Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Preview

The Rainbow Six series has been trying to go underground for many years, which is why the announcement of the game was an incredibly pleasant surprise from Ubisoft. It is sad that the last more “sane” part of the series was released back in 2008. Since then, a series of militants about a brave detachment of special forces and a cool agent Ding Chavez has met with only misfortunes. Just three years ago, a stripped-down and even more oppressed game called Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard was released, which focused only on mobile phones.

Moving on, we can also recall 2011, when a game called Rainbow Six: Patriots was announced, and the release of this game was constantly postponed, and the concept of the game was redone three times, but even such diligent efforts could not save this project, so it just quietly canceled and this is perhaps the end. Note that all the best details from the Patriots will be in the brand new Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege.

The new part of the cult series will focus on online battles (judging by the demonstration of multiplayer from Ubisoft). Looking at the game for the first time, you might think that the game offers everyone a complicated version of Tactical Intervention and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, with a variety of gadgets, effects, etc. The rules and conditions of the games remain classic: there are two teams, the sick Taliban are fighting for one team, and the brave special forces are fighting for the other. The squads of the team are small – 5 by 5, the maps, in turn, are not huge, and tactical details are planned a couple of seconds before the team starts.

And as expected, such a tactical game has many of its own nuances. Such a “caliber” of the game, the detailing of various little things, the swiftness and speed of battles bring Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege closer to serious games of the SWAT level 4. Judging by the videos presented by the developers, the old rule “one hit is enough” has again worked in the game. A similar harsh multiplayer, if you remember, was in Vegas 2, but in Rainbow Six it has been improved and now it has become much more dynamic, spectacular and more powerful!

In general, Rainbow Six Siege values ​​realism very much: walls break through from shots, closed doors can be easily opened with a shotgun, and if the floor or wall bothers you, then it can be easily blown up with explosives. Most importantly, Ubisoft is not going to sacrifice battle dynamics. All battles will take place at a speed that you could get acquainted with in a game like CS: GO or in the Close Quarters add-on, which is intended for Battlefield 3.

Prior to that, the “ancestors” of Rainbow Six Siege were famous for being as close to realism and difficulties as possible, but over time, the developers “eradicated” this in the series and the game just became friendly to the players. The most common example: before that there was such a detail as the “stage of planning operations”, where players could split their squad by two or three soldiers, even setting their paths and rules of behavior in various situations, but in the Vegas series, the developers decided remove such a detail, making it possible to use tactical machinations straight on the battlefield.

In the new game, all tactical planning will be done literally a minute before the players start the operation. Players who are terrorists can set up various barricades and traps, hide their hostages in some room away and, in the end, prepare their weapons for battle. But the players who belong to the special forces do not have such an advantageous position – they are forced to storm the “fortress” of the terrorists, and not knowing what awaits them inside. A minute before the start, the special forces can quickly examine the map with the help of their drone, which, by the way, if the terrorists see it, they will shoot it down. The drone can also suggest a more convenient point for disembarking and storming the house.

Next comes the familiar actions in the “Contras” series – the assault. It’s time to neutralize everyone inside and take out the hostages. But when the Ubisoft company showed us these actions, something went wrong and the hostage was shot, at what it was a sniper who was sitting in the house next door, after which a psycho ran out with an ultrasound scan and put the whole team down.

Each fighter in the team has a role and responsibilities. One of them carries with him a mini-drone (terrorists do not have such luxurious equipment), which helps to reconnoitre the territory even during a special operation. And the drone is a good idea, as it makes it possible to prepare in advance for the dangers that the terrorists have prepared.

Another player can heal the wounded, quickly bandaging the wounds of the partner. The third plays the role of a sniper and can sit in some secluded place. The fourth generally carries with him a shield that is capable of protecting against frontal attacks, but does not allow to shoot with nothing more than a pistol.

Terrorists do not possess such “toys”, but they can barricade themselves quite well in their “fortress”. During the show, we were surprised by a terrorist who, in a couple of seconds, during a fierce massacre, managed to place a folding shield. It is in these little things that the whole gameplay of the game lies – there are simply a huge number of surprises in the game. Probably everyone dreamed of going down the rope from above, and then unexpectedly flying through the window! But the problem is that if you want a normal and efficient team work, you simply cannot do without voice communication.

Most importantly, in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege you can finally feel the dynamics of fights that will not slow down even when you smash walls or floors. The dynamics of the game can even be said to be “chronic”, because it is present in everything. And the procedure for demolishing the wall just asks to smash some sweet house into the trash.


The “Siege” mode will soon appear in the game, which will divide the players into attack aircraft and, accordingly, defenders. Finally, a new game in the series gives each player their own special role. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege raises the bar to “serious game for serious guys”, so you won’t find “health bars” or “health points” here. Death in the game is very fast and a couple of sudden – this is what makes the game special and unique among other games.

Everyone is very concerned about the graphics, because against the background of The Division it will be very dull, gray and unobtrusive. But this is not yet clear, so we all hope that the game can be finished before the release. And most importantly: it’s too early to judge how much the game has reached its predecessors, for a start it is worth playing. Perhaps this game will be able to move games like Call of Duty, Battlefield and Counter-Strike, even though they have occupied the shooter niche a long time ago.

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