Victor Vran Preview

What has really been enough in the games is the Diablo clones. Of course, these clones are divided accordingly: worthy and “prohodnyak”. And apparently, the game Victor Vran belongs to the first category. In Russia, the project was presented by the game producer, who is a member of the Haemimont Games studio team.

It’s worth starting, perhaps, with the fact that in terms of external factors, the game is more reminiscent of an Action-RPG, where there are gloomy locations, terrible monsters and spectacular skills. The main character is a certain Van Helsing, who even does the same in essence as the original hero – destroys crowds of monsters. It even has its own plot, although it is completely, simply unrealistically linear. The developers themselves say that the emphasis is on the world, so you should not wait for some kind of deep plot in the game.

As for the gameplay, it is very dynamic. If you stand still in Victor Vran, it means that you will definitely go to the last save point. Nobody will fine you for your death, but you are unlikely to be able to pass slowly. Monsters will constantly shoot at you, break up fiery “puddles” and do other dirty tricks that will constantly push you to move more actively.

But what is most interesting, and what makes the main character stand out more noticeably from the rest, is the ability to jump. This skill allows you to jump not only over a variety of obstacles, but also most of the monsters, various traps, and even climb hills. And active jumping can allow you to get to the previously hidden treasures altogether.

As for the monsters, they are traditionally divided into several dozen species. Someone runs like a Flash, someone shoots, someone throws something at you, someone flies, and someone jumps and makes incredible tricks. In any case, each of them is trying with all his might to get to the main character, and, accordingly, kill him. And what is most interesting, some “fat” mob can drop after death not only an interesting little thing, but also some passive ability, of which there will be just a huge amount in the game. With the help of the found abilities, you can create your own unique “build”. But the main thing is that the “build” is not designed for defense, since old Victor is not able to tank.

By the way, the developers did a very interesting job with active skills, since they tied the heroes to the equipment. That is, if you pick up some cool musket, then you immediately become an effective ranged fighter. Or if you pick up a huge ax, then you will immediately turn out to be an excellent melee swashbuckler. In this case, everything, for example, a sword and even a mace, will fundamentally differ not only in the set of active skills, but also in the damage done. Which weapon will be more effective against one or another enemy, which skill is more suitable in battle – it is up to you to choose and decide. But in any case, it will not be difficult to assemble your own unique and inimitable class.

The game can even be complicated by using special modifiers on your own. Modifiers, in turn, affect not only the level of intelligence and strength of the AI, but also the experience gained, dropped items, treasures and rewards. There are as many as five levels of difficulty in the game, but only the most hardcore players who face obstacles every day will be able to pass the latest difficulties. And what is most interesting, for those who can complete the game at the highest levels of difficulty, unique achievements are provided. The high-level part of the game implies going through the same locations over and over again, so there will be no random generation of maps, as in the same Diablo 3 – each location is done manually.

Not without the multiplayer in the game, where, by the way, the developers have already introduced a unique PvP arena. So far, it will not be possible to win any prizes on it, but the developers are already assuring everyone that they are thinking about unique awards for winning the arena. But for now, in the arena, you can only compare the length of the blade, but not more. And if you consider that the Haemimont Games studio knows how much the PvP component of the game is loved in Russia, then this innovation will not wait long.


At the moment, the Haemimont Games studio is making a very decent and promising game, but still, the final verdict can be made only after the release of the game, which many are already looking forward to.

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