What awaits us? – Preview of the shooter Gears of War 4

Yes, if Marcus Phoenix knew what the ending of Gears of War 3 would turn out to be for him, then he definitely would not be engaged in an adventure with an emulsion mother. He would have just buried it and quietly and calmly continued to deal with the locusts without using cheats. The bottom line is that after all, people managed to defeat a tough enemy, but this cannot be called a victory, because in order to get rid of the “bedbugs”, it was necessary to flood the entire planet with napalm.

Of course, napalm is figurative. A bomb was dropped on the planet, which destroyed all the minerals on the Sulfur. No one doubted that the consequences would be catastrophic. For example, the resources from which the “miracle fuel” was chased – the most important value of this God-forsaken planet – were destroyed.

But even that’s not all, because the “outbreak” was followed by terrible and destructive cataclysms, and with them a new natural phenomenon called “Windflares”. What other crap is this? To be brief, then this natural phenomenon is a firestorm. And the “people” meanwhile, because of this catastrophe, were forced to move to forts of urban scale, which are surrounded by huge walls that protect people from an unfriendly atmosphere.

After 25 years…

So, the events of Gears of War 4 (aka the plot) originate 25 years after the end of the trilogy. Unfortunately, the elixir of youth was never invented, so Marcus Phoenix changed his true weapons and well-deserved combat feats to a quiet peaceful life along with an ointment for arthritis. But all this time, Marcus did not sit idly by and made a son for himself, so according to the classical form, the main character of the new story is his offspring.

The name of the huge lobed guy is JD. He is an exact copy of his father: he joined the ranks of the COG, where he served until some terrible and secret incident occurred. Why did he serve? So after that, he dumped and went AWOL. And then the fun begins, because in the meantime, Marcus falls for some reason under the tribunal, and his son finds himself in the tribe of “Strangers”. However, the tribe is not a half-naked aboriginal, as it is a completely civilized and protected society.

Further events of the game develop as if in some classic film: unknown people attack their home; destroy every building without leaving a stone unturned; kidnap all the inhabitants, among whom only the friends of the protagonist are saved. Who exactly is being saved? Childhood friend Del and a charming girl named Kite are saved.

Naturally, the brave trio literally rushes in search of traces and in the forest they encounter the first really terrible things that can only be compared with some horror: people found themselves in incomprehensible cocoons. Until now, unknown creatures are already in full bloom in the graves of locusts and multiply thanks to other living beings, and in this case, people.

So, the new enemies are now called “The Swarm”, which means “Swarm”. And it’s not the same “Swarm” that was in the StarCtaft series. So, later it turns out that the new enemy is not a stupid “locust”. These are terrible, strong and intelligent creatures. For example, in the presented videos, “Pouncer” lit up, which was trained to adapt to the actions of any player. For example, if you as a brave warrior go on an assault, then such a creature will retreat and simultaneously spit poison, or even hide behind cover. In general, with such tactical actions, the monster can easily circle you around the finger.

The plot should be the strong point of the single player company of the game. Silly statement? No, because the plot becomes more complicated from part to piece, so if in the first part the players faced the simplest task like “kill everyone”, then a little further the plot tangle began to unravel afterwards that “skeletons fell from the closet”. The universe got bigger, and the characters really became interesting: they had their own story, depth, character. So, the authors again want to create a great storyline, where everyone is used to seeing good characters, interesting plot twists and so on.

Atmospheric storms

The weather also brings its own special particle to the atmosphere. The weather in Gears of War 4 is actually not only unusual, but also not stable, because it can vary from the usual strong wind, well, and end in a hellish storm. But most importantly: any weather conditions affect the fight. The simplest example: if the fights take place in conditions of strong wind, then the bullets will fly a little further, but the very poison that can spit at you can quite likely return back to the sender in the face.

And that’s not the fun part. Of particular interest arises when the heroes find themselves in the very epicenter of the storm, where it is necessary to monitor their actions more closely. Since earlier the attention was generally focused on enemies, now it is also on the fact that the character was not accidentally hit by lightning that hits the ground.

If you look at the whole picture, then the battlefield can become a real analogue of Hell, but not because it is supposedly difficult or the enemies are terrible, although not without it. It’s just that the earth turned out to be a scorched mass, where a variety of post-apocalyptic precipitation occurs, such as storms and other dangerous phenomena. Representatives of Black Tusk Studios claim that they want to make the new game the same atmosphere as the first part was: depressing, harsh and with a “drop” of despair.

The world is at peace, but keep the Lancer to yourself

The locusts were indeed finished and that is a thing of the past. During the twenty-five years of peaceful existence, military technology and other combat research stood still. There was no one to fight, and there was no need to.

This is how the Black Tusk studio explains why in the combat arsenal of the heroes of the fourth part of Gear of War, there were good old “Lancers” with tactical chainsaws. And remember the Gnasher shotguns or spike grenades? In general, the old weapon is ready for a new battle. And yet, not everything is so bad, because according to the logic of the storyline, organic weapons disappeared, which means that the developers were still obliged to bring something new.

So, for example, instead of digging up explosive “Digger”, a mechanical drill appeared. And not only the name and model have changed. Interesting? So, to the target, the mechanical “gizmo” moves not underground, but through the air, and when activated, it immediately falls down and instantly explodes. If you say that there is nothing new, then you will be partially right. Why? It’s simple: the developers are trying with all their might to please not only the players who are not the first part of the ass of the “enemy”, but also newcomers.

There is no doubt about the quality of Gears of War 4, even considering the fact that there are a little more than four people left in the development team who worked on the trilogy, since Gear of War: Ultimate Edition clearly demonstrates how well the guys work. Another thing is that it is necessary to come up with such situations that would maintain interest in the game.


So I got to another sweet part of Gears of War 4 – multiplayer. Does everyone remember Gears of War: Judgmen? It was there that the developers allowed themselves a little experimentation with management. They decided to make it, so to speak, more traditional and familiar to action movies on consoles. And it is better to support all this with an example. So, for example, they made a choice of weapons from the D-pad to the “Y” button. It was assumed that this would “be better”, but the gaming community did not support such an idea, showing dissatisfaction with complaints and demands to return “as it was”.

Anyway, why am I doing this? The basis of the multiplayer Gears of War 4 was taken from the trilogy. What exactly is multiplayer better to see with your own eyes. So watch the video below. By the way, one of the significant changes is in the number, that is, if earlier you had to fight “4 vs 4”, now you can crush the enemy in the company of five players. The same goes for the opposing team.

Another noticeable change is that multiplayer got rid of one of the most important stupid things. It consisted in the fact that earlier two people could hide behind an obstacle and without any problems, standing close to each other, kill other players. Since it was almost impossible to aim in this case, sticking your head out, you voluntarily sign up for the death penalty.

Now everything has changed, because in Gears of War 4 specially for such cases were introduced techniques. The first is that you can safely jump over the obstacle, well, literally drive the enemy with a boot in the face, but in this case the counterattacker himself is completely vulnerable.

The second technique is that you can literally pull the opponent on yourself and “pen” (knife), prick him. In this case, the only thing the enemy can do is counterattack in close combat. In the event of a successful counterattack, you may be killed.

It would seem that in general what kind of trifle and why talk about it? You’ll be wrong here, because the only weak point of multiplayer over the years is a misunderstanding. Since multiplayer was famous for the fact that it requires well-coordinated teamwork: someone must distract the enemy, someone must come from the rear, and someone is generally obliged to take the fire on himself. In pairs, even accurate shooting does not help, because some thoughtful maneuver would be a more effective means. In general, the multiplayer of the fourth part is not far from its predecessors, while it is also improving.

The traditional “Deathmatch” remained the same, because there, as usual, the war will be waged not on the typical “frags”, but on “life”. If someone is not familiar with this system, then I will explain now, everything is simple. There’s a conditional, limited number of lives/revivals and that’s the total number for the whole team. On the example, everything looks like this: one player was killed, he is reborn, and the life counter is reduced by one unit (unless, of course, two players died at once+). One corpse, one life. And somehow only the counter will reset, the game of elimination will begin, that is, if someone dies, then it is no longer reborn. And so on until all the players are killed.

The next mode is new and is called “Dobgerball”. You can understand it as “Knockout” and “Bouncers”. The meaning of this regime is also interesting. The bottom line is that every death of your enemy gives an opportunity to be reborn by an associate, and vice versa. Let’s say you knock out two out of five players, then two of your players will be reborn, after which you will be five, and there are three of them. Further, for example, they kill your three companions (not two), then not only will two opponents be reborn, but they will also receive one legal right to rebirth, since one enemy death sits in the “spare tire”.

In fact, this mode is not designed for weak players, because sometimes there are really difficult situations, especially when five players pile on one. There are two ways out: die or try to kill someone and give a chance to your associates to be reborn. Each of the players has a huge responsibility. It’s for this reason that I mentioned above that Gear of War’s multiplayer has always stuck to team play. Well, to say what emotions you experience in such modes is not worth it, especially when one remained against five.

And the last mode that is now known is “Escalation”. But what is most interesting is that it was invented specifically for e-sports competitions. Now not much is known about it, because Black Tusk Studios promises to tell everything about it at the upcoming event “PAX 2016”, which is held at the end of April. Now it is known that in this mode there will be 12 rounds. To win, you need to win at least 7 victories. In total, there will be 10 players and 2 observers, which seems to hint at the fact that these observers will be commentators of game matches. It is they who will fly around the map, follow what is happening, show the most interesting moments and in every way change the angles of discussion.

Will there be other modes? Unknown. But even now you can pay attention to how well the fourth part is transformed and takes even a very clear course for e-sports competitions.

Equal system

At the time of the start of the game, the authors plan to provide players with ten unique maps. Nine of the ten maps are potentially new, as for the tenth, it’s a familiar, traditional map called “Cridlock”. She wanders from game to game and doesn’t improve in any way. In the future, there will be many more cards, and so that at a certain point there are not too many cards, the authors want to introduce rotation. What does that mean? So this means that every day there will be a change of available cards.

But before I move on, I’ll note that rotation isn’t something that looks great – no. It’s just a great idea. So, if you have a favorite card, then it can be bought, like a character or a thing in some “MOB”. And playing on your favorite map with friends is simple. Only one person needs to have a card, namely the host. All other visitors will be able to play it for free.

The developers want to keep players not only with a wide variety of maps, but also with a new rank system. As for the balance, which is usually disturbed in games by an abundance of paid services that increase the advantage over other players – there will be nothing like this in Gears of War 4. The offered boxes (for game and real currency), give all sorts of “skins”, accelerators for earning in-game money and other collectible unremarkable items. Of course, none of the things that fall out can affect the gameplay of the match.

As mentioned earlier – boxes can be bought both for in-game currency and for real money. In addition, items that will fall out can be exchanged between players. The creative director of the studio (Chuck Osidge) says the following: “I am forty-eight, and my son is still 16. I have a lot of money, but no time, and my son has no money, but plenty of time. But in a balanced multiplayer system, we find ourselves on equal terms.”

At the same time, real money still can not buy any power-ups. Everything can be obtained by game. There will be more legendary cosmetic items that will be available only at certain intervals. For example, a set of “rusty” weapons will be available only at the time of the beta test, which begins on April 18 and ends on May 1.

The Bottom Line

The Release Date of Gears of War 4 is set for October 11. If you believe the studio Black Tusk – anyone can play and feel comfortable. Because the new part will tell a completely new story, tell about new characters, and the world around us together with the enemies will change. Fans of the trilogy will be satisfied with the fact that some details of the previous parts of the series are transferred to the new part, and newcomers will be satisfied with what the veterans were happy with playing the first part. On the issue of graphics, plot, atmosphere – everything is fine. The main thing now is that there is normal optimization and a wide variety of game situations.

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