Battlefield V review. Not for lonely people

Perhaps the Battlefield series has never experienced such a flurry of criticism even before the release of the next part of the game. This time around, even the most dedicated fans began to turn their backs on DICE’s brainchild. But there were also pluses. Battlefield finally decided to return to the realities of World War II, but the way DICE presented the story in the trailers was not for everyone. Let’s find out if the concept proposed by Electronic Arts is suitable for modern gamers and what is the main series of shooters on the market in 2019?

Do you remember how a few years ago, when many players complained that there were no historical war games on the market and the genre was heading into the near or distant future, forgetting about the great, albeit scary, material that history offers? Since then EA has released Battlefield 1, Activision has released Call of Duty: WWII, and on top of that, we’ve had the privilege of playing games like Battalion 1944 or Post Scriptum.

Battlefield 5 overview

Then came Battlefield V, in which the very first trailer alienated many players. But the DICE developers did not give up and worked hard, listening to everyone interested in the Closed Alpha or Open Beta. And finally, they presented a product that, according to the developers, should become the number one shooter multiplayer project for many years to come. Will the Swedes manage to erase the bad impression left by Battlefront 2?

Poor Single

Battlefield V got a campaign similar in many ways to Battlefield 1, which was released two years ago. This is a collection of several stories that actually happened on the fronts of World War II with an author’s perspective. Very, very author’s. In the case of BF-a V, we are talking about three chapters (all available on release day) each with a different hero and their own unique switch character, as well as an additional story that appeared in the December update. In the next part of Battlefield, we get to know the fate of the rather ambitious but awkward boy William Bridger, who, together with his commander, participates in a mission on the African front. In addition, we play as the girl Solveig, whose task is to prevent the Nazis from extracting hard water at one of the Norwegian factories. We also discover the fate of Deme, a member of a group called Tirailleur.

Battlefield 5 overview

Despite the fact that the storyline was preserved after serious criticism, the gameplay has changed. The DICE developers decided to provide us with the most open levels with tasks that we can complete in any order and in any way. Similar attempts were made in the Sniper Elite series, but everything was implemented on a slightly smaller scale. On the one hand, it sounds like a step in the right direction, on the other, there is no incentive to try different approaches and return to a stage already passed. The game does not reward you for quietly resolving problems in stealth mode, you will not receive a tin badge for killing all enemies on the map, regardless of alarms and food trucks. We can first try to complete the level, sneaking through as ninja of the Second War, but once the enemies find us, no one will return to the previous checkpoint and everyone will just move on – this time with barrage of fire and explosions from all directions.

Shoot accurately, run fast

The Battlefield 5 developers have made a lot of changes to the game. However, there is no reason for concern – the look familiar to fans has not changed much. We are still dealing with well-known mechanics, they have been improved and expanded, which refreshed the gameplay in a pleasant way.

Battlefield 5 overview

The first thing you notice after playing a few matches is the changes in the shooting pattern. When aiming well at the enemy, players are usually confident that every bullet will hit the enemy. This is not quite the case in Battlefiled 5. The randomness of the projectile dispersion has been abandoned from the previous installments, the shooting has become even more realistic and is strongly influenced by the environment.

In addition, opponents are not marked with a special icon that follows them, as was the case in the previous Battle. Instead of looking for characteristic symbols, we need to be even more focused and prepared for the enemy.

A good move is to give you the ability to revive your fallen squadmates, no matter what class you are playing. Thanks to this, we can often return to the heat of battle after being seriously injured. The role of the medic has not diminished in the least, because he can raise every seriously wounded soldier not only from his unit, and moreover, he does it faster than others.

Battlefield 5 overview

The mechanics of treatment should also be referred to the pluses. Health points are only automatically updated to a certain extent. Instead of waiting in a safe place, we look for a first aid kit or return to one of the supplement points where a supply of dressings can be found.


The visuals of the new Battlefield 5 are on a high level. Great effects, good lighting and beautifully rendered nature are integral parts of this game. However, DICE decided to cheat: on large maps you can often find poorly drawn parts of the environment and outright bugs.

Battlefield 5 overview


Battlefield 5 is above all a great and fun multiplayer mode. It’s great that DICE is putting more emphasis on the co-op. In Battlefield 5, we’re even more focused on achieving goals and helping the team, even when we’re playing with unknown people. But fans of the single player will have to be upset: in this part of the new Battle, first of all, the pursuit of trends and nothing more.

LID2PRO reviewer verdict


In Battlefield 5, everything is as fun to play as in the previous parts, but not alone. The mechanics have been improved, there are several pleasant innovations.

The game looks great, but cannot be rated 9 or higher due to DICE’s blatant hack in some episodes.

One of the strongest parts of the game. I am sure that many can easily hum the main melody of the series. Explosions, dialogues, other effects for five plus.

DICE is taking solid steps forward and in the new Battlefield presented almost the best multiplayer in the last few years. A real co-op and a constant feeling of real battle – that’s how briefly this action can be described.

Single player campaign

If you are waiting for a story that you enjoy, then in vain. Battlefield 5 is a biased product that sacrifices a lot for modern fashion. And the sacrifices of these moments are even outrageous.

In a project of this scale and such funding, there can be no management problems. Especially considering DICE’s vast experience.

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