Preview (Preview) of the game Darksiders 3 – “Red Fury”

In the Darksiders series, players have already managed to play as War and Death. And in the role of each of them, I had to throw angels and demons every time. However, the irony is that these hellish couple became not only harbingers of the end of the world, but on top of that, harbingers of bankruptcy for THQ. But it didn’t come to a close, because the rights to the series were bought by Nordic Games, now known as THQ Nordic.

main character

Darksiders3. Date

In the universe of the Darksiders 3 series, only two riders remained in the shadows – Rage and Discord. But the canonical cavalrymen like Hunger and Plague, even at the time of the development of the first part, remained on the sidelines. Therefore, while comrade War undeservedly sits in the shackles of a dungeon, and his faithful brother Death is trying to find a way to justify him, their sister, Rage, is now taking over the cause. So the task of restoring the balance between good and evil falls on her fragile female shoulders, so the heroine descends to Earth to deal with mortal sins. The developers describe Rage as a mixture of Catwoman and Kratos. The girl is dexterous, fast and generally has a “gorgeous hairstyle”.

“Every centimeter of the environment fits seamlessly into the game world of Darksiders 3.”

The world

Darksiders 3. Exit

The world around and its appearance will be determined primarily by the boss that reigns in one or another part of the location. So it will be possible to guess in advance what kind of mortal sin or any other boss “crushed” this part of the space for himself. For example, the presented location “Heaven” is completely permeated with all sorts of roots and branches that extend from a giant tree. It will even be possible to navigate by them to some extent, because the closer you get to the center of all this “seedling”, the more massive the surrounding objects will become. And although the location “Heaven” is a peaceful location, there will be plenty of those where danger lies in wait for the main character at every turn.

“If you revisit the video for the first part, then you can see a horsewoman with a whip.”

Matching series

Darksiders 3. Release date

“At first glance, it may seem to us that the third part looks too cartoonish in connection with the engine, although in reality it is not at all so.”

In general, what is expected from the new part? For starters, players are waiting for all sorts of riddles, puzzles and puzzles. Therefore, if a puzzle is present in Darksiders 3, then it should organically fit into the surrounding world, and not be a simple and banal artificial illogical trap that an unknown villain behind the scenes has prepared for the heroine.

The principle of logical chaining should be the same as in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which took the streak to a whole new level. In the game, everything should be natural, and opponents should, as it should be, live in this world, and not jump out of nowhere on the heroine. The game will not do without all sorts of things and collectibles, but there will not be any chests that even theoretically do not fit into the local interior.

The developers are trying to stick to just such an idea, so this idea affects every level and the world that will appear before its player without a single loading screen. Therefore, if you simply go down the conventional “elevator” to some new location, then the old one will be above your head. Different parts of the open world of Darksiders 3 are logically intertwined with each other.

“Sometimes it seems like the whole world is one huge dungeon.”

Dungeons are also interconnected, so sometimes it seems that the whole world Darksiders 3 Is just one huge dungeon. But the development of the storyline remains completely linear, although the chronology will not be all that simple. The bottom line is that the events of the game unfold at about the same time as the events of Darksiders 2. Therefore, brother Death is still somewhere far away, and War, meanwhile, is captured by the Charred Council. At the same time, seven deadly sins break out of the dungeon at the time of the Apocalypse, so Rage is sent to Earth to deal with this mess.

In the demo version of the game, only one deadly sin was presented – Despondency. Despondency represents a huge beetle, which was carried by smaller beetles on a chair, which well characterizes this sin. And as I mentioned above: each location, one way or another, will personify the boss living here.

Combat system and design

Darksiders 3 game

“She whipped the beetle with her whip – that’s all? Where is BDSM? Where is the rage? Where is the pulling out of paws and the genocide of beetles? “

Due to the fact that the game is created on the basis of the Unreal engine, the appearance of, for example, water, lava and lighting in general has been improved. In addition, Darksiders 3 will carefully preserve its unique visual style, but at the same time players will have much more flexibility in terms of vertical movement. This decision is due to the fact that an updated combat system has appeared. The combat system is still complex and very dynamic, but the speed of the heroine will be something between the pace in the first and in the second part. The demo showed that it looks less feigned and is now more natural, unlike the previous installments in the series. Nevertheless, from Darksiders 3, above all, they expect brutal and dynamic battles.

The developers claim that Rage is a kind of archetype of the magician. Therefore, as planned, she will rely more on her magical skills. After all, she even has a magic whip. In addition, Rage, like War and Death, will have its own unique form for reincarnation. In the end, despite her name, the girl will be more submissive and not as emotional about the Charred Council as her brothers.

Quests and RPG elements

Darksiders 3. Preview

“Darksiders 3 is the first game in the series to be powered by the Unreal engine.”

As for RPG elements, there will be much less of them in Darksiders 3 than in previous games in the series. This is primarily due to the fact, as the creators claim, that in Darksiders 2 they tried to create a game with a huge open world and this went to the second part of the disadvantages. Therefore, in the new game, the authors completely changed their approach not only to design, but also to the gameplay in general. The size of the world will not be affected by this, since the most important thing the authors rely on is diversity. The main actions will unfold on Earth, but in connection with the Apocalypse it has changed so much that players will definitely not be bored.


Darksiders 3 – this is good news, which is associated with the continuation of the series, and even with the same developers. The visual style of the game is gorgeous. Lots of blood, corpses, fire, demons and angels. It remains to be hoped that in the main the third part will correspond to the first, where there were prolonged and slowed down battles with the most juicy fatalities. However, this does not mean that the second part was unsuccessful – on the contrary. I would also like to see an excellent soundtrack released for the third part, as before. In general, Darksiders 3 is full of prospects and does not cause any fears at the moment, so many are waiting for the release of this game and at least some details with great impatience.

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