Battlefield: Hardline Review

A historical moment, because the Battlefield series of games has changed its developers, as a result, the pace of the game, its scale, speed and, of course, the dynamics! From what was once a war drama, the game has turned into a police drama. Now we will tell you about what came out of the new Battlefield: Hardline in the end.

The reviews always described only single companies at first, and only then network companies, but this time, an exception can be made, because if you remember, then in the Battlefield series of games, multiplayer played a primary role, and the company was just some kind of pleasant bonus. In general, we go straight to the most important thing, leaving the police intrigues aside.

Let’s remember the beta tests, which were able to prove themselves very well, especially the second beta test of the game. Let’s start with the fact that after entering the game, it turns out that you could already see all the content in the beta test and since then nothing has changed in the game. The only thing is that it has become easier to make money, the balance has been reworked and some destructibility has appeared. Otherwise, Battlefield: Hardline is the same as in the beta test: drive, insane and addictive.

Lower back pain

The first and perhaps the main feature of Battlefield: Hardline is that the game is divided into two warring factions, and the division is total. Each player will have to prepare for the fact that playing for each side, you need to learn new skills, since each side has its own weapons, which are noticeably different from the enemy’s weapons. The only thing these factions have in common is bonus and starting weapons. The bottom line is that in Battlefield: Hardline, as in Counter-Strike 1.6, there will be no direct analogs of weapons, so the game will force you to constantly choose between cops or bandits.

Weapons have to be bought separately and this is another “highlight” of the game Battlefield: Hardline, because for each gun you have to spend money, and they are constantly not enough. In more detail: instead of the usual experience, now there will be green bucks in the game. And you know, it puts a certain imprint on the game. Having money, you can buy everything here: weapons, devices, various camouflages, equipment and much more! Basically, everything that makes up the Battlefield series.

Another interesting detail of the game is that at the start of Battlefield: Hardline you get a weapon with which you will hardly shoot someone. In the beginning, the operator (the owner of the most effective guns and first aid kits) has only one decrepit rifle with him, which will have incredible recoil, and the technician is generally helpless with his submachine gun; the attack aircraft (which has cool shotguns, shields and even explosives!) has a pump-action shotgun from which it is not capable of almost killing anyone, the sniper generally has a very low power sniper. And even buying a new gun, something will still remain from the old arsenal, so you need to earn twice as much money! In addition, you even have to buy such seemingly unimportant things like a defibrillator and even a C4.

What happened? A newcomer who enters this meat grinder turns out to be so helpless and pitiful that he dies much faster than he can figure out who shot him this time. Quitting playing the game can most likely prevent its high price even for a simple edition of Battlefield: Hardline. The constant lack of money makes you choose every time.

Finishing off the suffering of the unfortunate beginner is also a huge amount of time that will be spent on killing the enemy. Did you decide to save a comrade who died in the middle of this battle? Then go to respawn for sure. If some craftsman sat down with a stinger in some bushes near the turntable, then he has every chance to smash it, and even heat traps will not save the turntable! And the most interesting thing is that an armored car, which is considered the most protected in the game, can be destroyed with one RPG projectile. In general, you are simply not allowed to react to a threat – die or die. Battlefield: Hardline is not very friendly to beginners, and even to veterans who will die just like newbies.

Familiar all modes of the “Capture” type will not open up for you on every map, because they are sharpened for something else. Just know that you shouldn’t play by momentum in Capture mode. The most interesting mode turned out to be “Pursuit”. In this mode, you have to steal cars, which will be marked on the radar, and then drive them all over the map. The more cars your team controls, the faster you get points. In general, the mode is a typical and insane pursuit along with gunfights on the move. This is exactly the kind of drive that the previous Battlefield series lacked.

By the way, the regime has taken root quite well, which replaced the standard “Bomb”. In the “Rescue” mode, the cops have to save a witness, or rather a snitch, who becomes a random player. In general, you will need to take this “body” to the point where it should give its readings. At the same moment, the bandits will try to intercept him. It is played quite fun and even more fun than the usual “demining explosives at point A or B”. There is another interesting mode “Robbery”, where the trick is to break the safes through the walls, after which the grandmothers are referred to the helicopter. And the mode where you have to carry money from one safe to another, in the “Bloody money” mode, has become a lot of fun.

A number of advantages of Battlefield: Hardline can also be attributed to a bunch of small worthy improvements that made the game not only better, but also more varied. For example, a cat, with which you can climb the walls, or a gas grenade, which together with a gas mask can do incredible things, and a trap, which makes it possible to mine doors or gates, is generally a “Fairy Tale”. I must admit that all these details and innovations work extremely well. Even a trifle like controlling the time until a new technique appears, or marking when an enemy is injured, make incredible things in the game. Only one thing is not clear – why didn’t DICE do all this a little earlier?

Maps in the game now load much faster and even faster than Battlefield 4, but it naturally looks different from there. Surprisingly, Battlefield: Hardline looks more like an old Battlefield 3, and there are no bugs or crashes in the game. The only thing that can create DRM problems is protection, which can sometimes not be allowed into the game if it is often launched on some types of hardware.

As for destructibility, it is still in the game, albeit not on a large scale. The game also did not go without Levolution, which is familiar to all veterans, for example, a train wreck on one of the bridges – it looks not just epic, but great.

In general, the online game Battlefield: Hardline is not the usual multiplayer Battlefield, so it should be treated differently, perhaps more like an exciting spin-off that can give you a huge number of adrenaline-filled shootouts and even quite good graphics, but as for capital, then do not despair, just save up.

Knight with cannon and handcuffs

After a thorough analysis of the multiplayer game, it’s time to start taking apart a single company. So, Detective Nick Mendoza is an honest cop. His father was still that cattle, and his mother, as expected, experienced a lot in her native Cuba, from where the family moved to sunny and warm Miami. Having suffered in his youth, Nick grows up with one idea – to make this world a better place, and therefore joins the ranks of the cops. In his dreams, every criminal gets what he deserves, and all the corrupt cops go to jail. But unfortunately, as it happens, real life (in Nick’s case, Miami) plays by different rules, which Nick soon encounters.

This not-so-tricky story revolves around the entire plot of Battlefield: Hardline. There are, respectively, police chases, sudden raids, rescuing friends and partners, as well as the fight against corrupt cops. And specially selected humorous police jokes, cool houses, pretentious statements of heroes, dramas and much more, only emphasize the seriousness of what is happening. And you know, the similarity of the game with some TV series is really believable, but Nick will not meet any moral dilemmas in the game. The game will be completely linear: no deviations, no side decisions, no forks in the script.

A large number of questions arise about the plot, heroes and the gameplay in general, but they usually do not last too long in the game, since the next drive chase makes you forget about it. Surprisingly, many of the scenes in the game were interesting. Just set yourself up for the fact that you will encounter and feel a new and unusual gameplay.

The most interesting thing is that Battlefield: Hardline has a very unusual stealth mode. Strange, but each time it seemed to us that Nick Mendoza imagined himself Ajay Gale or Jaysan. You know, this comparison just did not appear, because sometimes the game just painfully resembles the last two parts of Fra Cry. All enemies are strong and fast, constantly superior in numbers. You are given some kind of territory with enemies that you need to remove, there is a button that, in case of your defeat, calls up a whole detachment of reinforcements, there is noise and much more. Couple, even some tasks look like outposts in Far Cry, which, as you remember, could be captured.

“Unusual stealth mode” – so it is named for a reason, as there is some police detail. Crouching Nick has a taser, along with handcuffs and a police badge. If he unexpectedly appears to his enemies, then Nick will simply tie them up and they will most likely be imprisoned, but when the “bad guys” are bandaged, it is necessary to keep them at gunpoint so that they do not do anything. In addition, you can stun someone with a teaser or your club. If you look from the outside, then everything looks very absurd: the detective quietly sneaks up to a pack of smoking bandits and pokes his badge in their face, methodically tying everyone up, and they, in turn, obediently obey him and obey to lie on the damp ground.

For active passage in stealth mode, you will receive special points that you will not receive simply for killing enemies. This is the main highlight of the single player Battlefield: Hardline. And if you play on a high level of difficulty, then you will be killed at a rate that can only be compared with the death of a newcomer in Battlefield: Hardline multiplayer.


In conclusion, it must be said that both the single player and the network company of the game looks very good. The faces and characters in general are detailed and worked out very soundly, like the world around them. The textures are of high quality, the graphics of the company are simply beautiful. But everything is very strange, because such graphics are not available in multiplayer. Anyway, Battlefield: Hardline is passed without any enthusiasm or even irritation. As was the case with the fourth part. But the story about cops with “strange stealth” and the absence of any bugs makes the game more enjoyable.

Battlefield: Hardline evokes generally conflicting thoughts: mad rage from the inability to play multiplayer, but at the same time, a real pleasure from adrenaline and driving chases. Classic drama and shootouts make their show in the game. The most important thing is to perceive the game separately from the rest of the games in the series.

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