Bloodborne Review

The new game Bloodborne is the direct and ideological heir of the Souls series, so it does not change its picture in any way and still continues to be published over every player that comes across, each time dipping everyone into the mud and not blinking trying all the nerves for strength. Bloodborne is not easy or more loyal, the game still refers to “friends”. As usual, no one will tell you what to do, how to kill someone or how to get through something. You simply open the gates of this gloomy world and send you to “free bread”.

Another dark universe…

Bloodborne takes place in a medieval city called Yharnam. In this gloomy place, the plague is in full swing and all local residents are turned into sick and bloodthirsty monsters. As usual, the scriptwriters of the game don’t immediately reveal anything to you, they just pull.

You – as a Hunter, come to your senses already in a practically destroyed, terrible hospital. The picture is strange: an unknown disabled grandfather transfuses blood to the main character. After a small series of cutscenes and videos, GG immediately finds himself in an even gloomier cemetery, where (the most interesting!) He is met by a talking doll, from whose mouth nothing is really clear. Sleep or reality all of this is incomprehensible.

To find out what is happening here, you have to collect all the available information bit by bit and constantly pay attention to any little things. For example, you soon find a note about a certain church in which there is a chance to find salvation; and knocking on some door, you meet a man who says that “hunting season” is open in Yharnam, and in order to end it, you need to destroy all the monsters. In general, such is the case, you will not be led by the pens here.

But you know, it’s even better, because traveling through gloomy Yharnam and exploring every nook and cranny is unexpected … very pleasant. You know, walking the streets, you notice how the From Software studio is trying to discreetly disarm you and somehow distract you: the decaying corpses of animals (horses, dogs, etc.), girls screaming madly in pain, villagers with pitchforks, axes, torches are just madness. By the way, it is worth paying attention to the local architecture, because despite the predecessors of Assassin’s Creed Unity and The Order: 1886, the game still looks great.

New “dances” in battle

Of course, starting comparing Dark Souls with Bloodborne, you notice their structural similarity, but it is felt generally secondary, and all thanks to a brand new and polished combat system. The authors of the combat system were able to change the dances with the shields – to pressure and aggression. While that doesn’t mean that you have to rush at the enemy every time, everything in the game is much “less”.

Fights in Bloodborne are a kind of ritual, even a dance of death. Here you met an incredibly large werewolf, you start jumping from side to side waiting for the right moment to strike, and at this time the werewolf brandishes its claws and tries to tear off a piece of your flesh. And most importantly, in this wild dance, you must still keep your cool and constantly think quickly – this is the highlight of the Bloodborne struggle.

But the “charms” from From Software do not end there either. The authors have decided now in battle to flirt with your feelings and even instincts, so they added one interesting detail to the game – health replenishment in battle. The essence of this innovation is very simple: the more and more blows you can inflict on your enemy, the more health will be restored. It seems to have become easier, but no! In fact, this detail is just another provocation to throw at the enemy. Your desire to save on the next healer constantly puts you at risk of inflicting a couple more blows and thus regain part of your health. Basically, succumbing to such a provocation, everyone dies and then starts anew.

Power in the wrong hands

It must be admitted that in battle you are just From Software’s puppet and they do everything the way they want. Couple do not know what will happen now and what will come to mind. Here, on one of the city bridges, a bunch of angry villagers crowded together, and at this time, with the only thought to knock on them, you move into the thick of it. Entering the battle, you will not even notice how you will be blown apart by some huge ball of fire. Or, for example, you are moving along the sewers and everything seems to be fine, because you figured out even the rats that are here, but when you go around the corner, you see some kind of huge silhouette – this is a Pig, which instantly catches up with you and sends you to that light with just one blow! What can I say – fear of the unknown and the unknown is constantly present and this is what Bloodborne is famous for!

But Bloodborne can not only humiliate you by dragging your face in the mud all over the city, but also reward you very soundly! But everything depends only on you: are you attentive or not. If so, then you will surely notice a hidden passage behind that junk or a short way to the lamp behind these barrels.

But as usual, the biggest reward goes to those who defeat some Boss, the fight with which takes all the strength and juice! And the guys from From Software made them much more unpredictable than they were in the same Dark Souls. The problem is that each Boss lives his own life and can mutate, turning into some kind of creature. For example, at the beginning of the game we met a sick hunter, in a fight with whom he eventually turned into a huge beast and, accordingly, the fight with him became much more difficult. You just have to put up with it, because From Software has already decided everything for you.

Hunting arsenal

If some Boss shit you so much that you just hate him, then connect your friends to your game and start shredding him together! It will be good if your friends have heroes with other classes and, of course, weapons.

Weapons in Bloodborne are very different from weapons in Dark Souls. For example, the old shield, which saved your ass more than once, is now simply missing and firearms have come to replace it. He cannot inflict great damage, and he cannot defend either, but for that he perfectly interrupts the enemy attack! And if you also pick up the right moment in the game, then the enemy will simply become stupid and will wait for your final blow.

As for the cold type of weapon, you can now transform it. For example, a standard saw can decompose and turn into a huge razor. At the same time, both the tactics of the game and the form of weapons immediately change. In general, the saw makes it possible to inflict very fast, but not too powerful blows, but if you pull the razor, then the speed will decrease, but the blows will also be such that more than one monster will get it. In addition, the razor also has a fairly large radius of damage, so if you want to gut the enemy’s guts, you will.

But unlike the combat system, the role-playing system was “unloaded” a bit, so to speak. For example, in the statistics of the GG, only the most important part is now indicated, more precisely the parameters: endurance, dexterity, etc. The weight in the game will no longer interfere with movement. Also, instead of the usual souls, you will collect the echoes of blood, which you can also spend both on pumping your hero and on weapons.

The first aid kit system has also changed. At the very beginning, you can carry no more than twenty medical cans with you, but if you spend them, they will not recover in any way. But nevertheless, first-aid kits will often drop out to you from fallen enemies, but as usual there is very little time for their use, even with a couple there is simply no time.


In Bloodborne it is always like this – “come and go”, the game balance is just perfect. There are no unnecessary elements in the game at all. The developers were able to come up with a new, more complex system without overloading the game mechanics with any unnecessary elements. Brought their previously developed concept of “survive” just to shine.

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