Assassin’s Creed Rogue Review

For eight years, Ubisoft has been teaching us these principles – to hunt down and kill the Templars. The very existence of the Assassin’s Creed world consisted of these principles. Assassins have become almost those legendary “Warriors of Light” along with pink ponies jumping through the meadows and carrying the pollen of good. Altair, Ezio, Connor – they all fought along with the evil that the Templars produced. But Assassin’s Creed Rogue completely overturns everyone’s familiar world order. Shay Patrick Cormac – formerly an assassin, now a Templar. Now he announces his personal hunt, where the main target is the former Brothers. A dangerous templar with a bunch of tricks from the assassins.

Rogue is named by Ubisoft as the darkest game in the entire series. After all, now in the service of Cormac – all the might of the Templars! Wealthy, heavily armed, and willing to accept dirty tricks. For example, the use of intoxicating gas on ordinary people. Cormac calmly throws a bomb into a crowd of civilians, after which he observes a terrible picture in which people go crazy and kill each other. He observes emotionlessly from a safe distance, after which he puts on his mask and finishes off all the survivors. How could you imagine Ezio doing something like that in a Florentine crowd? The new hero, Cormac, does not care about moral issues at all. His main goal is to track down and kill the assassin. At the same time, at any cost, in spite of the consequences and making any sacrifices. If earlier the developers punished everyone for murders, now in the new part this is not a problem.

And the Assassins are extremely tough in relation to Cormac. Until the last moment they will not make contact with opponents, preferring to sit for a moment in the bushes or on a hill. And if Cormac begins to yawn, then he will receive a stab in the back, after which the Assassins leave so much health that even if a teenager kicks you, you will die. The assassins also connect their friends to the battle, who attack Shay from all sides and try to shoot him in the head or even blow him up. And now it becomes clear that there is simply no place for morality.

This change of role, in any case, becomes the biggest incentive to buy this game. First, now you have the opportunity to view the centuries-old conflict from a completely different angle. Secondly, now they give a full-fledged rebuff, however, like you once did – playing for the Assassins. Let’s remember how it was a long time ago: the Templar constantly surrounded himself with a retinue, all sorts of cordons consisting of soldiers, and we, as a butcher, massacred everyone in the neighborhood. In the end, after a long penetration comes the call to “repent” and instant death. But now feel yourself in the role of a Templar and try to defeat the assassins – they do not give up so easily.

I was glad that Rogue now does not cling so strongly to sea battles as in the previous part. They decided to add such a huge city as New York to the game. After all, Assassin’s Creed Black Flag has already departed and it’s time to offer something more perfect. Many people have probably already become bored of endlessly crawling along various tropical islands, ruins of huts and so on. But still, sea battles remained, although not in such volumes as before. Now you can visit the harsh Arctic Ocean and explore the lands covered with white mist. And by the way, there is simply gorgeous northern lights!

The Templars have always been famous for the best weapons and equipment. Therefore, ships are no exception. If enemy ships follow you, then you can release burning oil, which will noticeably slow down the assertiveness of the enemies and will simply cause huge damage to the enemy ship.

The captains who work with the Assassins will constantly try to board you. At this point, the games will not stand on ceremony with you again, because if you do not stop the enemy’s attack in time, then most of your team will simply die under the pressure of the enemy. Thus, we need to deal with ordinary sailors as soon as possible with the help of our smoke grenades, and at the very end, as usual, by tradition, we are looking for a captain because of whom the team does not want to surrender.

In the end, we must admit that all these water battles have become much richer and much more dynamic. The pair in Black Flag lacked just speed, so Rogue took into account the mistakes of the previous part and became more impetuous and unpredictable.


Many became embarrassed that the game was being developed by a lesser-known Sofia branch of Ubisoft, but as mentioned above, the game became better not only because of many technical bells and whistles, but also because of simply unmatched graphics. The writers were able to create a unique story that is very catchy. Rogue is the moment that radically changes the trajectory of the series, of course it may not become a brilliant game, but for a universe where bloody battles between the Templars and Assassins are taking place, this is just a great event. The day when enemies become heroes and the greatest victims!

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