Preview (Preview) of the game Skull and Bones – “New Corsairs?”

First, let’s recall the naval battles that appeared in Assassin’s Creed 3. The bottom line is that the players liked these naval battles so much that the developers decided not to limit themselves to just one part about pirates and therefore added ships to almost all subsequent games in this series.

The only exception will be the last parts, because in them ship battles fell out of place purely for plot reasons. Take, for example, the Seine or Thames – the navy would be too cramped in such places. However, this did not change the fact that players were demanding a marine supplement from Ubisoft.

And at Ubisoft, they could not miss the opportunity not to release something for which the players are willing to give their money. And thus, a pirate simulator called Skull and Bones was announced – a game that will be entirely devoted to sea battles, treasure hunt and other details of pirate romance.

Skull and Bones at E3 2017

► “The Caribbean region has been replaced by a struggle for power over the Indian Ocean. Nevertheless, the tropical atmosphere will still not go anywhere. ”

At E3 2017, our team was able to play the 5v5 Skull and Bones multiplayer mode, where each of the two presented teams tried to win back as much silver as possible. Moreover, the purpose of the entire naval battle was not to drown all the sea “vessels” of the enemy – it was much more important to remain in financial gain.

The round began with each player choosing a ship for themselves. At that time, there were only three of them: the first is a heavy ship with good weapons, a lot of strength, but it turned out to be clumsy; the second is a light, fast ship with a large radius of destruction; the third – we can say “average” between the first and second ships, but the whole “trick” was in the bow ram of this ship, which could very effectively beat enemy ships in close combat.

► “Still, the technology has grown: even if the splashes are not perfect, the waves are quite photorealistic.”

After choosing a team, the players are released into the open sea, after which a full-scale robbery begins. In the water area, neutral merchant ships float, which can either be sunk or profit from goods in the hold. Merchant ships can be not only small and helpless, but huge and well-protected. So you can hunt both for a trifle and throw all your combat power on much larger prey – the team must already determine the robbery strategy itself. However, the most important thing in this mode is to keep an eye on the horizon, because if you stumble upon the opposing team during the hunt, then the loot will be taken by the one who is the last to stay afloat. In addition, there is such a detail in the game as “rebirth”, so murder is far from the most important goal. It is much more important to swim with the prey.

► “A fancy nose shape is not just the appearance of the ship, but also an effective tarantool in sea conditions.”

Literally a few minutes after the start of the round, pirate hunters suddenly appear on the map, and at this moment the understanding comes that it is time to dump. The bottom line is that in Skull and Bones, as in the same Black Flag, it will not work to give the sea enemies a battle – or rather, it is possible, but there is no point in this. With the arrival of the hunters, an escape zone also appears on the map, so all ships in full sail rush to it as quickly as possible in order to “cash out” the loot at this checkpoint.

Of course, the most desperate sailors may try to fight back and thereby arrange a carnage for the prey, but this is an incredibly risky business. First, treasure hunters will get in the way with regular gunfire. Secondly, after a few more minutes the round will end, and all those who did not have time to escape will be declared arrested.

Game mechanics

► “Judging by the gameplay demonstration, we can confidently say that the main ‘naval’ mechanics have not changed much since Assassins Creed. ‘

As for the game mechanics of Skull and Bones, it will probably be familiar to all those who, in one way or another, are familiar with the naval part of any part of Assassins Creed. In Skull and Bones, she’s just a little more intricate. This is reminiscent of Assassin’s Creed: Origins, the combat mechanics of which were taken from For Honor. Only in this game they took the mechanics from the “Assassins” and made everything more complicated. So in battle, as it should be, the wind direction, the position of the ship on the waves will be taken into account, and in addition to everything, each ship will have a bunch of weapons with alternative guns like mortars. I can say with full confidence that it will probably still be possible to play around with kernels, for example, choosing between knipples and fractions.

The same can be said for customization. At the moment, the developers have not officially said anything about this, but the scope for customization in Skull and Bones is definitely huge. Most of the game will have to be spent in the “at the helm” position, so it will be possible to carefully examine the captain, his entire team, which rushes along the deck, and even the ship from the stern to the bow. So if in the original game it was possible to paint the sails and it is interesting to decorate your ship, then in Skull and Bones this option should become much richer.


Essentially, Skull and Bones is another 5v5 multiplayer game in the Ubisoft lineup. Many people fell in love with this format of the company – there is nothing more to say about this. We can only hope that Skull and Bones will add a decent single player campaign with a storyline, because nothing like this has come out since the days of the Corsairs. Although a purely multiplayer game, too, many will be happy: the painfully gambling gameplay turned out. The release of the game is scheduled for the fall of 2018.

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