Preview (Preview) of God of War 4 – Time to Valhalla

The announcement of the new chapter of the Beauty adventure took place back at E3 2016 and even then caused a rather mixed reaction. Everything was somehow too calm for the series, in the previous parts of which it was even possible to tear off the head of the sun god Helios, and then wear it as a trophy. In general, it was somehow suspicious.

And now the god of war is old. He no longer kills mythical creatures in whole “packs”. The chains of Chaos blades no longer grip his hands, and the blind and once primal rage is gone – replaced by reason. In the end, the old world that was once home to Kratos is destroyed by his own hands, so now he is looking for another life in the lands of the North. And not alone, but with his son. Yes, the furious and uncontrollable machine for killing everything and everyone not only lived to old age, but also acquired an offspring.

Therefore, after the first viewing, many fans of the series almost immediately accused the developers and the game of trying to be like The Last of Us. And that’s true, but it’s both good and bad.

Northern blood

► “He’s a pretty young guy, but he already has a decent amount of scars. It is safe to say that the boy sniffed the northern gunpowder as if he was all his father. ”

It is quite obvious that God of War 4 will be completely different from the previous games in the series. However, the high level of violence, bloodiness and bestiary did not go anywhere, just the story about the god of war tired of all humanity made a sharp turn towards a much more serious narrative.

If someone is not familiar with the God of War franchise since the PlayStation 2, then I want to say briefly: the series is a rather “popcorn”, one might even say “Hollywood” slasher. An example is the Call of Duty series, if that makes sense. The bottom line is that even if a person has never even held a controller in his hands, if you sit him down for him and turn on, for example, God of War 2, he will still get a certain “dose” of pleasure. After all, there is a simple, but at the same time effective combat system, excellent graphics, but the most important thing is the direction. Without a doubt. All these superbly composed boss battles and bloody “fatalities” cannot but please with their brutality. In addition, such pictures and the spectacle were not encountered as often as we would like.

► “Yes, he’s tired, but he’s still not broken. From him and rushes with pathos “.

What happened next? Apparently, the developers apparently realized that their carnival of senseless murders and bloodshed had already begun to annoy the public. And the creative force behind God of War has grown much more mature and it has just settled down. So, thus, it’s time for Kratos to explore completely new horizons.

The main thing is not quantity, but quality

Thanks to the gameplay videos that Sony published during the year, it became clear that in God of War 4, the developers radically redefined all their priorities. So, for example, the combat system has become less chaotic: from now on, old Kratos will rarely fight with more than a dozen enemies at the same time. And in general, while he beats one, the others, as usually happens, will simply morally support their comrade-in-arms. The battles were mixed with cinematic walks, so the battles turned out to be spectacular and interesting, they have everything: dialogues, exposition, whipping up the atmosphere, and so on.

► “But a long time ago, old Kratos beat such giants like kittens.”

The god of war is now fighting much more practical, tactful and balanced. Yes, it may seem inconceivable to someone, but in practice it all looks much better: no unnecessary, rash and hasty movements. So it is quite expected that the pace of the meat grinder has slowed down noticeably. Apparently, the developers in God of War 4 decided to bring in more tactical elements and elements that will force players to make quick decisions. In addition, now you have to control the enemies with an ax and a shield in your hands. Kratos throws the ax with both hands, after which he even goes to pick it up. New “toys”, of course, are magical, but swinging them like blades of Chaos will not work. On the other hand, who knows that the old grandfather’s father also hid it in his arsenal.

► “This is clearly some kind of special ax. Hurry to find out where the demigod got him and what role he plays. ”

Plus, it became clear that Kratos was holding back, making quite conscious efforts in order not to lose his sobriety in the heat of heated battles. Still, even if he is a demigod, his other half is human, and she has weaknesses inherent in this nature. Not to pay any attention to pain, common sense, and in this matter he is clearly helped by the “Spartan Fury” regime – this is what helped Kratos to hack to death the troll in the debut trailer from the exhibition at E3 2016. So one can also assume that he may be tries to get rid of his anger and anger forever. It is even possible that part of the storyline will be associated with this detail, maybe some kind of karma will appear? The players will then have an interesting choice: to crush everything in their path, forgetting about everything, or to contain the rage and maintain the acquired humanity?

Fathers and Sons

No one has forgotten about the son of Kratos. The developers announced that the boy in God of War 4 will be just a story addition. The child of a demigod may be small, but rather quickly gains and absorbs all the experience he has received from his father. He helps solve puzzles, sometimes serves as a good scout, and in battle shoots from his bow, interferes with enemies and by all means buys time for Kratos. The name of the boy is still unknown, because it is known that he will have his own skill tree, so it will be possible to choose what to teach him first. And good or bad. In general, everything, as befits a responsible, stern father.

► “Who knows what this cold-blooded old man is thinking. At the sight of such a face, one should rather abandon everything and run as far as possible. ”

It is also interesting that the game will most likely have an open world: this is exactly what the characteristic inscription hinted at, which served as a notification of the opening of a new location, which appeared in last year’s trailer. And given the excellent graphics and all the scenic potential of the North, it’s easy to guess what the game will have, what to see and where to walk. And this is not to mention the aggressively minded northern fauna, which just asks to taste the taste of Kratos’ ax blade.

In general, the franchise has received a truly new and unusual continuation. Moreover, to all this, one must also add a rather rich personal setting, which, judging by, is not as erased in popular culture as it usually happens now. In fact, now Scandinavian myths look much more attractive than Greek myths.

Unusual adult approach

Many people don’t like the tone of the new installment in the series. Many do not like the seriousness of the upcoming God of War 4. However, there is nothing shameful in the fact that the game is equal to The Last of Us, because this game has made a kind of mini-revolution in the field of video game storytelling. And even though the plot contained a lot of cliches and a rather predictable twist, for video games this approach with an equally interesting story was a real revelation. So, as a rule, you need to focus on this in order to achieve success. Of course, using my original ideas. The question should rather be in another: was it even worth using such an “adult” storytelling and approach to the God of War series, in a game that relies on meat, obscenities, brutal murders and much more.

► “The developers have promised a lot more NPCs in the new part. Each character will have their own interesting story and even storyline. “

Previously, Kratos was constantly killing someone. She spoke little. Growled a lot. Although sometimes he held a short conversation with his next victim, but only in order to then tear her apart. So, we can say that Kratos never had a clearly formed character. The only trait that made Kratos who he is, defined him in every possible way, was an endless, unlimited anger towards the gods.

And then the players were presented with a new story with Karatos, but the plot, which is now being formed around the hero’s internal conflicts, around his problems and other serious psychological moments. However, the future line between father and son finally confuses.

► “Amazing creation. But much more surprising is why Kratos didn’t tug on the beard in the first place. ”

But in no case is it impossible to bury the God of War 4 that did not come out right away. In theory, Sony definitely has every chance of making a really interesting, tragic hero out of Kratos’ antiquity, whose antihero past can be explored. So if everything works out, then all the dialogues and what is happening will feel as it was intended.


Since the developers have ceased to limit themselves exclusively to Ancient Greece, then I would like to wish them that they do not stop there. In addition to Scandinavian legends, there is also Egyptian mythology, Slavic and even Aztec – and these are only the most famous. In a word, there is enough material for future games, the main thing is that the quality of the projects themselves adheres to a high level.

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