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The last worthy representative of the naval RPG was the game “Corsairs: Curse of the Distant Seas”. Naturally, after it there were still a lot of attempts to create a similar game – for example, the game Pirates of the Caribbean, which soon became an unsuccessful project, even in the face of Bagan Corsairs 3. Further, the well-known “Akella” tried to squeeze out the last juices with the help of an old and poor Storm 2.5 engine , so the game “Corsairs: To Each His Own” was released. But in the end, the game never took its rightful place. Next, the Ubisoft studio unexpectedly comes with its “tasty cake” called Assassin’s Creed 4. Of course, everyone did not notice as on the horizon that the game Raven’s Cry from the little-known studio TopWare Interactive is starting to pull up its strength. Not only is the studio trying to find a place for itself among old projects, but it also marks its place with the emerging Corsairs 4.

So, the plot of the game Raven’s Cry tells about a man named Christopher Rave – a very cruel man who, in addition, has devilish mores. Throughout the entire gameplay, he will fight his traits of conscience and morality, while releasing his deeply asleep demons at will. The players’ task is simple: to keep the main character within human boundaries and not let him go into the depths of hell. At the very beginning of the game, players will have to come to terms with the fact that Christopher will no longer be able to live in peace and tranquility. Murder is now commonplace, but the point is what it will be and where.

Despite all this, Raive still differs from other villains in that he does not constantly try to find a way to get rich or gain fame. He is driven by an immense thirst for revenge. In the game, you will have the opportunity to decide exactly how to deal with your next victim. You can straighten with a knife and make the victim tell you everything that the victim knows, or even take a flashlight and smash it on the head of a person, after which his head will catch fire. But just keep in mind that everything is possible for you and will come back. As the developers said, the victim can survive and then get ready for the fact that she will take revenge on you for what she did, perhaps after some time bounty hunters or some other thug will come for you.

The events of the game unfold when the main character has already grown up and got used to his new pirate life with his head. The game will be divided into six chapters, in each of which you will need to complete tasks gradually unraveling the storyline. Soon you find yourself in a world where there is no permanent and legal power, where there will be no order and laws. In general, Raven’s Cry shows the darkest pages of the time, where there was no romance that we all heard about.

Each city will be much larger than the cities in the Corsairs series. At the moment, two densely populated cities have already been shown. The first was the capital of Spain in the New World – the well-defended Havana. The second city is the British colony of Port Royal. These places were very different. The Spanish dominions had high morals and high fashion, beautiful and rich architecture and very interesting people. But the British colony was simply overflowing with thugs, bandits and other dregs of society.

And when the sun goes down, then in cities you may witness an unknown showdown, rape, fight or even murder. Interesting cut-scenes stop the gameplay in order to show a very interesting part of the game. The developers are trying to make the game more believable, the player in Raven’s Cry must literally “saturate” the atmosphere of the events that took place at that time. And keep in mind that while these were just royal colonies, now let’s think about what a pirate town is, because there is no mayor, king or government in general, where murder and rape occurs every day.

The story behind Raven’s Cry is quite linear, even with moral choices. In each chapter you will have to move on the road, which is compiled by the scriptwriters. It is impossible to go to additional tasks, only in the area of ​​the plot, but the developers promise that the tasks will not be too simple, and the situations in which you will visit have several options for passing. It is worth noting that the passage is very diverse, so it is impossible to place the game Raven’s Cry in any separate genre. And keep in mind that the story of the game is intended for an adult audience only, so the level will be high.

The main character will constantly move from colony to colony on his ship. The game will have both just locations and a large global map. While in the Caribbean, you have the right to sail in any direction. There will undoubtedly be trading and micromanagement in the game, but the developers are still silent about all the details. But there will be a large number of very different miki games, for example, Christopher will be able to set sails on the ship at any time, load his cannons or prepare for boarding – in general, there will be a lot of similar things in the game.

And most importantly, you need to learn that you will not be welcomed in all colonies. You will constantly be in danger, perhaps it will come from thugs or guards. Almost everyone will be a danger. And it will be possible to penetrate into any city or settlement with the help of a developed system of shelters, silent murders, theft and much more. At the same time, some drunkard or dog may suddenly come out on you.

In any case, you will be forced to constantly engage in battle, but there will not be such crowds of enemies as in conventional RPGs. Each time the game will carefully select enemies for you. Guards, thugs, captains, assassins – everyone will be good at using pistols, sabers, swords and even axes! The battle is very tough and fast. battles are built on the basis of a hack-and-slash system, but the outcome will still depend on how much your fighting skills are pumped.

In addition to all this, the main character will have unique skills. The thirst for revenge will destroy Christopher’s conscience and thereby release his demons that sit inside. Each of your kill will replenish the scale of morale. You can spend morale on some psychological tricks and attacks – this includes the well-known intimidation, intimidation and even Voodoo magic. The latter will also require special medallions – dried heads, arrowheads, totems and much more. If you use the morale scale more often, then Christopher can get even more terrible skills. Of course, for such an atrocity, the protagonist will expect a terrible disaster, about which the developers are also silent.

If you wish to interrupt any village, then you will not only meet your inner demons, but also the city guards, and your portrait with the simple inscription “Wanted” will be hung on the posts as it should be. If you disrupt these ads, then your fame as a “bad hero” will decrease accordingly. In addition, the local population will laugh at you or greet you with a bow, eventually you will gradually begin to be recognized in most cities.

All the same, from what the developers are silent about, the sea battle is most of all interested. And to be honest, TopWare Interactive pays the most attention to this detail of the game itself. In order to please marine innovations, they decided to save a little on the animation of the main character.

The developers also claim that if you notice something on the horizon, you will definitely be able to sail to this object and take a closer look at it. But so far, no videos or screenshots have been provided on this matter. Therefore, we all can only take our word for it.

Dark Raven’s Cry promises to revive the dark theme of pirate time. Many people think that TopWare Interactive is just trying to snatch a little from the start of Assassin’s Creed 4, but Raven’s story was announced long before Ubisoft’s announcement.

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