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As I went through the new masterpiece from the Frictional Games studio, I constantly said to myself: “What a great game the guys from Frictional Games did. And in particular, this is due to the fact that their new game is not like all previous creations. They are not similar to each other mainly due to the fact that there is a huge time interval between works. Of course, the matter may still lie in small details, like a new team, new ideas in the head. But in any case, one thing is clear – you cannot drink skill and you cannot bury it in the ground!

Yes, the budget of “Soma” cannot reach with even one finger the budget of the game “Alien: Isolation”, but as the result shows, this is not the main thing. Soma is not just a horror movie like the recently released Until Dawn, which showed you an interactive movie about American teenagers. Soma is a real horror game, where the atmosphere of the game keeps you throughout the entire passage, where you have to read a lot so that your brains do not atrophy and where you have to wander in the darkest and most creepy places. The large gaming portal “” presents for you, dear visitors, an overview of the survival horror SOMA!

Spoiler drop

Although SOMA differs very much from the previous games of the authors, but still, there are still similarities, for example, the storyline and physics. We must never forget about this, because these are some of the initials of the authors, which they leave in each game. Well, okay, let me not delay, because many already want to hear what the “game tastes” like.

You have to play as a young man named “Simon”, who becomes a new victim of a popular trick from the developers: he, like all the other heroes, finds himself in some incomprehensible place and tries with all his might to get out of a complete ass. And it all started quite normally: Simon was driving his car with his girlfriend and suddenly had an accident, after which he started having problems with the skull.

And so old Simon comes to a session of some kind of computer brain fucking, sits down on a chair that looks more like an electric chair and oppa, he finds himself in a complete ass. Soon it turns out that this guy got to the secret laboratory “PATOS-2”, which is located at the bottom of the ocean. This is where all the problems begin, there are bastard enemies, secrets and other crap that Frictional Games love to insert into their games so much.

Distinguished …

The next similar feature was the controls, physics and a very simple interface that does not force you to study some buttons and a magazine with pussies. You will see just one tiny, barely noticeable point and inventory with items that you get by themselves when you need it. That is, if you have a faloimeter in your hands that does not disappear, then you need to use it. The controls are usual, simple, normal – I don’t know how else to say so that you understand that you are playing without any tension, freely, nothing fucks you ** and does not infuriate you, as, for example, in “Outlast”, when I, out of fright, at a crucial moment, opened, or shit ** closed the door of the fucking door. I was also pleased that you can peek out from around the corners and thus monitor the movement of donkeys that are chasing you.

If you come up to any panel, or a lever, or again a button or puss, a hand must appear instead of a white dot. In general, no problems or discomfort. Twirl your mouse, open and close doors, jerk off the levers and scatter mechanical trash around the premises.

Another distinctive feature is the graphics. I do not understand one thing, why everyone started to compare the game with Alien: Isolation and at the same time offend? Apparently no one noticed what beauty the guys from Frictional Games created. For some, the game is too dark, but for others it was not pleasant that there was no map. Of course, I’m sorry that you were not led by the nose, as in Alien: Isolation and you knew in advance why you went to the station, what you need to do, who to escape from and where you can piss in the toilet. SOMA is a great classic horror game that is coated with modern grafon and a plot that makes everyone who passes the game think. Nobody will be here to babysit and wipe your ass with you, they just leave you alone and do what you want. And that’s just great!

Calm, only calm!

As you progress, the main character with a severe trauma to his skull will stumble upon a variety of audio recordings, data notes. Thanks to his sore head, Simon can hear what happened here before, so this is one of the reasons why it is better to play Soma with headphones at full power. If someone doesn’t know, or just doesn’t remember – a couple of days before the release of the game, the sound engineers presented a vidos where they sat near the toilet and recorded every sound of urine falling into the toilet. And all so that you, dear gamers, and visit our channel, can fully immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the game. But still, for completeness of immersion, we recommend taking a basin of cold water for your feet.

The game will keep you so that you simply cannot even imagine what awaits you next. After all, suddenly now a huge, luminous mechanical toilet will run out at you from around the corner. Uncertainty and incomprehensibility in the game does its own thing, yes. But this is also the proprietary detail of the authors. She was always like that, even in the ass-tearing Penumbra, where she suddenly had to run from the bastard with a huge red dick.

And even if there are no monsters around you, the bitch constantly makes some kind of grinding, strange sounds. And also, in my case, I was often frightened by either a smelly boot or some kind of helmet. Since the physics in the game is just perfect, I quite often took all sorts of details, chairs, things and just scattered everything. So, once I threw away my helmet and it began to slowly roll down the steps, but I didn’t know that it was rolling, so I almost built a brick house from terrible blows. And how I ran away … oh … In short, throughout the game you will not get bored, then that either Poles or hands will constantly shake. Or Poles and hands.

Meet the atmosphere

Separately, it should be said about the underwater world that was recreated. He’s amazing. For the first time in the game, I felt what it was like to be at the bottom of the ocean. How deep it is, and if it weren’t for the station, how dark it would be. This darkness, helplessness and horror can only be compared to space. For the sake of completeness, I recommend not removing your legs from the basin.

Actually, when I found myself in the water, I thought, well, that’s it, there definitely won’t be any monsters, I’m so fucking slow moving. Yeah, of course. Although there were not many of them, I was talking about it specifically. Firstly, I didn’t really see who it was, I only understood what had to be given on slippers at each meeting. Secondly, I didn’t understand where I needed to run, I was full of pussy **. But most of all I was shocked when the monster caught me in the little room, I already humbly lay down on the bed to be fucked and then – a miracle! Some just left, and some tore my ass. The demeanor of each monster is completely incomprehensible and it’s damn cool!

That is why, the same “Alien” from the game “Alien: Isolation” is not even close. In “Catfish” you are presented with a not quite standard horror and not at all standard monsters. But all this is done to complete the storyline and atmosphere, that is, it was not done just to amuse your point. Everything is completely thought out here.

Little things

Not without standard puzzles. This is not your typical horror movie: close the doors, go through the window, fall, break your ribs, act like Chuck Noriss, and then say “bitch” at the end. No, here you need ingenuity and attentiveness. This part of the brain must be preserved by all means, even though there are full pussies going on around you **.

There is a huge pile of items in the game. Everything is very elaborate and everything can be viewed. Almost everything can be taken in hand. Well, except for the black goo. You don’t want to handle the black semen of mechanical creatures, do you? My first actions in the game were things scattered all over the room. I just walked up to the shelves and threw the fuck off like I was 10 years old, and I was kicked out of my head as a child.


SOMA is a real horror game. And whoever speaks, very good and high quality. The graphics are decent and no worse than in Alien: Isolation. The atmosphere of the game is constantly holding the balls and is ready to squeeze them at any moment. The main secret of “Soma” is that the game and all its details are not built around graphics and monsters, but around the atmosphere and plot. Everything here is done so that you completely immerse yourself in this wonderful game. There will be no stupid and senseless passage, like in “Outlast”, where you had to constantly run. But the puzzles are not of the “Stasis” level either. And I can say that in “Soma” there is a certain balance between “abstruse” and “dumb”. If you are not even breathing to “Amnesia” and “Penumbra”, or even to horror movies, you will definitely like “Soma” and it will be a few more hours of pleasant passage. With you was a large game portal “”, do not forget to put a bowl of water before passing. Stay with us. Till!

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