Anthem Review – Shoot & Gather Resources in Powerful Flying Suits

Anthem is an open-world 3-person shooter. If we draw analogies and describe the game as a mixture of several other projects, then Anthem is a combination of Destiny and Mass Effect. The game was developed by the studio BioWare, which after the not very successful Mass Effect: Andromeda needed to rehabilitate and show fans that it can create worthy projects that will bring her fans approval and replenish the audience with new gamers. Is the new Anthem such a project? Let’s try to figure it out.

Abandoned world and mercenaries in exosuits

The action of the game Anthem takes place in a fictional post-apocalyptic world, where a planet inhabited by people was abandoned by the gods and now many cataclysms are happening on it, and besides them, people are threatened by huge monsters. In such difficult conditions, humanity is very difficult to exist and freelance mercenaries come to the rescue, who are a faction of pilots who control special Javelin exosuits. The suits give them the ability to fly freely, defend themselves against any attacks with the most powerful armor and use the latest types of weapons. It is this small group of people who must help humanity survive and save it from the dangers of a destroyed world. As you might guess, we are just one of these pilots with a Javelin suit on whose armored shoulders a great burden of responsibility falls to save the entire civilization.

Anthem review

Flying, collecting loot, pumping and skirmishes

These words can easily describe everything that we have to do in Anthem. Yes, an interesting plot is certainly good, but still, players are interested in what they have to do. And here, everything is banal and simple, and it is not for nothing that at the beginning of the article the game was compared with Destiny and Mass Effect. In the game you have to dissect the vastness of the fantasy world and complete many tasks, albeit not very diverse. Choosing a certain class of your costume and getting a set of basic skills and equipment, you hit the road. Killing monsters and various other types of enemies, you collect everything that falls out of them and pump your level. Improving your hero, acquiring new gadgets for the exosuit and perks of skills and abilities, as well as more advanced weapons, you begin to fight with stronger enemies and so on. Shooting in the game is also important and it is done quite well. Firing various blasters in the air and on the ground is pleasant and convenient, especially given the variety of different types of weapons. However, it is worth noting that some of the story missions can be pleasantly surprising. And it’s not just the cutscenes, made just amazing. Some missions really add variety to the gameplay and do not imply tasks such as bring this and that or kill that. Of course, as in any self-respecting shooter in the open world, in single player mode there is a lot of pathos and world threats, which only the main character can save from. However, all this does not look pretentious and for some of the characters, as well as for the plot itself as a whole, it is very pleasant to watch.

In addition to battles with wild animals, pumping the hero himself and collecting resources, you can also explore the world (partly also for the sake of finding similar tasks and new resources) and pump your base. The base for the pilots of freelancers is their native abode called Fort Tarsis, which, if you wish and partly if necessary, you can turn into a real combat center, which is ideally protected and where you can get everything from equipment to medical care, and how for yourself and for your comrades.

However, this is not the only reason Fort Tarsis is so important in the game. The fact is that in your team there are many heroes, each with their own story, their own life and their own problems. Resting between the next missions to destroy enemies and collect resources, you can always go up to some hero and just talk to him. He will surely tell you his life story, share current problems and even ask for advice. These tips are not made for show, and depending on what you say to this or that hero, he will take certain actions. The dialogues themselves in the game are made beautifully, starting with the detailed animation of facial muscles and ending with the communication itself – it is lively and simple here, it does not concern tasks or missions, but ordinary ordinary problems. In general, such dialogues help you to relax well between tasks, to take a little respite and have a great time at Fort Tarsis.

Anthem review

The vastness of the fantastic world from a bird’s eye view

The graphics in Anthem are definitely a strong point, which BioWare shows off at its best. Magnificent dizzying flights, during which you celebrate speed well, see stunning changing locations, and your eyes narrow easily from the bright sun. There is something to see in the game: green forests, small towns, huge and diverse monsters and other attractions of the game will definitely not leave indifferent fans of a good picture. At the same time, the game has finely worked out and smaller details, like the same animation of the characters’ facial expressions when communicating with them or the appearance of a particular character. Well, when battles begin with shootings and explosions, it is simply impossible to tear yourself away from the game. Vivid special effects can make even the smallest skirmish with a couple of marauders intense and memorable. Of course, due to the abundance of shootouts in the game and the same type of tasks, you get used to everything over time, but this does not negate the fact that the effects during the battles in the game are made at their best and BioWare has done a great job.

Anthem review

Is there anything to scold?

Alas, there is. For all its beauty and pathos, the game turned out to be very monotonous in terms of the gameplay and rather “empty”. There is not much to do in the world of Anthem, except how to kill certain opponents and collect resources in order to pump the character and base in order to then also kill new enemies. The tasks in the game are very monotonous and even a couple of good story missions here do not really save the situation. Also, there isn’t much to do in the game. The world of the game is corny empty, which means that even with all its beauty, it can get bored very quickly. It is also worth mentioning that there are many technical problems in the game in the form of the same bugs, but, as often happens, the developers can deal with this aspect after a while by releasing a couple of updates. But with a desert world and monotonous locations, alas, it will be much more difficult.


The boring and monotony of tasks negatively affects the multiplayer. In Anthem, it’s best to play with a friend and go through the game in co-op. Well, as for the multiplayer game, the mission of the same type, even with live players, also quickly gets boring. Of course, BioWare will probably add new modes in the future and diversify the tasks in some way, but you need to judge the game now, right? Nevertheless, I would like to believe that over time, the developers will add a lot of new things to the game and it will be more diverse, but the prospects do not affect the current assessment.

Anthem review


Anthem is a project about which one can say a lot, as well as note some very significant shortcomings. The game looks good, there is a good storyline and a fascinating setting, as well as a good action component. However, endless shootings, tasks of the same type and the constant collection of resources with the subsequent pumping of the hero, and the base will be enough for a maximum of a couple of tens of hours. After that, the game frankly starts to get boring and you already want to go through everything as soon as possible, or, as an alternative, call someone for a cooperative passage, in order to somehow diversify the constant battles, and the same missions. The game is not a bad project, but you shouldn’t look for something unique in it. If you are a fan of constant gathering of resources, pumping and bright skirmishes, then the game is for you. But as already mentioned, Anthem doesn’t last long. Is this “for a little while” right for you? The choice is yours.

LID2PRO reviewer verdict


At first, the game is very addictive and captivating with its plot, setting, beautiful locations and colorful skirmishes. But this is not enough for long because of the constant monotony of the “desolation” of the game world.

If the main thing for you in the game is a beautiful picture and vivid effects, then Anthem will definitely delight you. In terms of graphics, the game looks just great.

Shooting, dialogue and a good soundtrack leave a good impression, but you should definitely not expect something amazing for your ears in this game.

If you sit down in multiplayer after a single company, then you will get bored with it as quickly as possible, if before a single company (which is unlikely), then you will also get bored of it because of its monotony, but not so quickly.

Single player campaign

The plot of the game is interesting, and the characters are pleasant to watch. The first couple of tens of hours from the game will definitely be difficult to break away, well, then either you will already go through a single company, or you will get bored with it.

It is easy and simple to operate the Javelin and its gadgets. The controls in the game make it possible to enjoy both the exploration of the Anthem world itself and the colorful skirmishes with another cluster of enemies.

Not a bad shooter with an open world, a sea of ​​loot, stunning pictures and pumping of everything and everyone, but rather boring in the later stages due to the desolation and monotony.

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