A New Evil – Review RPG Dragon Age: Inquisition – The Descent (DLC)

As everyone knows, there is a major addition to the game Dragon Age: Inquisition, which is called “The Descent” – “Descent”. Naturally, I couldn’t miss such a DLC, so I decided to personally go down to the Deep Trails and personally check what the hell was going on there. The large gaming portal GameAwards presents this time for you a review of the Dragon Age: Inquisition – The Descent add-on.

Dangerous dive

As it should be, the new addition is another struggle. This time, Comrade Inquisitor will have to go to the mystical lyrium mines of the legendary underground city of Orzammar. He goes there not with his girlfriend to have fun lying on the underground moss, but to find out the cause of the earthquake, the power of which even destroyed several seals, by the way, to which the Deep Trails were closed. Naturally, after the seals were destroyed, hordes of filthy creatures of darkness poured into the mines to get to the surface.

The journey turned out to be dangerous, because the heart of the mountain is not for you to drink beer with your friends, there you need to fight with evil spirits. That is why new friends, more precisely a sweet couple of short-legged dwarfs: Ren and Valka, more precisely Valt, will help the main character on this difficult journey. Moreover, these are unusual short-legged, these are short-legged, which are in the legendary “Legion of the Dead”. I will not retell the plot to you, because I do not want to spoil the impressions of the passage.

The new addition pleases with the fact that wandering through the dungeons, you can remember Dragon Age: Origins and the adventures that were there. It upset me, of course, that I was being led like a girl through the corridor locations, nowhere was I really not allowed to run, walk and play with my companions. The plot is absolutely linear. You shouldn’t rejoice too much about the new branch in the plot, since in general the story of the addition to “Descent” is not that weak, it is none at all. If you try to briefly present the additions, then it represents one huge booth where you have to fight monsters and look for powerful artifacts.

A very exciting adventure

You will have no one to talk to, because for those six levels, which consisted of corridors, the authors of the DLC highlighted just a couple of lines of remarks and a couple of facts that have at least some meaning for the universe of the series. However, this did not surprise me personally. Another addition from BioWare, which was made on “fuck **”. By the way, I do not advise you to meddle on the Deep Paths naked, with only your personal belongings alone, because a noble foe is waiting for you and this is not taking into account the fact that they are guarding. It is best to go to this forgotten and closed locally from level 20-25. The enemies are guarded by very cool little things. And yet, you will also need influence points, because without them you will not be able to open a large number of useful secrets, where you can find many useful buns.

You will not be able to postpone the trip and return later, because after the completion of the report comes a report that the booze, friend, and the caves are already closed for you, so go ahead and shuffle the cock out of here until we kicked you off and kicked you off. Cool, I’m happy bitch with the new addition.

Well, these are all flowers compared to the fact that I, like a factory six, constantly wandered around the dungeon and looked for gears. Why do you ask? It’s simple! Without this nonsense it is not possible to fucking open a single door. Instead of valiantly saving the world, beautiful ladies and chopping off heads for stolen tomatoes on my land, I, like a mechanic from the garage opposite, rummage through a heap of trash and collect gears so that my doors open. Fuck **, “til open up!”

The only ones who made me happy in all this biovar mess are new enemies. More precisely, these are well-forgotten old ones: garlocks, genlocks and ogres. Of course, those who have not played the first part are unlikely to understand my joy. And yet, whoever played the founder of the series will be glad of old enemies. By the way, there are new enemies, the name, however, they have a stupid – sha-Britolls. In general, they are some kind of mutant gnomes from Chernobyl who revel in lyrium – like vodka, as a result of which they begin to grow together with their armor and become terribly aggressive. Unpleasant creatures when you know what they really are.

What could be the addition

The gameplay surprised me a lot, because in addition to the fact that all opponents are of the same type, they also had immunity to everything except my favorite element – lightning. And I was interested in this, because I sat and thought, how is a fart bombing from someone who took the wrong weapon and is now going through this DLC. Probably, it was real torture and hard labor.

The main and main problem of “Descent”, however, as well as of crayfish developers, is linearity. Due to the completely linear passage, the game has narrowed to match size and compared to the addition of “Jaws of the Hakkon” it looks less voluminous. It just amazes me how sometimes the creators make a great universe and don’t take advantage of it. Why the Deep Paths couldn’t be linked to the first part, which clearly described the plot, had a great story and unexpected twists. Betting on battles and looking for things in the expansion looks kind of stupid when you have incredible potential behind your back.

It would be possible to build a powerful and strong storyline, where every player would “gasp and groan” in surprise. But no, now you have to wade through the ruins of a once great civilization for about five hours, sit on every stone and sob because the developers have fucked **, spoil the game. However, what can I say, if the main character himself, even leaving the Deep Trails, says that he is leaving this amazingly beautiful place with a huge baggage of questions.

Did you understand the essence of the new threat? Remember at least how in the second part the developers in one of the additions showed the Coryphaeus, who played a huge role in the future. They introduce a new character, diluting the story instead of developing the existing one. In general, a similar situation has happened now: they showed a new powerful force with a hint that friends are supposedly fixing their buns, because this crap will ever get out to freedom and kick your ass more than once. Just fight, who will be with her? The Inquisition? Of course, the brightest minds of the company will offer to reunite the Gray Guardians, for the hundredth time.

The designers of Descent seem to have been trying with all their might to replay Jaws of the Hakkon, but somehow not very well. The new addition is very much inferior to the previous one. And again, the absence of peace brings its disadvantages.


I don’t even know what to say. Impressions from the passage of the Descent are rather mixed for the reason that I seem to be glad to go down to familiar places, to meet enemies, but it seems that I am not happy with the monotony and linearity that I met further. There is a feeling of some gross flaw. For example, on “Jaws of the Hakkon” it took me about 15 hours, I’m even ashamed to say how much. And the price tag, which, as usual, has been turned down completely discourages the desire to buy and spend your honestly earned money. An unremarkable place and not really catchy plot is not worth it.

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