Saints Row 4: Gat Out of Hell Preview

A well-known studio called Deep Silver, now rises to a new level of total frenzy in the popular Saints Row series, while now they completely ignore the fact that supposedly each staircase has a limited number of steps. Many people have probably already had the idea of ​​what else they could come up with after the idea of ​​a UFO, a matrix, incredible power and dubstep guns was introduced into the game! But as it turned out, the developers have not run out of ideas yet, and soon they will release their new “creation” called Saints Row 4: Gat Out of Hell.

Now Get, along with his faithful companion Kinzie, are not going to another city, not to another country, or even to another planet – now they are going straight to Hell! In Hell, they soon witness an unusual wedding of demons, where there are fiery portals and, of course, violence. In general, the essence of the game has not changed in any way. Get along with his company should, as always, dominate and no matter where they are, be it another planet or hellish lands.

To achieve total domination, you will have to use everything you can: you will now have at your disposal the wings of a fallen angel, just a huge amount of very different weapons (get ready for the most “fumigated” types of weapons), and, as expected, you will have just superhuman power together with force. Now you can simply clean the face of any demon with your bare fists.

Stillport’s appearance will once again change a lot, but this is not surprising, because there is now his hellish reflection. In this world, you can see both the flying islands and the Gothic architecture of this world. In general, in the game you will meet and see the devil knows what (and this is not in a figurative sense). To move around such a place, you will also have special skills – for example, super-high-speed running or wings with unique vehicles. Some examples of transport, as expected, cannot be called adequate at all (for example, you will find here a chair that has huge wheels, two cool miniguns and even a rocket launcher).

Since this is just an addition, albeit on its own – there will be no technical innovations here, only a completely new plot and surroundings will appear in the game. And you know, these changes are quite enough, so Saints Row 4: Gat Out of Hell will be able to arrange a hell of a mess and give players a good mood. Everyone who once enjoyed playing Saints Row 3 and Saints Row 4 will undoubtedly get another portion of good emotions. In general, those who do not play in the Saints Row 4: Gat Out of Hell add-on, then a Trojan horse in the magic sphere will gallop up to them and bite off everyone’s ears due to carelessness.

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