Wasteland 3 preview – on the road again

Wasteland 3 is one of the most anticipated projects of the coming year among classic RPG fans. Will the developers be able to meet the expectations of fans and at the same time interest new players with their post-apocalyptic setting and classic RPG game mechanics? Although the game will only be released in 2020, at the moment there is an opportunity to get acquainted with the alpha version of the game, so you can get a certain impression of the game right now. This is what we will do.

Wasteland 3 preview

Wasteland 3 game preview

Classic creators

Many do not know, but it was with Wasteland that the history of role-playing games in the post-apocalypse setting began. The first game in this series was released already in 1988 and at that time was a revolutionary project that subsequently gave the gaming industry many interesting projects. For example, the cult game Fallout, released in 1997, was developed by Brian Fargo, who also took part in the creation of Wasteland, and it was the developments from the last game that helped him create one of the best post-apocalyptic franchises. But back to Wasteland. The second part of this series was released almost 26 years later – in 2014, and then partly thanks to crowdfunding platforms. The released game was more reminiscent of the “classic” first parts of Fallout, where a top view was used, and the main emphasis was solely on role-playing elements and hero pumping, and not on action. Nevertheless, many people liked the game, and the developers immediately thought about the continuation. Fortunately, this time, we didn’t have to wait a quarter of a century, and already in 2020 Wasteland 3 awaits us.

Wasteland 3 preview

On the road again

The new part, first of all, is distinguished by its setting. If in the second part we wandered through the dense forests of Los Angeles and the desert locations of Arizona, now the game takes place in the snowy expanses of Colorado. The game will preserve the atmosphere of the post-apocalypse, where at first the player needs to naturally survive, getting everything he needs, including for confronting the wielding monsters and bandits. However, over time, we will be able to get not only good equipment, but also several loyal comrades with whom we will be able to create a real combat ranger squad.

The first mission brings us to the small mountain town of Aspen, where we need to neutralize the local bandit leader. The global mission remains the same familiar – to restore civilization after a nuclear catastrophe.

The game begins with all the familiar moment of any role-playing game – we choose the required class and distribute skills. From the classes available at the moment, a combat medic, a soldier, a sniper and … a bum (do not ask, I do not know why he is) is open to us. In terms of abilities and perks, everything is more standard, however, so far the perks are closed and it is difficult to tell about them in more detail. In the game, you distribute points among intelligence, speed, charisma, strength and other qualities, which gives you access to certain abilities in the future.

In the game, you control an entire squad, and the battles are classic confrontations in the spirit of classic RPG games. The battles look interesting and will definitely appeal to fans of the first Fallout games and similar RPGs.

The game will also have a transport in the form of a huge armored truck, which will play an important role in the game. In addition to being the primary means of transportation in the snowy wastelands of Colorado, it can also be used in combat as cover and fired from its machine gun. The truck can be pumped, but it will also require repair.

Wasteland 3 preview

Wasteland 3 game preview

How it looks

The picture in the game is pretty good. The graphics in the game look good. Beautiful three-dimensional locations, cut-scenes characters, as well as explosions and other effects are made at a fairly high level, especially considering that we are dealing with a classic role-playing game, not a modern action game. I would like to believe that nothing will change by the release, and the game will improve in all aspects, including the graphics.

Wasteland 3 preview

If you’re bored alone

The game will also have a co-op for several players. For Wasteland, where the emphasis is on coordinated turn-based actions, and each member of the squad must be unique and bring their own benefit to the whole team. So it will be much more interesting to play in co-op, but the class and skills are better if they differ.

Game plans

According to the developers, the passage of part 3 itself will take at least 50 hours. Also, this project will be supported in the future by various updates and DLCs that will tell us new stories, introduce new characters and generally expand the game world. The creators of the game also noted that they plan to work on part 3 for many years even after the release, which speaks of the developers’ faith in this project and their desire to create a really good game. If all these words are true and the developers will keep their promises, then the upcoming Wasteland 3 will cause even more interest.

Wasteland 3 preview


Wasteland is one of the few series that maintains a tribute to the traditions of classic RPGs with turn-based combat and an emphasis on competent hero development and leveling. These games are interesting in their own way and will always find their fans. Therefore, many are watching Wasteland 3 with great interest. It is felt that the developers like what they are doing and they want to continue to create projects that are imbued with the spirit and atmosphere of the first Fallout games, where not only survival, but also the development of the entire story of the hero depended on the right choice and well-chosen skills. At the moment, Wasteland 3 meets us with interesting locations, a couple of good battles and introduces us to the basics of pumping, without opening access to the whole variety of possible perks in advance. So far, little is known about the plot of the game, the main characters and other details, and I want to believe that they will not let us down in the future. In all other respects, the game, although it requires minor improvements, looks pretty good. I would like to believe that at the time of the release of this project, which will take place next spring on PC, Xbox One and PS4, we will have a modern project in technical terms that has retained the spirit and atmosphere of classic RPGs and the Wasteland series, in particular. Will wait!

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