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The World of Tanks project, which was developed by Wargaming, has become so successful that it already numbers millions of people who have not played anything at all until that moment! A fierce struggle ensued for the niche of short-session military online battles: the studio Gaijin Entertainment decided to release a game called War Thunder, which was somewhat late in release, unlike WoT. Local forum trolls are even now figuring out which is cooler – “tanks” or “tundra”, but in the meantime life goes on and soon a new project called World of Warships is coming out! Having visited the closed alpha version, we can tell you a couple of very interesting details.

The World of Warships project is an online game that will focus entirely on naval battles in the middle of the twentieth century. Players will take on the role of the captain of one of the ships, and together with their teammates will have to sink the enemy fleet in order to achieve victory. In general, battles last about fifteen minutes, but some game modes initially change the tactics of fighting.

The game features four classes of ships, each of which has its pros and cons, the only problem is that there are no submarines, although without them, the game is already very difficult and intense.

When you first see the “ships”, you immediately remember the game Wargaming, where the garage was called a “port”. The branches of technology development, improvement systems and experience themselves – you could see all these details already in “tanks” and “tundra”. Entering the game for the first time, you might think that this is still the same World of Tanks, but instead of tanks there are already ships, instead of the usual houses – huge aircraft carriers, and instead of various shelters – islands and rocks. And you know, this similarity is deceiving: a completely different mechanics of the game works here, so it is necessary to hone a different combat skill, which is noticeably different from tank battles.

Upon first acquaintance with the ship, it seems that it is like a turtle. They accelerate very slowly, turn hard and brake extremely badly. You wait a very long time for contact with your enemy, and even when you meet him, you lazily give the first salvo, after which there is an equally long recharge … Boredom … But suddenly, unexpectedly, you get carried away by aiming long-range weapons at an enemy ship. Suddenly you get on the “ass” from the enemy, you crash into the shore and slowly back up, after which you re-enter the battle.

In general, do not be alarmed, because the slowness infuriates only at the very beginning of the game. At some point, the game picks up speed and moves even too fast, although the ships remain the same extremely clumsy “boxes”. And the thing is that the captain of the ship is a very busy person.

Yes, and this is understandable, because you must always remember which course you are moving, where are your allies, watch out if your paths intersect, and if there is land ahead of you that you can crash into. The thing is that it takes tens of hours for ships to change their course, slow down, turn around, and much more.

At the same time, you should always remember that you are in combat and you need to attack your opponent. And that’s not all, because if you stand or move too slowly, then you will undoubtedly become an easy target for your enemies. It is necessary to constantly keep the distance under control, to look out for enemy torpedoes and shelters in advance. And the most important thing is that all this has to be done at the same time, since no automation can save you here if you are under fire.

The role of various shelters in the game is also completely different than in World of Tanks: it will not be difficult for you to throw a couple of shells across an island, so you have to stay closer to the shore so that the enemy cannot “chop” you with shells. But then another problem arises: if you do not stop at the moment when the island ends, then again you will find yourself under fire.

It is extremely ineffective to stand in place just like that, because most of the time is spent accelerating and leaving your shelter. Such cautious players, of course, can save their ships, but they let their entire friendly fleet down by not participating in the battle at all.

Shooting World of Warships is much more difficult than World of Tanks. Shells fly at the enemy for a long time and only with the correct trajectory hit, so seeing and shooting is not enough, it is also important to guess the angle of the shot so that the shell can easily hit the deck of the ship or on board, and there are no clues about this. In addition, a pair of a successful hit of the enemy with a certain weapon significantly complicates the game: on the one hand, it seems that there is an opportunity to fire at enemies from one side and the other, but on the other hand, the weapon also has its drawbacks as a “dead zone” and slow turns when aiming, so if you decide to turn to another enemy, then this will be a very long process.

Continuing to compare the game with “tanks”, we will now finally move on to the playable classes. Battleships and cruisers are the exact counterparts of medium and heavy tanks: battleships are unhurried, but durable and quite powerful; cruisers are nimble ships, but weakly armed. Battleships and cruisers also differ in that their firing range is different. Some other types of battleships and cruisers have an airplane on their ship that can play the role of a scout.

Light tanks are destroyers that have even acquired a new sense of the game. Destroyers are very fast ships, but with a small margin of safety, so it is very difficult to hit them at long distances, but the most important difference from other ships is that they can change their course in a couple of seconds. Based on this, they can easily get away from the volley. A skilled destroyer captain is able to come closer to the largest ship and launch a couple of torpedoes at it, which will create many problems even for the most powerful enemy, and then completely sink it. And in the end, they can set up smoke screens, thereby covering both their tactical maneuvers and those of their allies.

Aircraft carriers are the closest analogue of artillery in World of Warships. A common detail with World of Tanks is only that they are helpless near and forced to operate in the extremely deep rear. The main task for the captain is to find the correct and advantageous position: not too far from his enemy, so that the aircraft can fly, but not too close, so as not to be under enemy fire. At the same time, the captain of the aircraft carrier will also have to control the aircraft from his own point – squadrons of fighters, torpedo carriers and bombers. Ideally, you should manage all the squadrons, which is a very difficult task, especially when you have a high level, since one aircraft carrier can release up to seven squadrons. This is the main problem of aircraft carriers, because World of Warships is really the game where you need to learn to control and play.


World of Warships is the most hardcore game in the series, so to speak “World of …”. Comparing the game with World of Warships, we can safely say that it is much more difficult than the World of Tanks game in all elements. You will have to master this game thoughtfully. It is possible that this game is even too difficult for today’s massive online battles. On the other hand, if you remember how the “tanks” came out and how they did not believe in them, then the new project has every chance to appear in all its glory. In any case, this is a very interesting game with its own unique game mechanics.

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