Total War: Attila Preview

Total War: Attila is a fully independent project that does not belong to anything. This is not an addition to Rome 2, as many believe, it can even be explained by the fact that the scene and time refers to Barbarian Invasion, that is, to the first part of “Rome”. In general, the events of the game will unfold in a completely short time of history, the main events come during the years of the life of the Great Attila (434 – 454 years).

The initial strengths will correspond to the historical moments. The Western Roman Empire, as it should, will decay due to contradictions in the inner circle, and the East will experience its new birth, after which Byzantium will be formed in the future. In Asia, wild and cruel Huns begin their movement. At the moment, the number of available factions is not yet known, but it becomes clear that the logic of the game itself will be very different from the previous part of Total War – as a result, you will initially have to prepare for the fact that to implement policies or reforms that will relate to the expansion of lands you can’t do it. Keep in mind that the barbarians will cruelly and mercilessly walk across all of Europe, therefore, the main stage of the game will be based on survival and preservation of their control, while maintaining control on at least one single piece of land!

As the developers point out, the main factor that made them turn to this era of history is precisely Attila, who in turn was a symbol of the beginning of the Middle Ages – bloody and endless wars, urban epidemics and the stagnation of the European community. It is for this reason that more attention will be paid to the characters and their family trees. In addition, one of these people will be able to hold more than one position, but several at once – that is, he can be both the governor of the city and immediately a military leader. In order for players to get much more opportunities in terms of “pumping” individual heroes and to immerse themselves in great historical events in more detail, the creators of the game decided to slightly change the scale of the advancing time – as a result, the scale of the move corresponds to one season.

As mentioned above, the main goal of the players will not be conquest, but on the contrary – the preparation of their own possessions for a violent barbarian raid, which will undoubtedly come to Ancient Europe. Due to these details, Total War: Attila will have a number of new and unique mechanics that will not only increase the agility of each gamer on the game map. For example, one of these “mechanics” will be that you can now destroy your city, so that in the end the army of your enemy could not enjoy your resources. In addition, another interesting “mechanic” will appear – to sacrifice a settlement in order to slow down the advance of enemy troops deep into your empire – the enemy will be forced to rebuild the settlement, which in turn will give you the opportunity to prepare troops for further battle.

Even in spite of the fact that the Huns are barbarians and they do not solve problems in peaceful ways, diplomacy will still have to devote quite a lot of time. Religions will now exist in the game, so the two largest empires will have to suppress and destroy the spread of heresy, as this can lead to a split of state unity. You will not only have to make deals on profitable alliances in order to subsequently withstand Attila, but also try to maintain relationships with other barbarians, who will regularly need to pay tribute. Let us repeat to you once more that without various “favors” you will not be able to hold out for a long time in this piece of history. The developers even called their new part “the most hardcore” – and this is true, because Total War: Attila creates a very strong tension that every player will have to face.

Another new feature of the game Total War: Attila is – diseases, with which you also have to fight. Diseases have a huge impact on the global map. If any of your troops catch some evil disease, then they will start spreading it wherever they are. As a result, the spread of such diseases can lead to the most serious epidemics and the disease will be considered global! In general, to avoid this, you will need to isolate your troops and, of course, study science along with medicine.

The map of Ancient Europe will also be significantly changed: now it will have a variety of climatic zones, which will also greatly affect the gameplay of the game. Accordingly, in the winter period, the movement of your troops will be noticeably reduced. In general, all seasonal changes will be prominently displayed on your global map. It is worth noting here that the graphics engine for Total War: Attila was very well refined, and subsequently changed. Now the current atmosphere of the game looks more dark. The game interface is new – redrawn, and the visual style now finally corresponds to the given era of history. We hope that the developers will fix a lot of bugs in time and slightly improve the artificial intelligence of the computer – in general, speaking about these details, it is worth saying “maybe” first. After all, perhaps we will now get the very “Rome” that everyone wanted to see for a long time.

The game Total War: Attila has a huge opportunity to fix the “jambs” of the previous part. And if you take into account new elements of the game like siege changes, visual effects and epidemics, then the new gameplay will be noticeably transformed. Of course, the new project from The Creative Assembly is unlikely to be able to play the same role in the series as Rome 2 once did, but the quality of the new Attila is also not worth doubting.

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