Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Review

It must be admitted that the Borderlands game series has become the most widely sold franchise of the 2K publisher. Without a doubt, Borderlands 2 took the most honorable place, a very successful product from Gearbox Software, but here’s to the game Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! a small number of complaints have accumulated.

The old trend of recent years – to create very inexpensive backstories within the most popular gaming universes, is gradually starting to wear itself out from the inside. Finding out all the same details, in a sort of spirit “how they became friends, saved all of humanity and again parted ways” is no longer very attractive. Usually, developers like to shove such details into some kind of DLC, thereby sending us to the past of the game or making some kind of flashback series, as in the same Max Payne 3. But for example, what the game designers of God of War games did: Ascension and Gears of War: Judgment didn’t sit well with the gaming audience. The backstory about the legendary Kratos, with $50 million spent on it, did not sell very well – less than 500,000 copies of the game were sold in the first week, and the backstory of the Gears of War game was only 425,000 in general, while Gears of War 3 was able to overcome bar over 2,000,000 copies in a very similar time frame.

And here it becomes not clear why the audience did not love such prequels. Not a good story line? Unlikely.

The storyline here is very simple: Handsome Jack shot a Hyperion “bird” on the local moon, well, Handsome Jack’s wards disentangle all the problems that have formed on the planet after the catastrophe happened. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! shows everything exactly how Jack turned from a very kind hero into a vile person who has been known to everyone since the second part of the game.

There are four classes in total, which are completely new types in the game series.

The first heroine is Athena. You could get to know her earlier by purchasing a very cheap DLC “The Secret Armory of General Knoxx”. She uses her well-shiny energy shield, behind which you can hide from enemy oncoming fire, after which you can throw it and deal double damage – in general, a parody of Captain America. Her other branch will allow her to protect and heal her allies, she can also play the role of a “tank”, attracting enemies with taunts.

The second is Wilhelm. Such a big man who, of course, can take care of himself, but even he needs help as a couple, so to support him, he made drones for himself named Saint and Wolf, which, if necessary, will help him at any moment. Wolf specializes more in aggressive actions – temporarily keeps enemies under heavy fire. But Saint tries to stay as close as possible to his master in order to replenish his health reserves at the right time and construct a protective field. Thus, he is quite effective in both attack and defense.

The third hero is Nisha – the most typical shooter. She wears a cowboy hat, a robe that fits tightly around her body. This lady just shoots smartly at enemies, and finishes off the rest with her unique whip.

Well, the last hero is Claptrap the robot since the second part. He has the ability to upgrade weapons to rocket launchers, after which he can suppress fire and very rarely has the ability to fly.

Let’s now look at the surroundings and the scene, maybe this is not what the players expected? It seems that everything went well with him. The game takes place on the local moon, in open space, so every time you have to monitor the oxygen, but it is not a limitation of being outside the base, on the contrary, you can do very amazing tricks in this vacuum, or rather in a state of weightlessness. Thus, a variety of jumps, various turns and landings gave new dynamics to the battles.

For skills that are associated with movement, one slot has been allocated – O2. Depending on what is worth here, you can use a variety of elemental skills, for example, unleash a huge wave of elemental damage or make a lump of oxygen somewhere for a short while, where your allies can replenish their oxygen reserves. And by the way, now there is a new elemental attack – freezing enemies and lasers, but now they are a separate type of weapon.

So we got to the amount of content available and its direct quality, most likely it’s all about it.

After all, the local “loot” system, land transport, skill chains, some Bosses – everything was taken from the original Borderlands 2. Everything that was time-tested was removed from the game in a new, already full-fledged part.

Why complete? The Pre-Sequel game company is much longer than the first part of Borderlands, so this is not just such a spinoff, but a full-fledged brand new part, which, by the way, was released only on the PC and on the consoles of the outgoing generation. Yes, and this is no accident.

As the president of the Gearbox studio (Randy Pitchford) said, the fact that the game was not developed for consoles with nextgen was accepted due to the fact that there are very few people who own brand new consoles and almost everyone still has an old PS3 and Xbox 360. Most likely In total, Randy lied: if we take the sales data for February 2014, then when he made his statement, the total number of new generation consoles sold exceeded more than 8.5 million copies. Now we can conclude that leaving the brand new The Pre-Sequel on old consoles had a completely different goal. This part of the game is a link between the first part of the game and the second. Such a plot middle is certainly very interesting for fans of the entire series and at some point, it may even interest newcomers to the game from Gearbox.

New Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! uses the engine, mechanics, and even most of the Borderlands 2 chips. Moreover, she even took advantage of her most colorful heroes – Claptrap the robot and Handsome Jack. Well, adding to all this the fact that a completely different team was involved in the development of the game, you begin to understand that you will never wait for the version of the game for the next generation consoles. Although Randy is partly right: the release of the game on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is also not financially justified in reality, because the owners of brand new consoles are similarly waiting for something new for their unit.


As for The Pre-Sequel, it has the classic design of the series, which has been completely and beautifully preserved. Although the textures could be updated for the new part. The plot of the game is such a very tricky loophole, where they were able to interest the players about the great “fall” of the famous character – Handsome Jack. It has quite good optimization, so no lags, slowdowns, and even more freezes were found on the recommended system requirements.

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