to hide. The main character, as usual, is just a helpless person, so all that he is capable of until he is caught is just to hide and shake with terrible horror (sorry for the tautology, but otherwise there is no other way). Actually observe how a “handful” of maniacs are pursuing, leading “round dances” near the shelter in which you are sitting.

→ The noise indicator has also appeared in pursuit of new possibilities. The indicator will be displayed in the interface of your camera, although without this it is clear that if you open a door or any window too loudly, then they will definitely come for the hero.

In battle only with batteries

It is worth rejoicing, because now in Outlast 2 you can jump into barrels, various cabinets and even dive into the water, holding your breath. This suggests that as some kind of rat you will no longer be able to drive in a small pathetic corridor, as it was in Outlast. However, it is still better to turn your attention not to this, but to how far the AI ​​has stepped – now it responds to rustles just instantly.

The locations were also pleased – they became more voluminous. This allows now not just to run in some kind of “gut” from another sick maniac with a knife, but to invent a variety of rather original ingenious routes. For example, quietly through a fence or some kind of hut, or even dash across a corn field – it’s up to you to choose. If, of course, in the course of this fuss you will navigate normally and do not panic, because how can you do without it?

→ It is now possible to get into the houses and search for useful things inside from various places. And now you can still clap them when, for example, you run away.


Again, I repeat that the demo playable version of Outlast 2 is quite consistent with the spirit of the series, so the game will definitely delight you. Moreover, the tension is not even created by hunting or playing in the style of “hide-and-seek-catch-up” (because only the final part of the demo version is highlighted for this), but most likely by accurate and correct creepy pictures. Take, for example, the city – it is disfigured by a whole mountain of corpses of children. Doubtful and disturbing rustles behind the back make themselves felt. Any incomprehensible “crap” on the ceiling, which digs into complete darkness. Particularly struck by the creature that devoured the corpse and tried to drag the protagonist away.

If you are the person who finds these games curious or interesting – from which not only palms start to sweat, but even goosebumps arrange a “carnival” on the back – then the first thing worth paying attention to in 2016 is definitely Outlast 2. Already now it is obvious that this horror will “move” all other games with its power and will again take a worthy place on the stage. As for censorship (whether it will be or not), it is still unknown. I also remind you that now you can play the demo version exclusively on the PlayStation 4. The game will reach the Xbox One consoles and the beloved PC on Steam a little later.

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