Preview (Preview) of the game Metro: Exodus – “One way ticket”

Microsoft’s press conference was incredibly rich with the announcement of Forza Motorsport 7, new Sea of ​​Thieves details, Anthem announcement, and more. However, among all this number of games, a completely different game attracted special attention, and which no one expected, nevertheless, the fact remains – the announcement of this game became one of the main events of the entire E3 2017 exhibition. Of course, we are talking about Metro: Exodus.

It is worth noting that in fact, the development became known back in 2014. A few years later, in November 2016, a teaser appeared on the official website of Metro-2035, which made it clear that very soon it would be possible to learn more about the continuation of the series. The year 2017 has come. The grandiose annual E3 exhibition took place and the developers decided to answer a few questions. Therefore, it’s time to figure out what to expect from the new project of the 4A Games studio.

The STALKER We’ve Been Waiting For

► “At 4A Games they work tirelessly, so the setting of weapon parameters has also changed – from now on it will be much more diverse than in Metro: Last Light. However, they promise to talk about this in more detail a little later. ”

In the Metro: Exodus storyline, it’s 2036. Artyom, of course, not without the help of the “blacks”, was able to survive the events of the game Metro: Last Light, however, his life after that did not work out: under strong pressure from the hostile forces of the Moscow subway, Artyom and his wife Anya were forced to leave their home. From now on, the main character must lead a special squad of Sparta rangers and cross vast kilometers of post-apocalyptic Russia in order to find traces of new life far in the East. But the world of the new Metro has become more cruel, so not all satellites will be able to survive this dangerous journey. So the choice of Artyom will determine the fate of the passengers.

Artyom, in turn, decided to leave Moscow for a reason. It turns out that the “invisible observers” from scary tales do exist, and what is more, they live in satiety and prosperity, managing the entire subway from Metro-2. In addition, they also organized a huge network of radio centers around Moscow, or, more simply, “jammers”. That is why data exchange with the outside world is in no way possible.

► “The developers at the conference noted that in Metro: Exodus, open locations will be worked out in no less detail than the Moscow metro stations from previous games in the series.”

Yes, and there is someone to exchange with: St. Petersburg, Berlin, Vladivostok – all major cities are in touch. The only problem is that observers believe that the Last War is not over yet, and therefore the only way to survive is to completely powder the brains of the metro residents and distract them from trying to get out.

Of course, Artyom does not agree with this state of affairs and tries to convey to people the whole truth about what is happening, but only a part of the Order takes the side of the hero. So the guy has no choice but to leave the subway and leave Moscow to find a new home for himself, his wife and all those who followed him.

Where trains don’t go

One of the main and curious innovations of Metro: Exodus is a change in the location of the series. The bottom line is that the corridor levels of subways and much more rare forays to the surface have given way to a full-fledged part of the gameplay in the fresh air, where Artyom is now calmly taking off his gas mask.

Nevertheless, the catacomb lovers from the first parts of Metro were not forgotten either, so as you progress you will have to descend into atmospheric underground locations. But on the surface, it will be possible to fully and fully appreciate all the charms of the landscapes of post-apocalyptic Russia, the beauty of which the developers emphasized by introducing a variety of conditions: the weather in Metro: Exodus is incredibly changeable, so day and night will unconditionally replace each other.

Traveling across the country on two legs is quite tiring and dangerous. So, especially for this, it is possible and necessary to travel between locations on a modified train called “Aurora”. The storyline will collectively cover about a year of game time, so players will be able to see the full cycle of seasons: summer, autumn, winter, spring.

And another interesting innovation for Metro: Exodus is that the new game will include elements of an open world: for the first time in the history of the Metro series, players will find themselves in large and non-linear locations. Large areas will be represented on the surface, so the better you explore them, the more chances you will have to survive.

In addition, the authors announced that they have seriously taken up and reworked artificial intelligence. Now players will face a lot more unexpected situations, battles have become much more dynamic than before. As an example, the unpredictable behavior of monsters can be cited: now it will not be possible to predict where their lair is, so they will attack suddenly and it will be possible to stumble upon them at any time of the study of the nonlinear level.

And also Andrey Prokhorov, the creative director of 4A Games, said that the main “backbone of the team” is the people who worked on the STALKER series of games. And therefore, they set an ambitious task for themselves: combine two franchises in one game. So it becomes clear why more freedom was added to the players.


I would like to really believe that all the promises and efforts of the developer will be justified. Any fan would love to play this incredible mix of Metro and Stalker. Let me remind you that the release of Metro: Exodus is scheduled for 2018 and the game will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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