Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Preview – Will It Be Better Than Wildlands?

Ubisoft continues to delight fans with games with open worlds and in October we will have a new project with vast locations and freedom of action – Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon. What is Breakpoint and will it be better than Wildlands? Let’s try to figure it out.

From Bolivia to the Pacific Islands

So, the new part is called Breakpoint and is a continuation of the previous Wildlands. The events of the new game unfold on one of the islands in the southern part of the Pacific Ocean, where an unremarkable large company “Skell-Tech” is located. Initially, the company wanted to have a distant and unremarkable island far from civilization in order to turn it into a testing ground for its technology, however, later the corporation has grown so much that the island has become an almost independent state with its own infrastructure. At one point, a detachment called the “Wolves” appeared on the island and was a team of former US special forces who had betrayed the country for their own interests. This unit is commanded by Colonel Cole D. Walker. This charismatic anti-hero, played by actor John Bernthal, will become the main villain of the new Breakpoint.

The description of the game states that you are being sent to the island of Aura together with a group of operatives on an ordinary reconnaissance mission to check the affairs of the Skell-Tek corporation. But even on the approach to the island, the helicopter is shot down and you have to survive. Your opponents are the former US Special Forces, who are also well trained, just as well armed and have the same skills and modern technology. In general, in order to save and resist the “Wolves” you will have to try hard, because these are not ordinary bandits and representatives of the Wildlands cartel, but the best soldiers who have the latest Skell-Tech technologies in their arsenal and have all those fighting skills. what you and your partners have. So you have to be very careful and think about your every step.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Breakpoint preview

Auroa island and its features

Auroa is a large island with a wide variety of climatic zones, ranging from snow-capped cliffs to viscous and impassable swamps. The game will have as many as 11 climatic regions and on each of them the gameplay has its own style of play and key aspects. For example, being in the forest, you will have the opportunity to disguise yourself by smearing yourself in the mud. Such a technique will easily knock the enemy off the trail and give you a great advantage in battles in this location.

The aura will be available for research both for one player and for the whole team, thanks to the convenient co-op in the game. In addition, already at the initial stage of the game, there will be a PvP mode that allows teams of 4 people to take part in small, but very intense battles. At the same time, in Breakpoint, the “Ghost” controlled by the player is the same for any game mode. It doesn’t matter if you play in single player mode, co-op, multiplayer – your hero will progress in any game. The same rule applies to cosmetic and functional elements of your character. As a result, you no longer have to worry about your hero not pumping due to the fact that you are constantly sitting in single-player mode or multiplayer. You will “grow” in absolutely any game.

As with many other projects, Ghost Recon: Breakpoint will be supported and updated by the developers over time. At least once every four months, a lot of new content will appear in the game, including: missions, raids, weapons, equipment, cosmetic items, special tasks and even new game modes.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Breakpoint preview

Key aspects of gameplay

Breakpoint has a whole list of new gameplay features that are innovative and can greatly diversify the gameplay in a familiar tactical shooter. Such innovations include the following:

The Importance of Injuries – In Breakpoint, injuries will be very significant. Depending on which part of the main character’s body is injured, this will affect his movement and capabilities in battle. And to get rid of the received wound, you will have to use the necessary resources and spend a lot of time.

Adaptation to the characteristics of the landscape – the landscape plays one of the most important roles in the game. Water greatly slows down the hero, he can easily break off a sheer cliff, and impenetrable forests will take a lot of strength. In this regard, at each location you will have to adapt to its conditions and use all its advantages and avoid disadvantages. For example, as mentioned above, you can easily disguise yourself in the forest, but its impassable sections can easily exhaust your reserve of strength.

Presence of a camp – on long hikes you will have the opportunity to set up a small camping camp, in which you can not only relax, but also decide on the task, strategy, selection of players, equipment and weapons.

Healing partners – if your ally is seriously wounded, then you no longer need to heal him right on the spot in the thick of the battle, being a convenient target for opponents. You can easily load it on your shoulders and carry it to a safe place, where you will help.

Developed AI of opponents – “Wolves” with their assistants will have a very high AI in battle, and this is not at all surprising due to the fact that your new enemies are former experienced military men. Enemies will always talk and keep in touch in order to track you and your team in case of detection. In addition, due to the many archetypes and many patterns of behavior, each fight with the representatives of the “Wolves” will be individual and unique, giving you no opportunity to relax.

New cover system – the presence of adaptive cover allows your hero to automatically take the most appropriate position for a particular cover. Such a function makes it possible to use more varied and sophisticated combat tactics, such as angle aiming.

Hero customization – any parameter that characterizes your fighter can be easily adjusted at your discretion. All parameters are subject to change, from the skills of the hero and ending with his appearance along with weapons, equipment and gadgets. In the arsenal of the hero there will be about a thousand possible combinations for his equipment and weapons, so there will be exactly what to choose from. The class system allows you to create the most suitable specialization for yourself in stealth, as well as in ranged or melee combat.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Breakpoint preview

What about the release and prices?

Breakpoint is scheduled for release on October 4 this year. The game will be released on Xbox One, PS4 and PC only on the Epic Games Store and Uplay. Already a couple of months before the release date of the game, a beta test of the game will be held, which will be closed. There is no information or mentions about the release of the game on Steam so far.

EGS already has a page with this game. The standard edition of the game will cost everyone 2,999 rubles. The gold edition with a seasonal pass and early access will cost 4,999 rubles, and for the Ultimate Edition, which will contain everything that is in the gold edition, as well as additional in-game unique content, players will have to pay 5,499 rubles. The cost of all editions of the game in the Uplay service is the same.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Breakpoint preview


Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint is the type of project that Ubisoft has done well over the years and is in high demand in the gaming industry these days. This is a tactical shooter with an open world and a good leveling system, as well as the presence of good multiplayer and co-op. If we talk about everything new that will be in the game (AI of a new level, injuries, adaptation to the landscape, a wide selection of weapons, equipment, etc.), then we can say with confidence that we have one of the best tactical shooters in front of us in recent years … However, for this it is necessary to make sure that all the promises of the developers were kept and we were not deceived, as has happened more than once with many potentially revolutionary and unique games. In general, it will be possible to say something specific already at the beta testing stage, but for now Breakpoint is definitely arousing interest and has good potential. Hopefully, the new game from Ubisoft will give us a new perspective on what the best tactical shooters in the open world should look like.

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