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The Cradle game translates as “cradle” and is a first-person quest genre. The game is mainly focused on exploring and thoroughly exploring the world around you. In Cradle, gamers are waiting for a very snotty story of unhappy love, which is backed up by a couple of challenging puzzles and puzzles. Moreover, the same people who were once engaged in the Stalker series of games took part in the development of the game. So today the major gaming portal GameAwards presents an overview of the Cradle game.

A bit of history

An extremely unusual and somewhat sad story begins with a five-star yurt, wasteland and amnesia. The protagonist of Cradle finds himself in the middle of some godforsaken steppe, while I don’t remember anything from my past, even the name in my passport. But he has an excellent hut – a yurt. If someone is not in the know, a yurt is a portable home for the Mongols and nomads. In general, waking up in this hut, the guy finds a sexy robot.

After finding a note from the previous owner of this apartment, he finds a treasure. The treasure is a chip that can be used to activate a sex robot. But after activating the girl, it turns out that she doesn’t remember a shit either. However, she says that if he helps her with the repair of her internal genital organs, then her memory will return and she will answer many questions. Sex, in exchange for information, in general, everything is fair. Soon, the sweet couple are joining forces to get to the truth. The guy goes to the pavilion behind his house for Lego parts.

Depth of the game world and detail

Let the game use a well-worn trick at the beginning of the game – to put the main character who has lost his memory in an unknown place, Cradle still starts to drag out from the first minutes and generally immediately focuses on something completely different. And by the way, the plot of the game is something for which it is worth playing Cradle. Even though the beginning of the game is kind of banal, the middle and the end knock all the crap out of my head. Well, that’s in a good way. After half an hour of playing, you will literally be drawn into the game and therefore will not be able to break away from it until the very end.

The game part of Cradle is built on a strip of very interesting, with a couple of difficult puzzles and other details of the quest genre. The game contains a lot of original and unique puzzles, all kinds of combinations, and even a game with physics. Can you imagine?

The game takes place in a vast game world, where the main character will receive almost complete freedom. Why “practically”? Yes, because this world still has borders. At the same time, when approaching the borders, they do not write to you that it is supposedly impossible here, because it is necessary – there is also a fucking secret here. Yes Yes. In Cradle, even boundaries have their secrets.

And yet, most of all, the game catches up with its atmosphere. The first time I ah ** in the game was at the moment when, carefully examining the yurt and the unusual mess in the house, on the table with shelves of photos, I accidentally hooked these very pictures with my claws, and they fell on the floor. And even though this world is incredibly tiny, it clings precisely with its lively fullness and pleasant details that have been so carefully worked out. The last time I experienced such sensations in the game was during the first night with a girl alone … Um, that is, when I played the Ukrainian masterpiece Metro.

The next time I ah ** when I was already out on the street, when I looked at the world around me. The sight that awaited me there simply did not know the end and end. The effect that I got was consolidated by the handwork carried out with a variety of objects and the world around me. It can be seen that the creators were working not just on a bunch of shitty textures, but on a well-developed world. A unique virtual world was created, which had its own, eerily real history and life. Most importantly, bitch, life! What many large gaming companies lack now, in the same large projects.

Let this be not “Skyrim” for you, where you had to squabble by cleaning monotonous dungeons, but, nevertheless, every blade of grass in Cradle is processed in full. The authors worked on every small detail as the developers of “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” worked on Triss and Yennefer’s boobs. And as for me, it is much better than when you are given vast, but empty territories.

Just imagine how cool it is when you poke at some can of berries, and there pops up descriptions of how your cunt went with them for berries, or, going out into the street, poke at the calendar and carefully examine all the stickers and read the description. That is why the passage of the game turns out to be fleeting – you are so immersed in the gameplay that you forget how time flies.

Everything “Naturally”

The developers have done an incredible amount of work on a variety of models and their animations. Anyway, with a grafon. The picture is nice, like a naked woman, and the puzzle quest is just great. And by the way, for the robot girl – Ida, I had to take the rap for a very beautiful gamer. The name that calls to itself is Love. That is why the game model looks simply incomparable and even sounds great, since it even voiced itself. Cool, isn’t it?

The closest word that can describe what’s inside the Cradle is natural. Flowers, meadows, yurt, swamps, Ida – everything looks very, very natural, no matter how silly it sounds, but only with this word, you can describe the game as a whole. Everywhere you go, you get a great screenshot everywhere, which is an indicator of a great game. At the same time, the game does not even drop in terms of “FPS”. As gopniks or young punks would say – “Everything is clear, epe”.

So it’s not surprising that with such a surprisingly life-like atmosphere, the game is simply addictive and hits your head, as if you drank beer for the first time in secret from your parents, or something stronger. And taking some screenshots, it is difficult for a couple to distinguish the game from reality. And this is really so, and not like with games from Ubisoft company.


New items have now appeared in the area of ​​the quest genre. It became the Cradle game and I don’t know why the game has not yet been recognized as very beautiful and amazing. Why did they pass by her and not inflate the story, as at the release of the last “Witcher” or after the release of “Inquisition”. Is that why this is so? Fuck knows.

But Cradle is perhaps the most amazing and beautiful quest game at the moment. The game has set a new benchmark for the rest of the games in this genre. Cradle has an original storyline, with completely alive and amazing characters, a real world, nice and beautiful graphics. The game is played very quickly, so by entering it, you will not be wasting your time. I give you a guarantee.

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