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After the Sony conference at E3 2016, everyone was shown the first trailer for Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, and PlayStation Plus subscribers had a unique opportunity to try out the game teaser of the new project on their own skin. To say that the Resident Evil 7 demo with the subtitle “Beginning Hour” was similar to the Playable Teaser for Silent Hills is an understatement. However, Capcom maintains to this day that the games are completely different in their spirit and atmosphere.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard was originally developed as a first-person survival horror. Moreover, the genre for the game was chosen long before the players saw PT What can I say, if even Capcom at that time did not know anything about the collaboration between Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro within the walls of Konami. In general, this “couple” in close cooperation and a kind of stealth mode slowly worked on their new common game. And the work continued absolutely until June 14th. After that, everyone knew that the series not only moved the operator’s camera, but also moved into a number of promising projects for a new device – PlayStation VR. Many were frightened off by the change in perspectives, because there was a fear that virtual reality would introduce its own limitations into the game, because of which the quality of the project was in question.

It is also important to note that in recent years, the Resident Evil horror series has not been in its best shape: the Japanese zombie horror cycle was increasingly reproached for having moved away from its “roots” and became not only fearless, but also went further into side of the action. Even though each new part became more epic and beautiful, it was less and less frightening. Each time the writers wrote a seemingly interesting story, but in practice it turned out that what was happening on the screen simply imitated the games of its predecessors each time.

Nevertheless, there is still the highest gaming justice, because systematically gone into shooters about explosions, co-op and guts, the Resident Evil series nevertheless changed its mind and returned to its origins. A year ago, no one could have suggested that the legendary horror would be able to return to its former atmosphere. So now, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard still has the spirit of Outlast and Silent Hills.

Why PlayStation VR

It just so happened now that mostly for helmets they make rail shooters like PS VR Worlds, or some simpler action games like RIGS: Mechanized Combat League. Now let’s take a look at how complex the Resident Evil series of games used to be: a huge amount of objects, a variety of puzzles, different camera angles and fierce battles in the last installments. And at some point there was even a certain freedom of action.

→ Even if the graphics in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard are not advanced, they are quite worthy and will definitely amaze you.

If we now look at the situation as a whole, then not a single project that could at least somehow compete with this game for virtual reality helmets can not. So far, more often than not, everyone is simply shown opportunities or niche developments in rather narrow genres, remember, for example, EVE: Valkyrie.

And Silent Hills was never even going to aim in the “league” of VR games, not to mention the fact that the parts of the “survival” were never there. It just had to be very, very scary. Nevertheless, nothing grew together there – the project suffered a fiasco. Another thing is Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, which will represent not only a terrible “horror story”, but also a “survivalist”, where there will be gathering of items, resources, solving problems, battles with enemies (which can not always be killed). Only Outlast and Amnesia come to mind in this regard. Yes, they scared us all there, but it was not quite what it was in the same Fatal Frame 2, or Silent Hill 2, or in general what was supposed to be in Silent Hills. So, in general, the VR version of the game shows more promise than the imaginary limitations and disadvantages.

Fear has big eyes

I repeat again: first and foremost, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard returned to its “horror roots”. This may seem strange in light of the fact that even back in 1996, the original “Resident Evil” could not claim the laurels of “horror”. Yes, the game had an incredibly (at that time) oppressive atmosphere, constantly kept in suspense, but it didn’t work to drive the horror completely and in all details. Plus, the picture was completed by a rather ridiculous English voice acting with constantly replaying actors, turning an already not very outstanding picture into an even more serious farce.

→ The freshness of this raven is beyond doubt.

In turn, the presented demo version of “Beginning Hour” and a huge number of other videos really make you jump aside. Moreover, not only screamers come into play, but also a mystical atmosphere, shabby decorations and mysterious, unknown ghosts. The latter, by the way, on the series could put a fat point (especially on the traditional pseudoscientific plot). However, the developers stated that in the full version of Resident Evil 7, the detail presented will be properly explained. So this is a side effect of the virus, or the disturbed mental state of the protagonist is still unknown.

Surprises in the “haunted house” start from the very first seconds and it is quite frightening enough. By the way, it will be necessary to play with a first-person view, although before that in all the games of the series it was necessary to observe only from the side. This change will be a serious test for those who are fans of the series who do not like to watch what is happening “from the eyes” of the hero too much.

However, when it comes to horror at Capcom, the ability to present yourself as the protagonist, rather than looking at your back, is more important than tradition, no matter how long-standing and undeniable it may be.

“Beginning Hour”

Although the demo version of the game can be completed in about ten minutes, the name still will not fool you: studying absolutely all available options for actions and possible endings can take at least an hour. The main character will come to his senses in an incomprehensible abandoned house overflowing with cockroaches. He has to find out and understand how he ended up sideways in this place, and what happened before his arrival in this forgotten place.

→ One second before impact. He who understands will understand. If someone does not understand, then a “pleasant” surprise awaits you.

The gameplay boils down to the fact that you have to wander through rather creepy and dark rooms in an attempt to find a few key things that would help you get out of this “house”. A variety of trash, classic “scarecrows”, movable dummies and a barely working flashlight play its role – all this does not allow the game to slide into a typical three-dimensional adventure game. In general, the demo wandering around “Beginning Hour” resembles another scary horror – Layers of Fear. Nevertheless, this trip could not do without blood and typical violence …

They offer to wander at a rather leisurely pace; there are enough interactive objects for an hour of play. There are also no heated situations, like shooting at a walking corpse. However, it’s too early to judge about shooting, weapons and battles in general by the demo version, so don’t rush things.

→ Although you still do not know, even a firearm will not help in a battle with this comrade. Shooting at him will only cause even greater fear …


Gamescom 2016 was another matter, which featured a playable demo called “Lantern”. Then they showed another tape, which captured the escape of a girl named Mia and Margarita Baker pursuing her. However, one could already get acquainted with the latter thanks to the final part of the first demo.

→ If only I didn’t notice …

The action took place again in a “haunted house” in the Louisiana city of Dulvey. And if in “Beginning Hour” you just had to get out of the house and there were practically no dangers on the way, then now I had to constantly hide from a sick old woman with a lantern, who was scouring the room in search of a runaway young lady.

How did it feel and look in general? In general, quite expectedly – like the aforementioned Outlast, but only with a huge budget. It turned out juicy and, indeed, creepy. Holding your breath, you watch the enemy. You crawl carefully from one shelter to another, and you pray, of course, that the sick old woman with her demons in her head does not look now under that beam where you have conveniently hid.

→ There are no stairs, but you need to go down to the basement, although you really don’t want to …

On the other hand, if the game of “catch-up” is pretty fed up, and this mechanic has recently been used quite often in horror movies, then the new Resident Evil will not be able to impress too much. Nevertheless, in this case, you can use the main trump card of the game – support for PS VR.

From the mouth of the authors

And yet, the game will not be reduced to hide and seek. Also, you should know that in the final game there will be completely different heroes, and the current “guys” will take secondary roles. There will be key persons from the previous parts, but only behind the scenes. So even if the new part has updated its setting in a completely different direction, it also continues to carry the burden of the mythology of the main part of the series.

In addition, the developers said that the weapons in Resident Evil 7 will be catastrophically grabbed: again you have to count each cartridge and cherish it, again try not to run into a fight, or even avoid them altogether. And quite often the winning tactic in the game will be to find a safe cover.

→ This ax, as it were, hints that in the final version it will be possible to defend with improvised means, and not just play “cat and mouse”.

Go back to the game and classic jigsaw puzzles. There will be a place like simple puzzles like “enter the code, which is written on the paper left by the guard in the room next door.” The more sophisticated ones, for example, demonstrated one puzzle in the demo version at Gamescom 2016, where it was necessary to combine the shadow of a real object (in this case, a spider figurine) with the shadow on the wall to eventually open a secret passage.


The series took a course on action a long time ago in the fourth part. Until a certain time, it seemed like a pretty good idea. Of course, as long as the developers respected the measure. However, this fine line was lost and the franchise literally erased its own face, followed by games like Operation Racoon City and Resident Evil 6.

In Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, they try to fix everything thoroughly and release the game according to the same formula for success that was used to create the original games in the series. And all in order to regain the trust of the fans. So in general, the mission is noble, and the chances of success are great. In addition, the remaster of the first part once again proved that the players missed, and still miss, the same old-fashioned, complex and confusing horror movies.

The Resident Evil series has been asking for shock therapy for a long time, because it’s too late to take on any “reforms”, so you need to turn everything upside down. And Capcom, it seems, is ready to take on such a responsible decision. So we are waiting for January 2017.

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